Monster Integration - Chapter 1469 - Top 100 II

Chapter 1469 - Top 100 II

Chapter 1469 - Top 100 II

There is a huge hall, the biggest hall in the Grand Arena; In this hall, people have begun to teleport one by one onto their stations.

There are hundreds of stations each for people in every organization, marked by circles, in their couches and table place; the people have teleported into their station by group or alone. These people looked like people, but one carefully looked at them, they will see they are just very good projections.

But there are not only projections here but also real people; if Micheal had been here, he would have noticed his teacher's arrival with three Council Members and Professor Josephine and Professor Jenkins walking toward their projections.

There are many projections appearing and many people coming through the door, walking toward stations of theirs Organisations, within few minutes thousand people have come and more are coming.

There are nearly four hundred emperors and above organizations; each can have five people in their station, and with Supremes getting double of that.

Ten more minutes pa.s.sed, and now all the stations have been filled except for the ones reserved from the Supremes and one above them.

Those people who have come have already begun chatting with their members and their numbers when suddenly members of the Supreme begin projecting, and at the same time, their members have begun to come through the many doors; it's all quite coordinated.

In just a few minutes, all the Supremes stations also filled, and a look of shock appeared on the people of below stations seeing the members of Supremes that have come.

Each Supreme has brought at least one Old Monster who is at least three hundred years old, some people in crowed though half of them are dead.

Very powerful Tyrants could live up five hundred years, but they seldom do so with constant conflict with Grimm Monsters and huge wars that happened in every century or twice a century.

Such old monsters never deign themselves in Championsh.i.p.s; it wasn't worth their time. All of them reside in very strategic places, keeping eyes on the movements of Grimm Monsters.

Them appearing here, even in projection, is a big thing, and people couldn't help but think of a reason for it.

The Champions.h.i.+p is a reason, it is different and partic.i.p.ants showing the strength which had not appeared in past thousand years, but this is not the sole reason, there must be something else.

Otherwise, some old monsters wouldn't have appeared in the person, like Patriarch Bradford from BloodSun and Matron Mavis from Hawthorns Sea.

As they were thinking of a reason, another group of people appeared in the station in front of the Supremes, and as they appeared, everyone stood. The only ones that did not stand up are old monsters, but they bowed their head.

Nine members of the Pyramid Council have appeared; Pyramid is the strongest ruling body world have the strongest nine members of the current generation, not one of them looked older than forty-five.

There is a tough compet.i.tion for the seats of Pyramid, far greater than the Champions.h.i.+p that is happening right now, but like this compet.i.tion, most seats belong to members of Supremes.

It is a good thing there is a restriction any organization could get only one seat; if not for that, Supremes would have taken all nine seals; once upon a time, there was a single Supreme who used to control all the five seats and thus rule the whole world.

That was the Chaotic Period, but it was over, and strict rules have been established so that one organization would never get that much power.

All the people sat, exact for one person from the Pyramid's station; she remained standing and turned her face to everyone.

If Micheal had been here, he would have found the face of this lady very familiar, seeing she nearly looked like Ellens teacher but is not Ellens teacher.

"I thank all ladies and Gentlemen coming here on the 1000oth anniversary," "Don't make the speech long, little girl, we haven't come here to hear your speech," Grumpled the old monster Bradford

Middle-aged opened her mouth to say something, but someone spoke before she could utter a word.

"Why are you complaining, Reginald? In your days in Pyramid, you used to give hour-long speeches that used to bore everyone to sleep," quipped old women that turned the face of the old man red.

There are very few people in the world who could call him by his first name and use such a tone, and old women are one of them.

"Mavis, you old fox," the old man said to old women.

"Patriarch Bradford, Matron Mavis, please stop, I am speaking as the head of Pyramid, and I will not let its sanct.i.ty violated by your quibble," The middle-aged women said, and this time, there was iron in her voice.

Both of them looked at the middle-aged women and nodded in affirmation and hidden appreciation. They both had been in Pyramid Council in their days and understood how heavy responsibility one has to bear there.

"As I was…"

Far away from the Orcoz City

"Has all the preparation have been made?" a being with an eagle head asked the old werewolf sitting in the head chair.

"Yes, everything is ready, as long as the host of Clear Heart Inheritance met against our seed, we will give the humans show they have never seen before and crushed their morale to the ground," said the old werewolf giving a very toothy smile.

"And what happened if they did not come across each other, we have created a huge spectacle to our strength for all humans to see; otherwise, we would not decide to reveal our weapon this early," said the foxwoman with silver fur.

"Don't worry, I have a plan for that too; either they came face to face with arean or not, we will kill the host of Celestial Inheritance and huge Spectacle to human that would crush their morale," The werewolf said while pa.s.sed detailed information of its plan.