Monster Integration - Chapter 1470 - Top 100 III

Chapter 1470 - Top 100 III

Chapter 1470 - Top 100 III

The partic.i.p.ant's area is open; everyone from the audience could see the people that are sitting here; though they could see it, they could not get in; the security in it is very tight.

There are hundreds of luxurious chairs with the name of people flas.h.i.+ng on them; it did not take a second for us to spot chairs with our names; they are side by side.

"They are quite comfy," Elina said as she softly bounced on the chair; I couldn't help but nod to her; these chairs are really comfy, the comfiest chairs Ive ever sat; I will see if I find something like these chairs on the market.

There are barely ten people who have arrived yet, and they are sitting a little distance from each other; I don't know any of them, so I sat with Elina talking.

"You know, Ive never expected to ever reach Top 100 hundred of Champions.h.i.+p, from childhood, I know how powerful one needed to become to reach this place," "Ive many times dreamed about it but never expected it," she said with emotional voice.

"Top 1oo is starting for you; with your strength, you will go much ahead in the champions.h.i.+p," I said and pressed her hand rea.s.suringly.

What I said is not a lie; she is quite powerful; if she did not come across any 'Monster,' she will easily able to reach Top 25 and Top 10 if she is somehow able to get another upgrade from her Bloodline.

We were talking when the team of Bloodsun came, a total of ten people. All those who were part of the special list were able to make it into the Top 100, which is not surprising; some organizations like Hawthorn Sea and Crystal Domination were able to get more than ten members of their organization into the Top 100.

As the blood sun teams poured in, I saw twins Sophia and Raina and Reagen; twins waved at me as they saw me and sat on their seats, who were a little far from us.

After the Bloodsun came to Blazing Spear, most of them unknown to me except for one person Mary St John, I had met in Ruin; we have worked together to get what we wanted from the Crown Tree.

"Micheal, good to see you here; I had no doubt you will reach here when I saw you in the champions.h.i.+p," Mary said and sat beside her; yes, the seat beside me had her name on it.

"Its good to see you too, mary," I said; Elina beside me arched her eyebrows in question, and I had introduced her to Mary.

While we talked Mistson team entered the partic.i.p.ant's area, there I saw my cousin. Joana also entered the Top 100, and her mother had some praises for her; she even said that Joana would be able to secure the place into the Top 25 without any problem.

Hearing that, I was quite surprised as an aura Joana feels powerful but not powerful enough; on the special list of Mistson, Joana had the weakest aura. Though I know aura is not everything, and people like me with special abilities could manipulate it for their purpose, I was still quite surprised about it.

After Mistson, it is Silverstone Academy and Crystal Domination which had attracted quite the attention of the crowd.

It is the second most powerful Organisation in the world and started to threaten the position of the most powerful Organisation, the Hawthorn Sea, for its top position, they are not only producing powerful members, but their leaders are powerful as well, the current head of Crystal Domination is also head of Pyramid.

Crystal Domination had already been powerful, but this time, but eversince the current head took reigns of Organisation in her hand, it had become even more powerful.

The current head of Crystal Domination is the younger sister of Elina's teacher and Ive heard Ellen's teacher is more powerful than her younger sister. Still, she abhors responsibilities and likes to travel all around the world.

As Ellen came leading her team, she waved at me; I wished she would have been beside me instead of Mary; I wanted to talk to my friend in person, a chance I did not get ever since I had come to Orcoz City.

"You seemed to know an awful lot of girls, till now I did not see any of your male friends come to meet you," Elina said in my ear, hearing that I couldn't help but get surprised and when I thought about it, I realized I had women friends more than a male friend.

Its not like I did not have male friends, but most of them are healers who did not mix in such venues; most of the healer friends are still on the field working like always.

"I have many Male friends; you will just have to come to the hospital to meet them," I said, and a scowl appeared on her face.

Hospital is one of the places that Elina did not like, I don't know the reason, but it is related to the teacher.

People continued coming till the partic.i.p.ant's area nearly filled, and now there are only thirteen seats that are empty, and all these empty seats belong to Hawthorns Sea; I had just thought about them when they made an entry.

Jill led the members of Hawthorn Sea; she is wearing a black uniform of Hawthorn Sea and had a serious expression on her. She is not the only person I know from the entourage of th Hawthorn Seal; there is her brother Willam who also able to make it into the Top 100.

As they saw me, both of them waved, and even a smile appeared on Jill's serious face, which bring off some of that cuteness she used to have.


Elina let out a small snort seeing me waving Jill and William; I just gave her a look and looked at the people around me, Top 100. There are many people I am excited to fight, and there are many people I wish to fight.

The Champions.h.i.+p is not about winning, but it also about me taking my revenge; I just hope it will give me a chance to take it.