Monster Integration - Chapter 1468 - Top 100

Chapter 1468 - Top 100

Chapter 1468 - Top 100

"Are you guys ready," Professor asked Elina and Me as only two of us in the Mansion's garden; other partic.i.p.ants from the Academy have already left for the Grand Arena, now only Professor Josephine, Professor Jenkins, and four other Professor have remained.

"Yes!" Elina and I said in unison; today is an exciting day for us; today, the last phase of the Champions.h.i.+p begins; it will last for four days till the champion is decided.

"Let's go, then," Professor said, and we flew to the sky.

Today, the sky of the Orcoz City extra empty. The Pyramid has restricted airs.p.a.ce even further that even those who were part of the Top 1000 could not fly in the sky anymore; only very important people like Professor Josephine and Top 100 partic.i.p.ants and their entourage could fly today.

I could see many down below, pointing at us, holding cameras that able to capture us with perfect clarity, and it is being projected across the feeds of the world.

If I were not known before, I would be known from today. Not only to humans but also to the Grimm Monsters, and for that reason, I will never be able to show my real face in the world till I became Tyrant, became sufficiently powerful to protect myself.

Though there are things like protective amulets, they are not perfect. They don't work in all areas; in places like Miasmic Paradice and 'I' Ruin, the protection amulets are pretty much useless.

Grimm Monsters have spies and, and they are very good; every decade, they are able to kill few people, tens of people from Top 1000, and some from Top 100 too, and if they are especially lucky, they even manage to kill someone from Top 10.

For this reason, some of the powerful people did not partic.i.p.ate in the Champions.h.i.+p. Still, despite knowing the risks, many organizations, including Supremes, nearly force their members to partic.i.p.ates.

The reason for it is simple, fear and motivation; once you become a hot target Grimm Monster, you have to improve, and if not, they will have to live the rest of life in fear, which is a great motivation for improvement.

That is why more than 95% of people from the Top 100 became Tyrants as long as they survive enough years.

Soon, we reached the Grand Arena, and there I saw the largest amount of crowd Ive ever seen in my life. They have completely filled the while, without leaving a single s.p.a.ce; if not for Tyrants force raining down on them, thousands of people would have flown toward us like hungry beasts.


As the crowd noticed, they became wild and started cheering loudly. I stiffened while Elina brought out her brightest smile, and the crowd went crazy as they begin shouting at her like crazy.

"At least smile, Micheal; it is free publicity for the Academy," Elina said without opening her mouth. Hearing her, I put a light smile on my face; though such a crowd terrifies me, I at least force myself to put up a smile on my face.


A minute later, we landed near the entrance of the Grand Arean, and I came face to face with a hungry crow, the only thing that is stopping her very powerful energy s.h.i.+eld that even Tyrant will need few seconds to breach.

As we landed, the reporters ahead begin to take the pictures and ask questions after another. They are worst than the crowd, asking every type of question from very personal to my actual battle strength.

Few even asked if I dumped Mira and whether I am dating Clair; the pictures of us appeared the feed the moment I step out restaurant with her last night.

I am only smiling and barely answering any questions; on the other hand, Elina is at the top of her game. She is not only answering the question that is being directed at her, but she is also answering the questions that are being directed at me.

In these few days, I have gotten quite good at dealing with a crowd, but today's crowd is too much, and these hundred-some reporters are equal to a crowd of millions.

If this had been an army of millions or tens of millions, and even if their gazes directed at me, I would have felt nothing. Battles are my element, but this crowd is something else; they are looking at me like my sister looks at her candies.

"Elina, are you Micheal, and you are in a relations.h.i.+p," a reporter asked Elina appeared in front of her, "No, Catherine, we are not; dating Micheal would be like dating your own brother," Elina answered with a smile before effortlessly move toward another group of reporters.

Many reporters asked such a question, but Elina replied unfazed, never felling into their traps even when questions were not so pleasant.

Seeing her effortlessly dealing with the reporters, I begin to wonder whether she had taken some kind of training in that; I will have to ask her that later when we are alone.

"Finally," I said as we entered inside the Grand Arena, away from the crowd. "Stop stressing, Micheal; they are not that bad," Elina said as she clapped on my shoulders, laughing.

"It is for you to say," I said. I glared at her, against she gave me her sweetest smile.

"Best of luck to you both; I hope you will enjoy you will enjoy your battles to the fullest," Professor said as we stood in front of the Partic.i.p.ants entrance.

"Thank You, Councilwomen Josephine," "Thank You, Aunty!"

I thanked formally while Elina did not, but this time, she did not receive a glower in return but a pat on the head.

Giving them one last look, we walked into the Partic.i.p.ants entrance. I could see hope and expectation in their eyes; this Champions.h.i.+p is very important for Academy, the further will go into Champions.h.i.+p, the greater the benefits Academy will have.

Though they did not use any heavy words, I could see everything in their eyes, and that made winning even more important for me.