Monster Integration - Chapter 142 Mystic Medicine III

Chapter 142 Mystic Medicine III

"Hahahahah, I did it, I finally succeeded." William laughs loudly and shouted.

Is he went mad? I thought, looking how loudly and crazily he laughing, he really looks like he lost his mind.

''What happened to your brother?" I asked Jill as William is still laughing loudly.

"He is too happy!" She said sheepishly as waited for her brother to calm down.

A few seconds later did his mad laughter died down as he wipes down tears that streaked on his face.

"Thank you, Michael, your this Mystical medicine had saved me a few months of grueling hard work, I will remember this favor!" He said

I wanted to say 'Its Ok!' But I just smiled at his mention of the favor, anything I will say will be demeaning.

''If you don't mind me asking, are you now as powerful as max and Rachel?" I asked I know this is little personal but I wanted to ask it ever since I sensed that dense Corporal level aura.

"I am currently very close to their level and will be able to reach their level in a month or two!" he said smilingly.

I knew that already but I was still shocked hearing this.

What did it mean reaching the level of Max and Rachel, their power is the highest one could reach their level.

They could kill thousand of B grade monsters of the same level as them without using any skill.

They represent the peak power of their level and would be easily able to kill tens of Sergeant level evolves and probably fight equally against those at Master stage.

The only ones I can think that could surpa.s.s them are those I met from the central continent or maybe they are also the same level as them.

''It doesn't look as painful as Michael, right brother?" Said jill as she picked up a piece of heart.

"You are right! It is not as painful as Michael described if you follow certain tricks, you will definitely able to bear this pain," said Michael with a confident smile.

I can tell he is lying through his teeth and about to bust his lie when he motioned me with his eye to stay quiet.

"I confident in my little sister, you can definitely endure the pain and let me tell you if you are able to endure this pain without shouting then you will be 80 ready to take the test for Super Elite!" he said to his sister.

His voice is so smooth if not for I experience that pain, I would have surely thought he telling the truth.

"Snort! You don't have to sugarcoat it, I know you are lying." Jill said snortingly as she played with the piece of treant heart in her hand.

''Now tell me all the tricks and tips, I am going to eat it!" She said both to me and William.

I and William started to tell all our experience and gave her tips.

Fifteen minutes later, she made all the preparation and in reality, she looked quite funny.

She wore gloves in her hands, her legs and arms are hugging the big stuff toy which she had taken out with a red face.

She looked very funny in this get up that her brother is laughing without pause and me also barely able to control her laughter.

Jill had shed a lot of her baby fat in these ten days but her cheeks are still looked quite chubby and that made her looked very cute while hugging her soft toy.

"Don't laugh!" she said angrily as she saw smile both of our faces.

"All right, we will not laugh, now little sister open your mouth!" said William in a quite exaggerated fas.h.i.+on.

Jill looked at him angrily but she opened her mouth as mutated treants heart in Williams' hand.

''Remeber to circulate supreme combat exercise, this a golden chance you will hardly have!" Said William and put peace of treants heart in Jill's mouth swiftly without giving her the heads up.

She looked at William angrily and wanted to say something but she stopped as she opened her mouth to speak and bite her stuffed toy hard to endure the pain.

I don't know if she able to endure are not but I hope she does.

I walk back to the corner chair and started to study the skill again but I now and then cast a look at jill.

She is making whimpering noises and squirming with that stuffed toy but it did not look she will make a noise.

William had prepared a makes.h.i.+ft gag for her, if she started to scream then he will gag her forcefully.

As I am studying one thing is kept bothering me, its a question that I wanted to ask but it is related to the secret of their organization,

No matter how much I try, I can't seem to suppress it.

''Do you want to ask me something?" William asked suddenly.

''uh. How do you know?" I asked he caught me quite unprepared asking me this question.

"You have this struggle on your face," he states.

"I try to answer it if it's not any major secret," he said with a smile.

''Why is there is so much difference between elites and Super-elites of your organizations?" I asked.

I can guess some basics but I wanted to know details about it if possible.

"This is a top secret but l let in on some details." he said mysteriously, ''There is a vast difference between Elite and Super elite. One can become an elite member if one work hard enough but to become the supreme elite, one needs much more than that." He said.

''In the Top 7 organizations in there won't be more than ten super elites in each organization, it's not because of resources, there is no limit to resources in a top organization, the criteria to become to the super-elite is huge." He stated.