Monster Integration - Chapter 143 William I

Chapter 143 William I

"As you have seen there is a vast difference between Elite and Super Elite."

"To Super Elites, those who are not Super Elite are akin to ants." He said.

All he said rang true in my mind, within the same level those who are not super elite are ants.

''I can't tell you exactly what made them stronger but I can't tell you that Super-elites have something in them that others don't."

What super elites have that others don't? I really want to know but its secret of their organization.

I had already noticed that Rachel, Max, and William have some type of different feel to their mana.

It's like it is laced with something that makes it more stronger and lethal.

''There is another type of people between elites and super elites, they are commonly known as mid elites."

"These people are the one who pa.s.sed the criteria of super elites while not able pa.s.s the full training of super-elites but they still have a chance to become super elites, Maya is one of them." He said.

''And one more thing you should know that all Mid elites and Super Elites are only using 50% of their power as another half our power is sealed." He said lastly.

Just 50% this is f.u.c.king insane, I thought they have some power in reserve but never thought that they are on using 50%.

I have a way to underestimate the power of these organization, they are more powerful than I thought.

One thing I concur from listening to Williams training is that simple hard work is not enough, one will also need some unique resources that only organizations have.

William didn't talk much after that as kept all his concentration on his sister.

Jill is whimpering loudly and there is even red smoke coming off her, it looks like will be able to hold on.

Time pa.s.sed by and every second jill whimpering becomes louder and louder and louder.

One time I felt that she will really scream out but she hold and finally after a few minutes she finally opened her eyes and said. ''f.u.c.k! I do not want to experience this pain ever again!"

William and I both smiled hearing that. When I opened my eyes earlier after experiencing such pain, I just never wanted to experience it ever again.

''What purity did your mana reached?" Asked William after his become clear minded.

"90.3%!" Jill said excitedly, I can understand her excitement.

The mana at 90% above purity is at a whole new level if my previous mana could support only one skill use of Nine Raging Tides, now I could easily activate Nine Raging Tides two time without drinking mana potions.

"Micheal do you have another piece of that mystic medicine?" Micheal asked suddenly.

I didn't say anything for a while but after some thinking, I nodded hesitantly.

''Snort!" ''Your little girlfriend is already at peak of Corporal stage, this mystical medicine will not have much effect on her," Jill said with a snort.

"You are right, although this medicine won't help her much in mana purity it might help her broke that straw!" said Michael.

Hearing this jill became quite serious, ''Which straw is she on?" Jill asked seriously.

I am not understanding their language but it looks quite serious.

"The last one!" replied William, hearing that her expression turned more serious.

''She really told you that?" Asked jill again, William nodded with solemness.

They both were silent for some time before William turning to me.

"Micheal, I will not take advantage of you, I will pay a market price." He said.

I felt a little relieved, although his sister is my good friend and for that, I had given them two for free but I had the plan to sell after keeping some for my family.

It would have really pained my heart to give another one free.

''How much?" Come out of my mouth before I could control myself.

"I don't know the correct price but the price you will get is above million, I will transfer it to your account after we get out of this realm."

I got so startled that I nearly fell, I also thought I will get near-million selling all nine portion I have, I never thought I will get million for each portion.

"Do you want it now or tomorrow?" I asked as its already been late night.

''Now, would be fine!" Said William excitedly which made jill give a snort.

''You are really hopeless for that girl!" Said jill annoyingly, William didn't mind and just smiled at his sister.

"Ok! I will bring it back from the tent in a minute," I said and left them a tent, I've already thought selling some of the portions of mystical medicine and all the herbs I got in the forest to Jim.

I will get an estimate from him for mystical medicine to see if his price same William said and will sell to one who offers the highest price.

Thinking that I walk excitedly dreaming about a s.h.i.+t load of money I am going to earn after I get out of this realm.

On the way to my tent, I kept hearing a faint banging sound, I look around to see hundreds of monsters are banging against the blue forcefield.

I looked at them with interest as this is the first time bipedal monsters are attacking them.

It is quite a normal hundred, two hundred monsters attacking the force field, they attack everyday night and Rachel clears them every morning.

They looked quite fearsome as they kept attacking insistently but they never able to produce a more than ripple from the forcefield.

I can't see what type of monster are they as I could only see the indistinct figure of the bipedal monster.

Only taking a few glances, I quickly walk to my tent.

I had Mystical medicine stored in my storage but I don't want it to show in front of others.

I took out the the the the exquisite box from my storage and removed the piece of mystical medicine from it.

Taking in my palm I walk back to William tent's gave to him, just as he received it in his, he bolted toward his girlfriend's tent much jill annoyance.

After some taking will jill, I also left for my tent as it is already late and I have to wake up early tomorrow.