Monster Integration - Chapter 141 Mystic Medicine II

Chapter 141 Mystic Medicine II

"Are you really going to eat it! Haven't you heard when he said 'it hurts like h.e.l.l'?" Jill shouted as she saw her brother about to eat the part mutated treants heart.

She had been really scared of listening to my experience.

''Relax, I already have my mana purity at 91% and I am sure this thing is nothing compare to what I had experienced in my training." He said with a confident smile and pop that piece of mutated treants heart in his mouth.

I wanted to give him advice but when he mentioned that word training with that confident smile, I decided against giving it. let him experience the pain of h.e.l.l!

My advice was that he and his monsters completely opened their mind to each other so they could share the pain.

First second there no change in his expression but next second his expression took a wide turn and second after that she started whimpering.

His expression looked like he is in extreme pain.

Like burning alive in fire!

"Is this normal?" jill asked in a scared voice, seeing her brothers expression and listening to his whimpers, even she got scared a little.

"He is fine, I collapsed in next second I ate it;" I said but just as I finished my sentence, William began to fall.

It is a good thing that jill had swift speed, if not for that he would have definitely fallen on the floor.

"Stay away from his hands!" I warned as jill is carefully laying her brother on the bed.

She heeded my advice and kept herself away from her brother's hands. I still remember how hard I gripped my hand that they started bleeding.

William still looked quite better condition than me, he is at least looked quite stable.

His whimpering grew louder as time pa.s.sed but other than that I see no sign of him losing control and screaming.

More and more sweat started to ooze from his body and veins on his body became visible.

He is in extreme pain but he controlling it well and the whimpering of his that have had become louder, now became under control and stable.

I am completely shocked seeing this, to control pain at this extent is completely impossible for me.

As time pa.s.sed, I've become more and more shocked as his whimpering completely stopped and so his occasionally squirming.

One anyone saw him from afar they will think he is just sleeping.

Only after they take a closer look at him, they will know he still in much pain as his expressions clearly show how much pain he is feeling.

I could not be this calm under that immense pain, whatever training that he mentioned must be really painful and hard, to him to be able to remain this calm.

Time pa.s.sed by as we kept watch on William, in the past twenty minutes there no change in Williams condition.

As we were watching, a slight red smoke coming out if Williams and soon it started to come out his whole body.

The thickest smoke coming from his hearing.

Now, it really looked like William is burning, it just feels the same when the log of wood is burned.

"Is this normal?" she asked worriedly, I shook her, ''I don't know, my eyes were closed and forgot to record it," I answered.

Hearing the answer she didn't like anymore question. The red smoke slowly stopped coming out of William after a few minutes.

''He should be able to wake up soon!" I said seeing it been little over thirty-five minutes since Willam had eaten the piece.

We waited silently him to wake up, it's at 42nd minute his fingers begin to twitch and soon after he opened his eyes.

His eyes are red and he looks very tired.

"Brother, how are you feeling?" she said as she quickly went close to him, helping him sit up.

"I am feeling fine, that was the most painful thing I've ever experienced but it also brought me a lot of benefits, jail…" he suddenly stopped mid-sentence and closed his eyes suddenly.

Jill and I confused about seeing this, she is just about to shake her brother when we sensed a spike in William's aura.

''He is leveling up!" Jill shouted excitedly as she sensed her brother leveling up.

About time! I said in my mind, from the first day I met William, he has always been at Mid-level of Corporal stage, most of the people I know level-up least once ever since they entered this realm.

William is one of the few who l hadn't seen the level up till now.

"You should sit comfortably, it will take some time." Said jill as she sat back on her bed.

I was a little confused by this but decided not to ask a question. I will know when the time to come.

I sat on the chair that in the corner of the tent and opened the folder of Fire Strikes skill and started to study it.

My eyes become s.h.i.+ny as I started to read it, I had already understood its basic by heart and I don't think I will have a problem activating this skill.

This skill looks simple but its execution is very complicated, one has to transfer mana through a complicated network of veins to activate it.

If not for me to have familiarity with mana veins because of supreme combat exercise, if not for that, I would have taken several days to activate it properly.

Fifteen minutes pa.s.sed but there is no change in William condition except for his aura is rising.

Normally it would take fifteen minutes for regular evolver to level el up but looking at the rising aura of William, it will take some time.

Time pa.s.sed as I pa.s.sed the time studying the skill.

After fifteen minutes William aura reached the Peak Corporal level if he goes higher, he will directly enter the sergeant stage.

'It should be over soon!' I said in my mind but as I wait for him to complete his leveling up, I found that his aura stops rising and started converging.

It is becoming denser every second when I look at Jill I found there is no surprise in eyes.

I stopped reading and wholly concentrate my mind on converging aura.

Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes,…., his aura getting denser and denser to the point approaching near to the aura of Rachel and Max.

I only sensed this dense Corporal aura from Rachel and Max, any other Peak Corporal stage cant reach near it but now William's aura approaching that level.

It keeps getting denser and denser and only hen i his aura will be at the same level that of Max and Rachel his aura stopped converging.

His aura just stopped short in approaching that of Max and Rachels level.

William slowly opens his eyes and then suddenly started laughing like a madman "Hahahahaha, I did it, I finally reached it."