Monster Integration - Chapter 1452 - Vs. Samual II

Chapter 1452 - Vs. Samual II

Chapter 1452 - Vs. Samual II

The Armor that appeared on Samual has become even more magnificent than I had remembered; h.e.l.l, what he is wearing couldn't say to be Armor; if I am right, then this is form.

Only Apex Inheritances have the form, and it only came after unlocking the 3rd Level of the Inheritance.

I had suspected he might have done that, but I did not dare to believe it as it is extremely hard, very few people able to harness the power of 3rd level of their Inheritance at King Stage, normal Apex Inheritance holder does that when they reached Peak Emperor or Tyrant Stage.

Currently, Samual did not look like a human at all; he had become Angel. An extremely beautiful White Blue Robe Armor appeared on his body and long feather wings while are burning in death fire.

The Inheritance Samual has Angel Inheritance, and he had Death Fire Type, but some amount of h.e.l.l Element mixed in.

Cheer Cheer Cheer…

As Samual released his form, the audience has become crazy like never before, and if I had been in their place, I would have gone crazy. Samual looked really too good not to get crazy, not to forget there is a powerful soul effect telling me to revere him.

This soul effect has surprised me; its power is really great. If Samual focused this effect on a bunch of normal Kings as he is doing on me now, they would have fallen to their knees.

"Quite a good soul trick you have there," I said, greatly surprising him. "Well, I had never expected you to fall under my Angelic Charm," he said with a smile.

The smile is blinding, making the soul charm twice stronger than before, enough to even powerful King fall to knees.

"Stop trying; your little charm is not going to work me even if you made it ten times stronger," I said to him while directly looking into his eyes where the effect of his charm is strongest.

His Angelic Charm is powerful; I will give him that, but I have experienced too many things that made my willpower strong as steel; the charm has to be far more stronger for it to affect me.

I continued looking into his eyes as I finally summoned my Armor. Like a melted diamond, It came to come out of me, and soon, I was covered in fiery red armor diamond armor which had a golden sheen and forest green lines.

Not only that, two emblems appeared on my chest, is of the circular Sparrow Wings and the other is that of the Academy.

Very Inheritance let hosts make a change in their appearances, its good thing Ive designed mine; I could do whatever the h.e.l.l I want with.

"Micheal, you have disappointed me already; I had expected you to reach the 3rd level of your Inheritance, but you have not," "If you have done that, the fight would have been interesting, but with your current stage, you are nothing to me," Samual said contempt and flapped his wing.

'What a speed!'

I said in mind, and as I summoned the vine and turned it into the Rapier, by the time I was finished with it, Samual had already appeared in front of me.

"Let me show you the difference in power between us, Micheal," Samual said and swung his blue sword burning dangerous white fire at me.

This was a simple swing without aid from the art, but it is still far more powerful than the strongest attack of any of my opponents, not to forget it is completely silent. The while fire around his sword is doing something to the air, stopping it from making the noise.

Seeing him attacking, I also swung my sword. My sword is moving at the same speed as his, but there is no fire covering it, so it is making some noise which had to drown some contempt from Samual.


Our weapons got closer and closer, and when they are just inches away, I felt fire becoming denser by three-time. He had done it so masterfully that I doubt even powerful Kings will have been able to catch it, but I did.

'Sneaky as ever,' I said inside my mind, though I had caught his little trick, I did not do anything about it; my current attack is perfectly capable of dealing with a little trick that he just performed.


Our swords clashed, creating a deafening sound and shockwave that is powerful enough to injure the normal King, but despite that, not a since speck of while spilled through; all that dense went directly at my Rapier.

I had sensed his anger when I had summoned vine rapier; Samual felt insulted seeing me not using my Totem Artifact to fight him, so he decided to use that dangerous fire of his to burn my sword before using that fire to attack me.

Unfortunately for him, the moment the white fire covered my sword, it got completely sucked into it, without leaving a single trance; not only that but all the great physical force of the attack had also disappeared.

It seemed to shock him greatly as his eyes flew wide open as she looked at my sword, searching for the traces of his fire.


I smiled, seeing that before I called back my Rapier and attacked with greater speed than he attacked me earlier, and I had also aimed for his neck.

A shock disappeared from his eyes, and calm appeared as she smoothly moved his sword to intercept mine while covering it with even more dense white fire.


He stopped my Rapier before it got close to it and looked directly into my eyes, "It looks like I had underestimated you again," He said, and a peculiar aura released from him.

He is going to launch an attack, and it is going to be quite powerful, powerful enough to threaten me, so I should not underestimate it.