Monster Integration - Chapter 1453 - Vs. Samaual III

Chapter 1453 - Vs. Samaual III

Chapter 1453 - Vs. Samaual III

"Death Angels Blade," He said and attacked.

The white fire blazed across his blade before suddenly started melting and covering the blue sword; more and more fire began to come out and melt on the blade, forming layer after layer of this compressed fire.

The fire is not melting, but it is getting compressed to such a degree that it looked like it is melting.

His Death Fire is already powerful, and now he is compressing it layer by layer on his blade; I couldn't help but marvel at this move of him. It is going to be very powerful, and I will have to use little something to deal with it.

'Old Set,'

I said inside me, and strength begins to fill every part of me; the power is amazing. I still remember the shock I got when I first experience the power of 'Old Set' after I reach the King Stage.

As the power of the 'Old Set' coursed through me, I swung my Rapier at him. Unlike his attack, there is no flash in my attack; it looked like a simple sword swing; the fact is there is nothing simple about this attack.

My Rapier is br.i.m.m.i.n.g with my concentrated Inheritance energy, not to forget it is striking toward his weakest spot of his attack.


A huge shockwave came out as our weapons clashed, and with it came the defeaning shock, but it is a thing that compared to the thick white-hot energy released from his sword.

The energy is intense, so intense that it would able to turn to burn the normal king to ash even when he is using his most powerful defensive method.

Ever since I had come back, I had only experienced an attack of this caliber at once when I was sparring against Elena. The sixty-something opponents I had fought before were not even able to a fifth of such power, and this is just a star.

"Try something better, Samual; this attack was not even able to tickle me," I taunt Samual on his shocked face. He had expected something from his all-powerful attack, but there was no reaction from me; I treated it just like its previous attack.


Samual harrumphed angrily, and before launching another attack, it is the same attack but with a lot more power. In an earlier attack, there were only five coatings of the compressed fire, but this time, there are ten coatings.

It had more than doubled the power of the attack; in a similar strength opponent, this would spell in one death. Thankfully, I am quite powerful and will be able to deal with an attack without much problem.


Attack after attack came from Samual, and I countered them just as easily. This move of him quite powerful, and that is making him angry as it was not able to affect me even a bit.

There was not much shaking on my part even when, with every move, the power of his attack had increased. Currently, he is fighting me with the power of a hundred compressed fire coatings.

The power of hundred coatings is quite impressive; if I had not designed such powerful Inheritance, I would have been incinerated by it.

This move had seemed to have reached its limit; for the last minute, he had not able to increase the numbers of fiery coating on his sword.

"Samual, this move of yours harmless as water, try something stronger?" I said while continuing to counter his attack after attack.

Intense anger appeared on his face, hearing my taunt, and he looked at me as if he wanted to eat alive, but he did not give in to his anger attack. He remained calm as he tried to breach my inner sphere of defense that I had never let his sword get too close.

"You are right; it is time for me to show you the real power of the Angel Inheritance," He said calmly, the anger that was burning in his eyes a moment ago all but disappeared.

"Plums of Death!" "Song of Azlesel!"

He activated to moves one after another, as he did feather beautiful feather plums begin to release from his wings and at the same time very fain fire covered his body, the white fire covering is faint enough for people to mistake it for a while smoke.

"Let's see how long you last, Micheal," Samual said and came at me, and this time, his speed is really good as he flapped his wings and appeared in front of me, bringing the plums were releasing from his wings.

"Take this, Micheal," he said and swung his sword, aiming for my head.


The attack of his is very simple; it is a common slash, but as he came toward me, I have suddenly begun to hear the song. The song is very faint and is an unknown language, but despite that, I was able to understand what it wants to convey.

It is a song about the journey of an angel named Azlesel who traveled to h.e.l.l to bring back his mortal lover. The song is making me visualize the journey of Azlezel, making me see the trials and tribulations he faces on the way.

It is the most wonderful song Ive ever heard; it is so wonderful that even Emperors would get lost in it once they heard this song.

"Nice Song!" I said to Samual as my eyes became clear and my Rapier became a blur as it appeared directly in front of his sword,


My Rapier defended without shaking while Samual looked very shocked; he is looking at me as if I am a demon.

" have you not got lost in the song?" Samual asked with a shaking voice and wide eyes.

"The Song is a very powerful Soul attack, but people could resist it with enough willpower and strong soul," I replied, while still feeling shocked inside seeing the level of attack that Samual had performed.