Monster Integration - Chapter 1451 - Vs. Samual I

Chapter 1451 - Vs. Samual I

Chapter 1451 - Vs. Samual I

Four days pa.s.sed since the last phase of the Champions.h.i.+p had begun, and battles have become more intense. People have started to give their 200%, revealing the strength that shocked all those who are watching.

Elena's group is quite powerful as she begins to summon her bloodline power from the end of the first day. She is fighting, challenging opponents, and winning every battle.

The same couldn't be said about the other members of our Academy who are losing more battles than they are winning.

The Supremes are finally showing their power, defeating those from lower-level organizations without much problem; there are very few from the lower-level organization like Elina and me who are challenging the Supremes' might.

While Elina is very happy with the partic.i.p.ants she is fighting, I felt the opposite. This is the evening of the fifth day, and I had fought six three battles till now, and regretfully, I had finished them all in a single attack.

The only battle in which I had faced more than ten-second fighting was my first battle, but that did not count since I was entertaining him.

"Cheer up; you will find a challenging opponent soon," Elena said, sensing my mood, "It is easy for you to say, who is enjoying quite good fights," I said, showing her the jealousy I am feeling toward her.

"Don't be so grumpy; you will soon fight with Tyson, Reagen, Samual, or some hidden gem," She said, hearing that I couldn't help but sigh.

I hope her words held true; nearly five days had pa.s.sed, and I did not find someone good. It is a good thing; I am not the only one who has such a dry spell; Rachel, Ellen, Jill, Sarah, all of them have finished their battle in a single attack.

Ellen has called earlier complaining about finding no challenge.

I had made big plans to meet my friends but seeing the Champions.h.i.+p schedule that starts in the morning and ends at midnight, forget meeting my friends; I barely have time for training.

Shaking my head, I continued to watch the battles. These amazing battles are the only silver lining for me.

On the first day of the third phase of the Champions.h.i.+p, it had become extremely clear that this Champions.h.i.+p is leagues above Champions.h.i.+p that had been held before.

There are too many powerful partic.i.p.ants seen in the Champions.h.i.+p; some of them are powerful beyond belief.

"Micheal, look!"

I was busy in my thoughts when suddenly Elina shouted in my ear; I was about to snap at her when I saw what she is pointing at, and seeing it, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"Finally!" I said with a toothy smile as I got up from my spot.

Finally, a worthy opponent had appeared, and it old Samual that I had been waiting for long to fight.

Like a Kid in a candy store, I walked toward the arena in uncontrolled excitement. After nearly five days, I am going to have a good fight.


I landed on the ring, Samual had not come yet, but I could see him coming. He is coming slowly while waving at an audience who is cheering for him loudly.

I couldn't help but feel a slight pang of jealously seeing that which I crushed immediately. Samual is handsome, and in past battles, he was quite a showman who mercilessly crushed every opponent he came across.

Well, his winning streak is going to end with me, I had defeated him before, and I will defeat him now.

"Micheal, its been a long time," Samual said as he landed on the ring, "Yes, quite long." I said with a smile before adding, "Ive heard they have done a regiment on you after you lost to me last time,"

A flash of anger appeared on his handsome face, but it lasted for a moment before it disappeared.

"Yes, the higher-ups were very disappointed seeing losing such a weak opponent that Vice Lord Harmon himself personally decided to train me," he said with a smile.

I couldn't help but get surprised hearing that. In the Sky Saber's hierarchy, aside from the leader who is called Lord, there are three Vice Leaders, who are called Vice Lords, and being trained by them is a huge thing.

They are top dogs of Sky Saber, and one of them deciding to train Samual personally means he must have seen something special in him. Unlike other organizations that barely get a single member with Apex Inheritance in the century, Supremes have them every decade.

So, a Vice Lord may take some lessons, but they rarely personally trained anyone, and those who trained by them have something special in them.

"Oh, then you must have become quite powerful; I hope you last more than five minutes then," I said with a sugary smile.

The anger again appeared in his eyes, but unlike before, it did not disappear this time; instead, it blazed wildly.

"You are sharp as ever, Micheal; I hope you have the power to show it; I will be very disappointed if you got crushed by few moves of mine," He replied with barely restrained anger.

"Don't worry, that won't happen." I quipped, and he opened his mouth to reply but closed it as the countdown started.

3, 2, 1

The countdown began and ended with three, but not a single one of us summoned out our weapons; we just kept looking at each other.

"I wish you good luck for the battle," Samual said with no previous anger in his eyes, "You too, Samual," I said, and the next moment, aura's blasted out of both of our bodies, and our armor begins to appear on our bodies.

There was no need for me to hold back; if I tried to fight him with just my physical strength, I would get crushed in a single move. To defeat him, I would need to use the power of my Inheritance.