Monster Integration - Chapter 1450 - Battles III

Chapter 1450 - Battles III

Chapter 1450 - Battles III

"Its Your turn again," Elina said as my name flashed on the ring, "I will go then," I said and walked out of the box.

It had been little more than two hours since the fought my first battle, and now I am fighting second; compared to others, it is a little slow as everyone in my box had already fought at least two battles, and Mark had fought three.

These Group battles will last about seven to ten days; every day, one will have to fight at least ten battles.

Fighting ten battles is not an easy thing, especially for the mid-and low-level champions.h.i.+p partic.i.p.ants, as most of the partic.i.p.ants are at that level, which makes their fights longer and gives them less time to rest.

Even with all my strength, I would have a problem fighting ten battles back to back if my opponent had a similar level of strength as me. Each of such fights will be challenging, and I would not be able to fight more than five of them before getting tired.


Soon, I landed on the ring where my opponent was already waiting for me. Robert Crews, a member of Supreme, from WindG.o.d Temple, exactly.

He is a tall beefy young man who uses an ax as a weapon. Looking at him, people may think he is a strength-type practioner, but they would be very wrong to think that. Like most WindG.o.d Temple members, he is a speed specialist with physical strength as a second specialty.

It is quite a powerful combination that helps him deal with people more powerful than him, especially those who specialize in elemental attacks but still, compared to me, is not much.

According to public ranking and ranking academy compiled of Top 1000 from intel, his strength is not much; he is at the same level Edmond, or just slightly powerful.

He did not say anything when I landed in the rink; he just looked at me while gripping his ax tightly as he waited for the countdown to start.

3 2

A few seconds later, the countdown started, and with each second, the grip of Robert became tighter and tighter on his ax.



As the one resounded, Robert screamed loudly as he summoned his Inheritance and came at me. He used his strongest speed skill, 'Breath of Al' too came at me and used also began to charge his attack.

His speed is quite good, greater than Edmond able to produce in the last battle; still, this speed is far from enough to scratch me, much less defeat me.

As he came at me, I summoned the vine, turned it into the Rapier, and waited for him to come closer to me, which he did not take long.

"Throttling Gale!"

He shouted as he appeared next to me and attack, a fine thread of faint green wind begin to cover his ax. These strings around his ax looked quite delicate, so fine that they looked like the creation of Arachne, but I do not doubt these delicate threads cutting into if I gave them a chance.

I let the ax come closer to me, and when it was about half a meter away, I moved. I disappeared from my spot and appeared beside Robert with my sword on his neck.


A surprised gasp came out of Robert when he realizes what had appeared before the sadness downed on his face.

"I had thought I would at least be able to fight against you half a minute, but I did not last a second." He said and flew out of the arena as the winner is declared.

I, too, flew out of the arena, and this time, there is no happiness in my heart like the first battle. I was happy in the first battle because it was the first battle, but this is the second battle with my opponent having a similar strength as the first.

I long for the challenge; if not one with similar strength, then I want to fight someone who would at least make me summon out my Inheritance the least, and regretfully, there are very few people in the group who had the strength to do that.

According to the intelligence of my group, there are only three people who had the capability of forcing me to use my Inheritance; Samual is one of them.

When I had read the intel on him, I was quite shocked. The progress he made in a short time was quite shocking; when I had fought him last time, his strength was average among the apex Inheritance holders, if I am not generous in my estimation, then it was below average, but in just a year, that had changed.

If what I had read about him is correct, then his strength had grown exponentially in the past year.

I would not have been shocked it was Rachel or Sarah, especially Sarah, who is snotty and arrogant, but she worked hard enough to justify her negative qualities, but Samual, on the other hand, was completely lazy, riding on power than his Inheritance given him, never actively trying to harness more power from it.

But that had changed over the year; he had grown stronger. Without hard work, it would not have been possible to gain such strength, not only hard work but also resources; his organization must have taken out some rare resources from their renowned treasury.

I now just wished that I could fight against him or the other two powerful people of my group; there is no joy in fighting the small fries, but it is not up to me.

Soon, I reached the box and continued to watch the fights, about every hour or two hours; I would go to the arena to fight, where I finished up all my opponents in a single attack, there was not a single opponent that was able to light up the spark of excitement in me.