Monster Integration - Chapter 1449 - Battles II

Chapter 1449 - Battles II

Chapter 1449 - Battles II

"Professor, can you tell me how powerful her abyssal fire is?" I asked professor Josephine who is already concentratedly looking at Jill.

One could not employ the soul sense in the Arena, especially on those who are fighting in the ring; there is a powerful artifact that even stopped Tyrants from doing that, even powerful Tyrants like a professor.

While she may not be able to use her soul sense, she could still use her optical arts and see fire reacting to the air and energies around it, which would give a pretty accurate guess about the fire strength.

The Professor did not reply to my question for a second before she opened her mouth.

"Her fire is extremely powerful, more powerful than yours and Elina's fire; this abyssal fire had the ability to swallow energies around it and grow; a direct confrontation against this fire would not be wise," Professor replied.

"Just like the record states," I said, and Professor nodded.

Silence descended, and I continued to watch the battle; each battle is interesting than the other. I wish I could have more eyes; this way, I would have been able to watch all the battles that are going around me; all of them are really interesting.

"James, its your turn," Marc said behind me, till now only I had gone to the ring to fight; James would now be the second person.

"Good Luck," I and others said. He will really need it if he wanted to win this fight. His opponent is Francesca Moore, a powerful partic.i.p.ant from Wisdom Tower.

James walked out of the box, and minutes later, he landed on the ring opposite. Francesca appeared a few seconds later and licked her lips, seeing James, which made him visibly shudder.

"She is going to eat him alive in battle; she is already winning the psychological battle," Elina said with a sigh, "Yes, he will have to give his all if he wants to have a slight chance in defeating her," I said with the same tone.

I am not underestimating James; he is one of the most powerful Kings of the group we have brought, but Francesca very powerful; she could be counted as the ten most powerful people in her group.

A few seconds later, the battle started, and Francesca attacked at lightning speed. Hundreds of water arrows shot from her spear, forcing James on defensive, and he remained defensive throughout the battle.

She kept launching one attack after another, not giving him any chance to launch any attack, h.e.l.l he was able to defend against her attacks, that it came to no surprise when he was blasted out of the ring two minutes later, sealing his defeat.

"I had not throught James would lose this quickly," I said, "This Francesca is more powerful than intel showed, seeing her strength, it is no surprise that James lost against her," Elina replied.

Still, I wished he should have won this fight; it is not good to lose the first; it does something to the confidence.

"Micheal, look at your Girlfriend," I saw watching James coming back with a sad face when the name of Mira appeared on one of the rings, and her opponent was weak; he was from Supreme but was not their best, reaching Top 1000 was already limit for him.

Mira just lauched an energy attack, and he was thrown out of the; as she defeated the opponent, she flown down, not even waiting for the result to be announced.

The audience seemed to love her att.i.tude as they cheered loudly; why wouldn't they love? Everyone loves seeing beautiful women defeating their opponent in style.

"Your girlfriend seemed to have quite an att.i.tude," Elena said, slow drawl; I just gave her a look and continued watching the fights.

Battles after battle continued on the Arena; many people won, many loose, and some hidden gems begin to reveal themselves as they defeat the powerful opponents.

My friends went to the Rings to fight, including Elena and every one of them won the fight in a single round, and they seemed to love blasting their opponents off the ring.

Ellen did it, so has Rachel and Elina; Elina had gone one step far as she summoned a huge fireball and threw it to her opponent, that poor girl flew like a rocked and if not for Arena densest catching her after she flew out of the ring, she would have definitely crashed into the audience.

That girl seemed really angry at Elina as she looked really angry and words came out of her mouth afterworld gave everyone idea about how angry that girl is.

"Do you really have to go that far?" I asked Elina as she came back, "Yes, I had to; I really wanted something like this to that B..girl for a long time?" Elina said with a huff as she sat beside me.

"I am sensing some history between you two?" I asked with a curious smile, Elena looks serious, but she is a very easy-going person when you get to know her; she may have faults like holding grudges, but who doesn't?

"When I was in your native continent, working in the Guild, that girl has taken my promotion which I had worked very hard for through underhanded means," "I always had taught her lesson for it, but I had never got a chance until now," she said with a satisfying smile.

Hearing that, I couldn't help but let out a smile. She is not the only one who is holding on to the grudges; too had some, and in this champions.h.i.+p, I will pay them back for what I had suffered.

I had suffered much, nearly died by their plans. If not for Professor saving me that time, I wouldn't be sitting here.

It is a little regretful that those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had not come to my group, but there is still a chance for me. I have read their info and know they have the strength to enter the Top 100; there, I will fight them.