Monster Integration - Chapter 1448 - Battles I

Chapter 1448 - Battles I

Chapter 1448 - Battles I


"Ive Lost!" Edmond said with a sigh as my rapier gently touched his steel armor, producing the metallic sound.

"It was a good battle," I said with a smile that got a mirthless smile on his face, "Thank You for entertaining me and not outright crus.h.i.+ng me; fighting against was quite an experience," He said and flew down from the Arena.

"Micheal Zaar Winner,"

A voice rang through the whole area, and as it did, a loud cheer comes from the audience. The crowd is very intimidating, especially when it is directed at me. Still, despite being intimidated, I maintained a smile on my face and flew off the ring.


A minute later, I opened the door of the box and went in. There is a huge waiting room for the partic.i.p.ants, but barely anyone uses it; most prefer to sit in the reserved boxes of their Organisation.

The partic.i.p.ants only sit together when they reached the Top 100. There is a special section allocated to partic.i.p.ants in the most visible area of the Arena where every person in the Arena could see you.

"You took your sweet time defeating him," Elena commented as I stood beside her.

"He was good," I said, and Edmond was really good, and if not for me having such an overwhelming advantage Ive got after spending a cycle in the Ruin, I would have had a fight, tooth, and nail to win fight against someone like Edmond.

"Micheal, try to finish other matches as soon as possible, don't reveal your strength more than you have to," Professor Jenkins said.

Her words have surprised me, as before we have never discussed me dealing with opponents, I have an overwhelming advantage over.

She is not wrong though, in my fight with Edmond, I had revealed too much. My control and technique have become visible, so is my Physical Strength; those with sharp eyes would have been able to deduce so much from my three-minute-long fight.

The wise move would have been summoning my Armor and then finis.h.i.+ng my fight with him with vines. My vines are known, and with me dominating him with my vines would have been nothing surprising, seeing I had spent an entire cycle in the 'I' Ruin.

Still, I did not regret revealing a little bit of my strength; what I had is a drop compared to what I have when I wore my Armor.

"Ok, Professor," I said, and I agree. Even though I have full confidence in my abilities, it would be good for me to hide them from my opponent; the less they know, the greater benefits I will receive during the fight.

Minutes trickled by, and I continue to watch the battles that are happening on the rings in front of me.

The levels of battles are way above that of ones that happened in other phases. Each person who is able to enter in the Top 1000 powerful that there are very few battles that are ending within a minute.

Most of the battles are taking at least ten minutes or more to be finished, which is quite long, seeing the high stakes of the battles.

In normal spars, people hold back and go slow but in such high-level fights as such in the World Champions.h.i.+p. Here, people start with strong moves; using the weaker attacks means giving your opponent a chance to attack.

"Look, its your friend Jillian," Elena said excitedly; she is not the only only one who had become excited about Jillian going on the ring; others sitting inbox and audience have also become excited.

The information of her having sam Inheritance as the Ramona Hawthorn had long spread, and not to forget the stakes of her winning predicted by the Gambling houses, this had shot her fame to roof and made her most famous partic.i.p.ant of the 10000th World Champions.h.i.+p.

Her opponent is also quite powerful, more powerful than Edmond if intel to be believed. He had a very unhappy expression on his face; one could easily concur that he did not like his first match against someone like Jillian.

As they appeared on the ring, both of them remained quiet. Her opponent with sad face while Jill is with a poker face.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and the countdown started, and when the countdown reached One, Jill moved, and she moved with such speed that shocked the audience and made me smile appeared on my face.

Her speed is very good; while her opponent begins to summon his Armor and attack, Jill begins to move.

As she moved toward her opponent, it seemed like the time had slowed down; in front of Jill, her opponent seemed too slow; he seemed like he is moving at snail speed while Jill is a car at full speed.

The funniest thing is, her opponent did not realize what is happening; he is still looking at the place where she had been and charging his attack while she already appeared next to him.

As she appeared next to him, a small streak of black fire appeared like a small sword, and she moved it toward its neck and stopped when the fire was hair breath away from his armored neck.

It took him a moment to realize she had appeared next to me him and her fiery sword at his neck; it had greatly shocked him, and if not for his great self-control, he would have jumped in shock and injured himself.

This injury would not have been this light; it is not normal fire but abyssal fire, the most powerful fire that our world had seen.

We have a very detailed record of the Abyssal Fire of Ramona Hawthorn since she was a student of our academy, and I was able to read some of the records with my position in the academy.

Those records have shocked the h.e.l.l out of me; the Abyssal Fire is extremely dangerous, not before of its firepower but its ability to harness; due to this Harness ability of her Abyssal Fire, she was once hunted across the world.