Monster Integration - Chapter 1447 - Secrete Movements II

Chapter 1447 - Secrete Movements II

Chapter 1447 - Secrete Movements II

Somewhere in the audience, there is a man in his late thirties; he is average by every standard, from his looks to his strength; everything is average about him.

He had the face of an average person that one sees every day and forget about the very next second.

There is nothing notable about him, except for the multicolored rings he is wearing. All of his fingers had rings, and each of them is embedded with gems, and now, one of a ring in his left pinky is glowing.

Seeing the bright orange ring with a blue gem on it glowing and that had shocked the man.

He works for a very secretive spy organization, and he got an a.s.signment to wear the rings.

This a.s.signment is very one of simple and weirdest he ever had; he just had to come to Orcoz City and watch every battle in the arena while wearing the rings, and even if rings behave strangely, he did not have to do anything, just remained on his spot and watch battles.

This a.s.signment felt very fishy to him, and if it had not come from a very powerful, mysterious client and pay was enough to set him for a year, he would not dare to take this a.s.signment.

Around the arena, there are many people like this man in his mid-thirties wearing all types of jewelry, holding all types of devices while watching the battle. Some of the pieces of jewelry and devices they are wearing and holding are giving out some reactions, but they do not know what it means.

They only know they have a lucrative easy a.s.signment, and they have to fulfill it.

Somewhere far away from Orcoz city, in a hidden citadel, is an old werewolf; he looked like a common werewolf with nothing special about it but one sense its aura; they will freeze on the spot and lose the ability even to think.

He is sitting on the huge conference table, and around him are other Grimm Monsters sitting; they were from different tribes, some tribes that Micheal had never heard, much less fought against their members.

Only old Werewolf is sitting in the room physically while all the others are projections that looked extremly real.

These projections looked so real that even Knights will have a problem distinguis.h.i.+ng them from reality; only the powerhouses above the Knight have the ability to distinguish between reality and projection.

"I am sure you all have got the signal," said the old Werewolf slowly in a deep voice, "Yes, we have got the signal, the Celestial Inheritance appeared again, and this time someone had able to reach the King Level with it," said the being with the eagle beak with an equally serious voice.

"Celestial Inheritance, the scourge of Grimm Race. In the many-small worlds, they have uprooted and exterminated the forces of our n.o.bel Grimm Race," said the being with Elephant head, and this voice was surprisingly feminine despite being very rough.

"We can't let a host of Celestial Inheritance grow; we had already suffered deeply three thousand years ago, we can not make that mistake again," said the being with a dear head; he had a surprisingly delicate body.

"Yes, we can't; we have to kill it before it grows big enough to threaten us," Said the being with a huge red lion head.

"Riverfieldfield Academy had produced another threat that had potential to became another Hawthorn or Roosevelt but this time." "We will not make the mistake that we had made thousands of years ago, we will cuts off its head before it grows its head, and we have to before we commence the Epochal War to wipe out the humans for good," said the feminine voice from Foxmen Tribe.

"Yes, we will have finished that human before we start the Epochal War; we do not want any unpredictable variable during the war," said a being with Green Mouse head.

"Since we all on the same page, it is time for humans to show the power of Project Xinr," Werewolf said, hearing that all of the Grimm Monsters still before crackling laughter begin to begin to come out of them.

"Yes, it will be good for humans to give the trailer of our power before we begin the Epochal War," A being with an eagle head said ecstatically.

"Then all of you are in favor of revealing our Project Xinr in humans compet.i.tion to exterminate the host of Celestial Inheritance?" Werewolf asked as it looked at every projection sitting beside it.

"Aye, Aye, Aye…"

Every one of them has affirmed, some of them were a little hesitant approving it as they are revealing this weapon earlier than they had planned to.

"With all your approval, I initiate Project Xinr," Werewolf said and placed its clam on a table; the other Grimm Monsters did the same.


A loud buzz rang out as all the Grimm Monsters removed their hands from the table.

"Xinr 3442 had been activated," The Werewolf said as it looked at all the Grimm Monsters sitting around it.

"We may be using this weapon earlier than we had planned, but I this is right movement," "It had been a while since we were able to something to little compet.i.tion of humans." "This time will kill their champion, and all the humans will see and despair, it will be a perfect moment to crush the morale of the humans," Werewolf said as it banged the table, and with it, others did the same.

Using their weapon in the most protected city of humans will cost them a lot, but it will very much worth it.

In any war, the enemy's morale is very important, and if one can crush their morale before the war even starts, then the war is half won, and since they are using their secrete weapon, they had very much planned to win this war.

They have prepared for the coming war for thousands of years, and it is going to biggest, far more destructive than any war that had been fought in this world.