Monster Integration - Chapter 1446 - Secrete Movements I

Chapter 1446 - Secrete Movements I

Chapter 1446 - Secrete Movements I

"What do you think of him? Did he have the strength to be designated 'Monster?'" A middle-aged man asked women beside him as they watched the battle is happening at one particular ring.

In that ring, two young men are fighting against each other; one is clad in Steel Armor, holding a long sword and releasing a powerful aura with each attack, while the other is holding a beautiful red rapier which he fas.h.i.+oned from the vine.

Unlike his opponent, who is attacking him with all his strength, the young man is replying to his attacks with casual movements with a soft smile hanging on his lips.

Those with untrained eyes will think a young man with a rapier is too powerful that he is playing with his opponent, which is the truth but not a complete truth.

"I don't have seen enough and did not have enough information to designate as 'Monster.' But watching this battle, I could tell this young man from Riverfield Academy is 'Monster' when it comes to Control and Technique," The women said, and the middle-aged man couldn't help but nod at that.

"His control over his body and battle techniques are best Ive seen in Kings in my life, 'Monster' from our academy couldn't compare to him when it comes to physical control and technique," Man said with a sigh.

"Yes," Women affirmed.

"You have read his records; what do you think about him or rather his Inheritance?" The man asked the woman; the woman did not answer his question immediately; she kept her eyes on the battle that is happening in front of her while going over everything she had read about the young man with Rapier.

"His Inheritance, the name of it had not known yet, and it had never appeared before, but it is definitely an Apex Inheritance," "It is rare dual attributed Inheritance and from what I had read so far, a powerful one at that, at least healing attribute,"

"His healing arts are strange but very effective; their efficiency is comparable to the three most powerful healing Inheritances our world had," The women noted.

"Hm!" The man hummed in affirmation, "What about the battle power of his Inheritance?" The man asked.

"The strength aspect of his Inheritance is very powerful, but I don't think the 'Strength' aspect of his Inheritance is powerful enough to give him the power of the 'Monster."

"As you have noticed, all of his attacks are related to plant or healing aspect; If I many be brave in conjunction, I would say 75% of his Inheritance is Healing Type while 25% is battle type, as you have noticed, some of his attacks are also part of his healing arts,"

"His Inheritance is best War Medic Inheritance the world had ever seen but still seeing his Technique and Control, I would say even 'Monsters' will have to put quite an efforts to defeat him," The women said, the man gently nodded.

"You are right about everything you have said, but there is still one factor you are missing," The man said, and hearing that, women had arched her brow in question.

"You are a.s.suming that Control and Technique are the only things he had learned after surviving 'I' Ruin,"

"If you read the historical record, people had thought Hawthorn's and Roosvels Inheritance were also above average Apex Inheritances when they came back from the Ruin and burst out with power; they had shocked the whole world and changed it a few years later," The middle-aged man said, when he said it, his voice has octave lower than normal.

Hearing what the man had said, the women's eyes flashed in surprise, and she opened her mouth to say something, but words did not come out of her mouth.

"Do you think he had potentials like Hawthorn and Roosevelt?" The women asked with a shocked tone.

"No! I do not consider myself wise enough to say or even imply that Her Excellencies were like brightest suns in the sky; world rarely produces such people, our world was able to produce such powerhouses was our fortune," the man said while shaking his head, the women also let the breath out she did not know she was holding.

"I am just saying that this young man had survived that Ghouls Ruin that a thousand others didn't; the only people that have survived before him were her Excellency Hawthorn and Her Excellency Roosevelt, so we should keep a very open mind about him," The man said.

"So you are really considering him a 'Monster' then?" The women asked, and the man again moved his head gently, nodding.

"Looks like those people of Silverstone Academy have the same thought as you had; otherwise, they would not have done it before everyone else," the woman said softly before she turned toward the man sitting beside her.

"You must have voice your thoughts about him to the higher-ups, right?" She asked, "Yes, I did, but they were not convinced; they wanted more proof of his strength before they gave him that designation," The man said with a sigh.

The women couldn't help but sigh either.

She knew the thoughts of her friends were true, but she also understood the hesitation of higher-ups; there are too many guesses involve in her friend conjecture and not enough proof.

The designations are extremly important and couldn't be given casually when one gets 'Monster' or other designation. A certain amount of resources were allowed to keep track of these designated individuals, and the number of resources allowed on a person depends on their designation.

The 'Monster' designation is a pretty heavy one as Supreme will keep an eye on them till they die.

I have to say those from Riverfield Academy are extremly smart; they sealed everything about him the moment he returned from the Ruin. Other organizations would not have been able to do that.

First, there are too many spies of Supremes in other organizations; it is very hard to keep the tight lead on any information, but there is some old strict organization in Riverfield where even Supremes have to try hard to get confidential information like this.