Monster Integration - Chapter 1445 - First Battle II

Chapter 1445 - First Battle II

Chapter 1445 - First Battle II

"Hundredth Cut!"


My rapier flashed against its most powerful attack yet, and he looked at me with shock. His whole body, covered in steel armor, but I know he is in shock; he is shocked how easily I was able to deal with a powerful attack without much using my Inheritance strength.


Edmond said as our blades remained locked.

I did not move, nor did he, but I could feel he is preparing for an attack, and this one is going to be more powerful than the previous.

"Steel Storm!"

He said, and steely blades begin out of him, and at the same time, he whipped back his sword and attack.

As he attacked, the steely blades behind him begin to move as well, there are hundreds of them, and they are coming at me like a strong storm that could cut me into pieces.

Yes, every blade has the power to cut me to the bone, but that does not mean they will be able to, I had spent nearly six month in the Ruin, and there I had come across many of such attacks, those powerful, much more powerful and I dealt with them without loosing.

I will work with these blades well, without much using my Inheritance power. Edmond may be strong, but he did not warrant me to bring out my Inheritance Armor and its strength; my current form is more than enough to deal with such an attack.

"Take this,"

Edmond said with a laugh as he moved hundreds of steely blades with his sword. This attack is powerful, and it is enough to cut hundreds of normal Kings into two, but against me, it is too weak.

"Come then," I said with a laugh and moved my rapier and unlike before, where my rapier was slow and could be seen by everyone, this time it was so fast that less than 1% of the audience is seeing my rapier moving.


My rapier becomes invisible, both to the audience and Edmond; they could not see my rapier at all. The only proof they have of it's moving is a loud metallic sound and disappearing metallic blades.

This swiftness, another part of a control. There are many parts of its, and I have seen the Ghouls used them, and some of them are able to merge many parts of control into one; those are the Ghouls against which I had nearly lost my life.

I am far away from gaining such control; it would take me decades, even centuries, to gain such control if I am lucky.

Those Ghouls I had fought were the ancient monsters; they had thousands of years to perfect their control. It is a good thing; they only gain consciousness for select few months every year; if not for that, I would have finished before my adventure starts.

h.e.l.l, even 'Monster' would not be able to stand a chance against them with them having all the time in the world.

I have been working hard and what I am doing is proof of that, and even though those Ghouls made my life h.e.l.l while I was in the Ruin, I am still grateful to them; without them, I would not have gained the trove of experience and knowledge to up my control.


I destroyed all the steely blades and stopped his sword with the tip of my rapier, he tried to use strength to move my rapier, but he could not move it even an inch even after using all his strength.

"It was a good attack. Do you have anything more powerful?" I asked; it was a genuine question on my part, the attack of his may be weaker, but I could tell how much effort he had put mastering it while dealing with it; I gave him a little lesson.

I attack only his weakness; though I was perfectly capable of destroying it with the use of the sheer force, I decided to use the finer way.

"Yes, I have one more move, and I would like to try it against you?" Edmond asked, it surprised me a little, who asked their opponent permission to attack.

"Sure, go ahead," I said, and Edmond nodded through his armored head.

For a second, nothing happened, but then I sensed an aura from the Edmond, and this aura, instead of bursting out, begin to concentrate on the Edmond before filling his sword, which begins s.h.i.+ning before vibrating with power.

For five-second, the blades charged, and now s.h.i.+ne has grown bright enough that the sword could not be seen, and it is vibrating with power.

"Huge Cut!"

He said and swung his sword. As he did, a steely arc of blade flew out of his wast, vibrating loudly, and as it came toward me, it became bigger and bigger.

As I saw the attack, I couldn't help but feel surprised. The attack is powerful, more powerful than I had expected Edmond could perform.

To perform this attack, Edmond had used every bit of his energy, and not only that, he even used his Rule power, and I have to say, it was all worth it; the attack is very powerful that except for Elena and me, no other King Stage powerhouse of our organization will be able to stop this attack.

In front of it, they will have no choice but run; h.e.l.l, this attack is powerful enough that only the Top 100 of this Champions.h.i.+p will able to deal with it successfully.

The only flaw this amazing attack had is its charging period, and if Edmond can fix it, this attack will be a terror to the enemies, even if he can perform its single time.

Buzzz Buzz Buzz…

I let the attack come closer to me and becoming bigger and more powerful with its vibration, which turns anything into the paste it touched.

I let the arc come close to me, and when it was just a meter away from me, becoming five meters long, I attack.


My rapier moved at an incredible speed that, except for the sound of tearing, there was no indication of me attacking as the blade continued coming toward me.


But when it was just an inch away from cutting me into two, it suddenly exploded like confetti, showering me with beautiful steel dust.