Monster Integration - Chapter 1438 - World Championship Begin II

Chapter 1438 - World Championship Begin II

Chapter 1438 - World Champions.h.i.+p Begin II

"How do you do that? I had tried to come close to you, but that b.l.o.o.d.y a.s.sault was too much," John said as we walked into the elevator.

"I have rule power, which lets me experience such things more easily," I said. The a.s.sault was great, but it is from the dead thing. In the ruin, I had experienced the powerful soul attacks from many Green Kings.

Their attacks were really something; they were so powerful that even powerful Kings could turn into the vegetable in seconds.


The elevator opened with ting and we walked into the huge hallway. There are many people walking inside it, and when they saw Professor Jenkins and Professor Josephine, many people have come to greet us.

These people were from Emperor Grade and Tyrant Grade organizations like us and brought out the members of their organization, like yesterday when we were entering the city; I found myself the recipient of many unwanted soul senses.


A few minutes later, the professor opened the door, and we had entered the luxurious box. It is quiet and has a big chair on which one could sit comfortably and watch the battles that happened down below.

One look at Arena down below, and one would know this box is not for a normal person. The distance between fighting Arena and box is too great; all they would see ants.

Normal people could not be able to watch the matches, what will happen will too fast for them to catch, even princes who were watching will have quite a problem in watching the fight when Kings reveal they are true power the Arena.

This box is amazing, and it had cost Academy quite a money. When I had come to know the box's price, I was quite shocked as it is enough to fund resources one needs to become King from the normal person.

We took our seats and watched in silence as one seat after another Arean got filled by people; by the time there are five minutes till the start of the Champions.h.i.+p, there is not a single seat that remained empty.

Boom Boom Boom…

Time pa.s.sed, and soon ten minutes are over, and it did the fireworks begin to explode in the sky. Even if it is morning, the fireworks are extremely clear across the sky.

As the fireworks exploded, an extremely beautiful woman appeared in the center of the Arena. She had exotic brown skin and dark raven hair, and she is wearing a s.h.i.+mmery black gown, which seemed to attract the gaze of every sitting on the Arena.

"Wellcome, I Martha Cloud, welcome you all in 10000th World World Champions.h.i.+p," said the women.

Marth Cloud, from Crystal Domination, the winner of the last World Champions.h.i.+p. I had seen the clips of the last Champions.h.i.+p, and I couldn't help admire this woman; she extremely powerful and very fast.

Martha was not the strongest partic.i.p.ant of the last Champions.h.i.+p, but she was by far the fastest. She was extremely fast; they had calculated her speed and found her fastest among all the Champions.h.i.+p partic.i.p.ants in the last three hundred years.

It is a great honor to become the host of the World Champions.h.i.+p, and the winner of the previous Champions.h.i.+p could become host; if the winner declined, then the offer is given to the runner up.

There is another condition that the host has to be Tyrant, but this condition is easiest to fulfill. Any winner of the World Champions.h.i.+p or the runner up of it is talented enough to become Tyrant within ten years if the Grimm Monsters do not them.

"Without wasting any time, I, with the authority of Pyramid, give permission to all selected two hundred and twelve Arena's to start the battles of World Champions.h.i.+p formally." Marth Said.

Cheer Cheer Cheer…

A loud cheer rang out through the Arena, not only from this area but other two hundred and twelve Arena's; I could see their projection all around the Grand Arena.

"As you can see, there are three hundred rings around the Arena, the partic.i.p.ants will fight there, and they will have a total of three minutes to finish the fight, if they are not able to do it, it will be considered loose for both," Marth said as she begins to explain the rules.

I know the rules already, so I focused on small floating rings that are spreading all around the Arena.

In my home continent, doing something like that would not be possible. It is not a problem for us to produce the floating rings; the main problem is making them bear King Stage powerhouses' force.

These rings may look delicate, but they are extremely powerful, so powerful that even a full-power attack from me would not be able to make a scratch on them, and the most wonderful thing about them that these rings were made by us humans of this world, they are not trinkets bound down from the other worlds.

"Now, the rules have been said; It is time to started the battles," Marth said, bringing out another bout of huge cheer from the audience.

"Partic.i.p.ants, please entered the rings if your names are flashed on the rings," she said, and right that moment, numerous names begin to appear on the ring with their photo.


I watched the names popping over the rings when I heard the notification sound; the sound had not come from my holowatch but from that of Elena's holowatch.

"Looks like I will be fighting the first," Elena said with a smile as she got up from her chair.

"On which ring are you?" I asked as I could still not find her name on the ring, "One thirty-fifth," she said and as she walked out the box.

n.o.body said 'Good Luck.' As they know, she would not need it. Her strength has reached the extreme height, and unless she unluckily found someone of her caliber, which only come in special spots of Supremes, she would not have any challenger till she reached Top 1000, and even then, she will win most of her fights easily.