Monster Integration - Chapter 1437 - World Championship Begin I

Chapter 1437 - World Championship Begin I

Chapter 1437 - World Champions.h.i.+p Begin I

The day of the Champions.h.i.+p had arrived, from today the World Champions begin in the hundreds of cities across the continent.

I had woke up early today, done my sword practice, and now ready to head toward the Grand Arena.

I wish I could fight today like Elena and rest. Every day for the next ten days, they will have to fight tens of fights; the numbers could reach even a hundred if the number of partic.i.p.ants increases.

These ten days will not only be a test of their fighting power but also will be a test of their will and stamina; only those who were able to give their all will be selected in Top 10000 and Top 1000 later on.

For the small powers and individuals from the small organization getting into the Top 1000 is a big glory.

80% of people the spots in the Top 1000 are from the Supremes, the rest 18% are from Tyrant and Emperor Grade Organisations, only less than 2% people are from the small organization.

The difference between small and big organizations is too great. The members of big organizations not only have the best Inheritances but also get a huge amount of resources and guidance from powerful experts.

Due to the huge difference between these three things, rarely a small organization able to produce someone that matched the big organization. Even the Academy, which is one of the finest organizations in the whole continent, could not be compared to the Supremes.


I opened the door of the hall and went inside; half of the partic.i.p.ants and some professor were already have arrived, Elina, professor Jenkins, and Professor Josephine's have yet to come.

I had just thought that when the door opened and Elena walked inside. She is wearing a white battle suit with Academies Emblem, but everyone wore it. The Battle Suits wore by the others are Black; only Elena's is white.

"You look quite good," I said to her seeing her looking slightly nervous wearing it. "Really?" she asked back, to which I nodded, and the slight nervousness on her face disappeared, and only confidence has remained.

Soon Professor Jenkins and Professor Josephine had arrived and stood in front of us and looked each and every one of us in the eyes; their gazes have made quite a lot of people in the back quite nervous.

"Now that everyone is here, let's go," Professor said, and I found spatial energy covering me, and the next second I found myself in front of the Grand Arena, which is extremely huge.

"Wow, its really huge," Elena and others said as they looked at the Grand Arean.

The Grand Arena, or The Heartstone Arena as its official name, is the biggest Arean in the whole world and had been for more than a thousand years. It is not just big but also contains state of the art facilities inside it.

It is a marvel of Engineering or Human spirit; just one looked at me will make one's Blood Boil.

"Let's go inside," Professor said walked inside. The Arena's inside was, even more, grander than the outside; everything is big inside that that people feel like tiny insects inside it.

"I feel so tiny inside," said John as she looked around the humongous Lobby; above it is a mural of constellations that we around the year in a different part of the world.

It seemed like the designer wanted to give a sense of reality check to those who walked into the Lobby. No matter how powerful one became, there is always be someone bigger, and on the other hand, the purpose of the Arena itself to take one to the highest glory.

The two contradicting beliefs made the environment quite peculiar; one moment, one feels very tiny while the next moment's hearts get filled with immeasurable confidence to achieve anything.

Thousands of people are entering the Lobby every second, moving toward the different places. This Lobby isn't the only one; there are three more others connected to the other entrances of the Arean.

The Lobby is not only huge, but it is also filled with wondrous things. The artifacts and art pieces could be seen everywhere; these pieces are not only our world but also from the ruines.

Every piece is amazing and emits a powerful aura, there are many great things, but one thing topped it tall in both size and aura.

In the entre of the Lobby, there is a twenty meters long Warhammer sending out great bloodl.u.s.t. This Hammer is made of while marble, chipped on many places, but one could see the faintly s.h.i.+ning runes on it.

According to info written on the Hammer, it is from the treasury of Hawthorn Sea. Found in unknown ruin by her Excellency Ramona Hawthorn itself, it is when she found it a hammer, it was buried under a mountain of bones.

If I had heard about it from someone else, I would have definitely would have thought of it as an exaggeration but seeing the Hammer with my own eyes and sensing the bloodl.u.s.t from it; I know it is no exaggeration.

"Micheal, careful, the hammer is not simple," Elina said behind me as I walked toward the Hammer; I smiled at her before walking toward the Hammer.

She is right; the Hammer is simple as it had created ten-meter diameter bloodied around it that only Emperors could breach; there is even warning stating those below Emperor should not go near it.

I breached the boundary and found mad bloodl.u.s.t a.s.saulting me; instead, I did not resist the bloodl.u.s.t; instead, I let it wash over me as I got closer and closer.

Normal Kings would scream out loud if they entered the Blood Field; some even would lose consciousness. This Bloodlus a.s.sault the mind shows the b.l.o.o.d.y war that would make a veteran p.i.s.s in pants.

I stopped at the railing covering the Hammer and watched all the scenes that Hammer is a.s.saulting me with a smile; I stayed watching for ten minutes before walking out.

I am close if I continue progressing at such speed; it won't be long before my Killing rule makes a big advancement.