Monster Integration - Chapter 1439 - Top 10000

Chapter 1439 - Top 10000

Chapter 1439 - Top 10000

One day after another pa.s.sed, and though I know, I will not find much excitement before matches of Top 1000 begin, I was still a little disappointed by fights Ive on the rings.

In the days of battles, there are barely two two three battles that had interested me, and those interested me have ended too soon as matches lasted only for three minutes.

The battles are they are quick and fought in limited s.p.a.ce; it is a little disadvantage against those who need big s.p.a.ce to fight or need a large s.p.a.ce as such attacks take longer time to charge.

Still, some fights interest me, and I watched them some times, but most of the time, I remained with my eyes closed, working on my Inheritance zealously.

It had been more than a week since my father had handed me the complete report on my Physique and Soul, and the report is mindblowing, far more detailed than I had expected.

The report also created a small fear inside me about the scholar type Inheritances and how I should not let any scholar that I would trust completely scan my body.

The report that my father handed me is way too detailed; there is so much information that even I could not see when I scanned myself. Reading the report, I one more time let father scanned me, and the scan went deeper as I helped father with rule-bending.

I had received that report two days ago and studied it, and due to it, I prolonged my breakthrough into the Mid Level of King Stage; with the information, I want to make some changes.

Following the information that my father had provided will help me a lot, not to forget it will help me create an even more perfect base.

"Micheal opened your eyes; an interesting fight is starting in Ring 23," Elena said; hearing that, I opened my eyes a second later, and I looked at Ring No. 23, where two names are flas.h.i.+ng.

Agnes Byrd Vs. Harry Barlow

Elena is right; it is an interesting battle, both of them Supremes and till now, their performance is very good, both of them have ended their fights in a single attack, but this battle will not be quick.

Their battle was on todays 'hundred battles to watch' list and most of the battle on the list is quite good.

Soon both of them have flown to the ring, and a second later, their match started. The fight started with a bang; not a single one held back as they began to launch the attack after attack toward each other.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and their furious attacks continued; in the first minute, n.o.body gained the upper hand over the others, but as the second minute rolled, Agnes gained the upper hand increased her advantage ferociously.

"Interesting," I muttered as I saw harry going on complete defense in the third minutes, and I have to say, his defensive methods are better than his offense; the way he is defending, it does not seem like he is defending against such powerful attacks.

"He seemed to have a talent for defense," Elina commented, and I couldn't help but not at that.

Harry is really good at defending; it is not easy to defend against such powerful attacks; it also helps the type of defensive method he had, it is very mobile, helps him defend as flexibly as he wants.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and Agnes did not hold back in attacks, with each of her attacks stronger than previous. In front of those storm of attacks, harry is like a candle that could whisk away any moment.

Everyone thought it is a matter of seconds before Harry got thrown out of the ring, but he held on, held on till the bell on the rin rang out, stopping the fight.

The fight tie means both will not get points, but they do not need to; both of them have women enough matches that they could comfortably ride into the Top 10000.

As their fight finished, the audience cheered; even though there is no definite win, the audience enjoyed their fight and cheered for them loudly.

After their fights, I watched a couple of more fights before closed my eyes and went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and began working on my Inheritance and new ideas I have, especially that idea which is not giving me any result despite me trying nearly a hundred times.

Still, I am not giving up on that; there is too much depend on that idea for me to give up on it.

"Today, the first phase of the World Champions.h.i.+p is over; the Top 10000 have been chosen," Marla announced as the fights in all the rings are over.

Cheer Cheer Cheer…

Hearing her announcements, loud cheers rang out across the arena. The first phase has lasted for ten days, and hundreds of thousands of Kings have partic.i.p.ated across the continents in hundreds of cities to get into the Top 10000.

"The 2nd Phase will begin in the day after tomorrow in this Orcoz City," Marla said bringing even more cheers but these times, these cheers came from the projection of hundreds of arenas where also Top 10000 selection finished.

All those who got selected into the Top 10000, will be brought to Orcoz City through the hundreds of teleportation gates.

The Second Phase of the compet.i.tion will select Top 1000, who will fight from the top place in the third phase. I wished I had not won the Continental Champions.h.i.+p, that way, I had been fighting the battle like others from my organization who all, fortunately, entered the second phase of the Champions.h.i.+p.

I will have to wait a little more than a week before I could unsheathe my sword and fight. The wait will worth it, from the intel Ive read and matches, I watched, there will be a fierce compet.i.tion and I can't wait fight them, especially the super monsters Ive heard so much about.