Monster Integration - Chapter 1436 - Day Before Championship III

Chapter 1436 - Day Before Championship III

Chapter 1436 - Day Before Champions.h.i.+p III

"How long will it take to study everything?" I asked after. I want his complete input on the scan; it would not only help me identify my weakness but also help me in better designing my Inheritance.

"I should be finished studying everything in three to four days," father said, greatly surprising me.

Studying Physiology and Soul structure takes, I through father would need week but he is taking half of the time which is excellent news.

"How deep did I go?" Father asked suddenly; hearing his question, my expression froze for a moment before a smile appeared on it.

"Quite deep, about 70%, 10% more, and you would have been able to see the curse," I replied to father.

It is not easy to fully scan others' bodies; there is instinctive resistance one has to cross; among other things, father was able to 70% deep inside me, already quite surprising.

Scanning the body is not easy even if one has given up all the resistance as there is always inherent and instinctive resistance that one could not control, the deeper, the greater one will face it.

Others may have a problem with it, but I did not; rule-bending power is quite helpful in such cases. Rule bending power helps me change the aura of energies, and I usually change them that the host and body would not create any resistance against its own energies.

"Your body and Soul is extremely strong, strongest Ive saw in the King Stage," "Preliminary examination showed there is perfect refinement, but that is to be expected from my son, for any problem, I will have to dig deeper," Father said, to that I nodded.

"How is your preparation for the champions.h.i.+p going?" Mother asked, "They are going fine; Academy had provided intel on the top partic.i.p.ants, and I had been studying them and strategizing ever since I had returned from the ruin." I replied.

"That's Good," she said with a smile.

Her old self is back, and I am very happy to see that; I don't like my mother wallowing in her grief.

Time pa.s.sed, and few hours pa.s.sed by, and soon, it is my time to go. I wanted to stay for longer, but if I am already getting late for the evening meeting, I had with professor Jenkins.

If I am more late than I am right now, that woman would never let me hear the end of it.

"Brother, you are leaving?" she asked in her cute toddler voice, "Yes, but I will come tomorrow to play with my little sister, and I will also bring back Ashlyn," I said as I kissed her chubby cheeks.

"Promise," She asked as she held out her pinky, "Promise," I said as I let my pinky entwined with her. She nodded, but I could tell she is barely holding against the tears that are threatening to flow down her eyes.

"Mom, Dad, I will see you guys tomorrow," I said to my parents before leaving the Garden.

On the way out, I did not see anyone from the Michealson Family, which is not strange seeing very few people from supreme have come here.

For normal people, the compet.i.tion may start from tomorrow, but for Supremes, it will start two weeks later when the matches of Top 1000 starts, each Supreme have ten reserved seats in the Champions.h.i.+p.

That does not mean only ten people will partic.i.p.ate from the Supreme; there will be thousands of other Supremes and other organizations, and they will partic.i.p.ate in Orcoz City and hundreds of other cities across the continent.

People are crazy about the World Champions.h.i.+p, as it is the only chance to show off their prowess and earn fame across the world, and due to that crazy number of people partic.i.p.ate in the Champions.h.i.+p.

Due to the sheer number, it is not realistic to hold the compet.i.tion in a single city or at least preliminary Champions.h.i.+p stages.

So, the preliminary stages of the Champions.h.i.+p were held across various cities in the central continent, including that of the Orcoz city. Only when the Top 10000 chosen do the Champions.h.i.+p concentrate on the Orcoz city.

It took me a little more than ten minutes to reach back to the mansion, and I was a little late for a meeting. When I reached a conference room, I saw professor Jenkins and Elina discussing the strategy.

Professor Jenkins did not say anything, but she let me know she is not happy with my behavior; not only Professor Jenkins but Elena also quite angry with me, seeing the way she stared at me when I arrived for the meeting.

She is likely blaming me for arriving late and leaving nearly an hour alone with professor Jenkins.

The strategy lasted for hours; by the time we left the conference room, it was past eleven.

"Come, I will cook something for you," I said, wanting to make up for an hour she had to spent alone with professor Jenkins. "You better make something delicious then," she said, to that I had just smiled.

Soon, we reached suit, and I directly walked into the kitchen and begun to take out the ingredients.

"How far you have reached in the Tome?" Elena asked as I begin cooking, "I had reached mastered three hundred recipes and now stuck on the test," I replied.

"Three hundred! Man, I had thought, there would not be much difference in the process, but you are a hundred recipes ahead of me." She said with a jealous expression on my face.

"Fighting is not the only thing; I had done in ruin," I had said but still quite surprised I am this ahead of Elena.

I may have the Tome with me, but she had the Teacher who had already mastered over four hundred recipes with her guidance, her process would be great.

The reason I was able to master more recipes because of time; I had unlimited time in Tome. Every minute is an hour, which is a huge time dilution that even her amazing Bloodline s.p.a.ce could not be compared.

It took me nearly an hour to cook the dinner after I am done, and the golem set the table for the three of us, and we ate till our bodies begin to boil with the energy.