Monster Integration - Chapter 1432 - Drogi Challenge II

Chapter 1432 - Drogi Challenge II

Chapter 1432 - Drogi Challenge II

"Let's start then," Myron said, and I nodded. The humanoids that were projecting the above disc disappeared, and before appeared inside the disk, and this time, they are real; they looked like real humans.

Both of our humanoids appeared on the opposite side of the disk, with his being blue and mine green, and all of them are wearing different sort of clothes according to their profession.

As his humanoids appeared, they begin to move, and soon they formed twenty groups of five. Ten groups have Warrior, Knight, Healer,, and Bard, while the other ten groups have Warrior, Knight, Healer,, and Archer.

Four professionals of each group are the same; only ten groups have Archer while ten have Bard.

The twenty groups begin to move toward me, and if not wrong, they are moving spread net formation. Each group may see distanced from each other, but they are not.

It only takes a matter of few minutes for these twenty groups to gather, capture the enemy into their net; once one got captured, it will be very difficult to survive.

I watch his movements before I begin to move my humonoinds, and when I did, I shocked the h.e.l.l out of all those watching, including Mira and Myron. The light smirk that was on Myron's face also vanished.

My humanoids moved, and they moved with grace on the humanoids; all the hundred humans begin to climb down from the tallest cliff without falling before moving into the forest with the grace of the leopard.

The difficulty of this game depends up controlling points that increased with the grade of difficulty. Consider these humanoids as puppets, and control points are the strings.

Grade 1 difficulty has only twelve controlling points; Grade 2 had twenty-four controlling points; Grade 3 had thirty-six, and so on.

With each grade, controlling points increase by twelve. Though the increase in controlling increases the difficulty of controlling them. If one manages to it, then one would able to control this humanoid more finely.

In Grade 7, each humanoid had eight four control points, and I am controlling a hundred humanoids together.

When Mira mentioned how difficult it is to control them after Grade 5, I had been expecting something very challenging but seeing eight humanoids had only eighty-four controlling points; I wanted to laugh.

When the teacher started to train me with healing arts, she had made me control a single humanoid doll that had twelve hundred control points.

It was extremely hard, and even then, with my energy control that time, which was amazing for my age, I needed three months before I could control that doll perfectly.

That was just a start, as in the next three months, I had to learn two more dolls. Teacher wanted to have fine control over three dolls in three months, it was very hard, and I had worked my a.s.s off to do that.

More than a year ago, I was good enough to control these Grade 7 Hundred humanoids. In the year, many things happened, like me finding the tome and practicing the recipes, me practicing with my vines, which is much harder than it looks.

To control each vine, I had put three times more efforts than I need to control the single humanoid.

All my humanoids have climbed down the mountain, and now they are moving through the forest with the grace of the leopard.

Seeing my humoinds coming toward him with such grace and power, Myron had immediately changed his strategy. He begins to merge the groups; soon, twenty groups became ten, with each group having ten members.

Instantly, his humanoids became powerful as now, he all professional he had chosen in each group. Each group now has two Warriors, Two Knights, Two Healers, Two a.s.sasins, One Archer, and One Bard.

It is great groups with healers, a balanced fighter like Warriors, power fighters like Knights, agility and stealth fighters like, long-range archers, and power buffer like a Bard.

Such groups are very hard to deal with, especially when someone like me who had only chosen the warriors can still not fear him.

He may have made the best group to contend against me, but that does not mean he will be able to. I am controlling the humanoids to a far better degree than him and thus will be able to control them to a far greater degree.

Seeing him forming the groups, I also begin to form the groups; mine are smaller compared to his's. Ive made twenty-five groups of four warriors, and these groups are rapidly closing toward the ten groups of Myron.

Second, I pa.s.sed by as my warriors, cross through the rivers and lakes, and climbed the small mountains. Unlike me, who is pus.h.i.+ng all my Warriors toward his group, Myron's groups have already found the spots and placed themselves strategically.

He will use the defense offense strategy and try to kill my warriors through the usage of the terrain and strategy. Which is great; I want to see how long he will last against me.

I am not overconfident or anything, but any expert seeing the movements between our humanoids will see the difference between us.

His humanoids looked like extremely well-controlled puppets, and mine looked like humoinds will human soul. Their movements were extremely similar to that of the humans, so smooth that one would guess whether someone had outfitted them with the soul.

Another minute pa.s.sed, and soon all my humanoids have reached near his groups. His groups are all over the circle; some are the hills, some on the mountain, some on small islands on the lake.

They are in the perfect place in which they could defend, and I want to see how long he will be able to defend. I had already decided to crush, crush him without holding anything back.

Only this way, I will be able to impress Mira's brother and also take small revenge for him playing his tricks on me.