Monster Integration - Chapter 1431 - Drogi Challenge

Chapter 1431 - Drogi Challenge

Chapter 1431 - Drogi Challenge

"You have taken out Drogi!" Mira said, glaring at him slightly. Drogi? I looked at her confusingly, but she did not answer; instead, she took my hand and walked ahead, easily pa.s.sing through the crowd.

Soon, I saw the thing that all the crowd is looking at so excitedly and couldn't help but surprise.

In the center of the hall, there is about a ten-meter diameter long bowl-shaped device. Inside that bowl is a small environment filled with rivers, lakes, and mountains, and amidst it, two groups of Green and Blue humanoids are fighting.

These humanoids are extremely vivid that if not for their strange color and unnatural movements, they are making, I would have thought they are real humans.

The two people are seemed to be controlling the little people inside. A man and women, both of them are Emperor Stage powerhouses, releasing powerful aura around them as they control the humanoids inside with their psych.

"Is this a game of some sort?" I asked, "Yes," " But it is not a normal game; it require an extremely high level of Energy Control to control the humanoids inside; usually, only Emperors have the energy required to play this game," She said while looking at little humanoids inside which are fighting and intense fight, in various places.

As I looked at the little game, I saw that control is the first hurdle of this game. To win it, one needs to have a strategy and able to project their fighting techniques on the humanoids to fight.

The power of all the humanoids is the same, so it all comes down to control skill and strategy; the one with all three things better will win this game, and currently, it is women that seemed to be winning.

I don't know at what number they had started, but currently, women have twenty-nine humanoids left while the man has only twenty, and he had spread them all over a disk.

Currently, he had spread them all over the disk and making them run away while the humanoids of the women are chasing them. Hunting them with her force of Archers and Warriors.

"Where do you guys got this game? It is amazing," I said to Mira. "My parents found it in Ruin a few decades ago, and Micheal, this game is not easy to play as it seemed, especially at a greater difficulty," Mira said.

I could tell it is not easy to play; the movements those humanoids are making is too unnatural, or might I say too human. One needs to have a terrifying energy control to make them move like that, especially in such quant.i.ty.

Minutes pa.s.sed by, and the women kept crus.h.i.+ng the man as she destroyed his one humanoid after another, till she no green humoind had remained standing.

She had destroyed him completely but to win; she also pains a high price as only eleven of her humanoids have remained. Here is said to be a great win, but if it had been a real battle, the casualties would too much to be called a joyous win.

"Hilde Hilde Hilde…"

People begin to cheer for women who just women, "Both of them were quite good; it is not easy to move humanoids like that in Grade 5 difficulty," Mira said; I could only nod since what Grade 5 difficulty entails.

"Micheal, do you want to go for a round of Drogi?" suddenly Myron asked, making me the center of attention in an instant.

"Myron, you," Mira said to her brother, but he just glanced at her before looked at me for an answer. "Sure," I said, I am curious about this game. Mira rarely got this serious about anything, and she is serious about it.

"Come then," He said and stood in front of the disk; I did the same. Mira had explained how this game worked; I do not have any problem connecting my psych with it.

"Which difficulty do you want to choose?" Myron asked, "At which difficulty you usually play?" I asked back, hearing that a look of surprise appeared on his face and face on some members of the audience.

"Grade 7." He said after a moment of silence, "Grade 7 it is then," I said with a smile. I am not overconfident here, but there is one thing I am most proud of working for the longest time aside from my Inheritance then it would be my energy control.

Not to forget, every cooking recipe in the tome is an energy control lesson by a very powerful being. I might not be able to beat Myron in this game, but I am sure as h.e.l.l my performance won't be embarra.s.sing.

"We will be fighting with hundred troops, and since it is your first time playing this game, I will choose first," Myron said and began choosing the characters.

Those who choose the second have the advantage, so I can see what my opponent had chosen and chose humanoids that counter his.

Within a minute, he finished choosing a hundred humanoids. He chose twenty warriours, twenty knights, twenty healers, twenty, ten bards, and ten archers.

He chose quite a combination, and if my experience with role-playing games is correct, I could already guess his strategy.

I thought for a while before I chose the humanoids; it took me less than five seconds, and I surprised all those who were watching, including Mira.

"Are you sure about your choice?" Myron asked as he saw a hundred green light armored warriors holding the swords.

Unlike his combination of various professions, I only chose the warriors with sword weapons.

There is the reason; I do not go for a combination of various professions even if it is a better choice.

It is my first time, and sophistry will not help me as I do not have practice playing this game. I should go for swiftness and finish the fight as soon as possible.

"I am sure of my choice," I said with a confident smile.