Monster Integration - Chapter 1433 - Crushing

Chapter 1433 - Crushing

Chapter 1433 - Crus.h.i.+ng

'Its Time!'

I said, and suddenly, the speed of my warriors I am controlling increased by five times. It like they have been hiding their power and only used their real power right now.

The sudden speed of the humanoids seemed to shock everyone, including Myron. They thought I am already at my limit when I was moving the humanoid speedily, but no, I could move them even at a faster speed with even greater grace.

Two to three groups of mine attacked each of its big group; I did not choose the specific individual in each party, but if there is a choice between two, I will kill Healer and Bard first.

Clang Clang Pachac Pachack Pachac…

My humanoids moved, and they are moved with such lethality and grace that shocked everyone who is watching.

My warriors cutting anything that came in front of them into two, even heavily armored Knights are getting sliced from the gaps of their armor, the healers and bards are not single chances to s.h.i.+ne up.

I am not controlling them; I am projecting my fighting style on these humanoids, they are fighting exactly the way I fight. If I had been just controlling them like humanoid dolls, I would not have been able to kill them this fast.

My warriors moving at an extremely fast speed, cutting one blue humanoid after another; it did not matter to what profession the humanoids they are killing belong two; even Knights are getting sliced into two by extremely fast blade attack.

The Humanoids of Myron are not giving me the slightest challenge; they are too slow for me. Even who are the fastest and most agile cannot defend against a single move of mine.

His force would have been able to last longer if he had chosen all of the and made them run away at the greatest speed, but regretfully, he did not.

The battle had ended before it even finished; I had crushed him completely within thirty seconds without losing a single humanoid at all; the biggest injury my humanoid received that of an arrow on the shoulder.

The silence descended into the hall; for a few seconds, n.o.body spoke. Everyone looked at the bowl with a shock.

"I don't think, Ive ever lost this badly in a drogi?" Myron said with a sad laugh as he looked up, "You have utterly crushed me." He said, to that, I gave him a small smile. I have crushed the guy thoroughly; it would not be wise for me to act too humble.

"I am healer; we are good with energy control, its in our training to control the humanoids," I explained, seeing the guys face becoming sadder by the second; I want to too big trauma on him, it would not be good for my relations.h.i.+p with his sister.

"Healer, right, I forgot you are a healer, a capable one at that," Myron praised, which I accepted gracefully with a smile.

"Now that you had your fun, Myron, give me some alone time with my boyfriend," Mira said, and before I could say anything, she dragged me out of the hall, under the eyes of Myron, who begin to look at me with pity for some strange reason.

We walked through the hallways of the Mansion before walking out it into the beautiful garden.

"I did not know you had such fine energy control," Mira said finally, "Healer, remember," I said with a smile.

"Snort, I had played Drogi with best King Stage and Emperor Stage Healers of my Organisation, and they do not have half of the energy control that you have," she said and looked at me, demanding to know the real answer.

"They do not have Marina Charleston as their teacher," I replied with a smile, hearing that slight surprise appeared on her lips.

"Your teacher, I thought your would; it is your mother that trained you in energy control," She said. Hearing that, a smile on my face couldn't help but freeze for a moment.

"Mother had never taught me anything related to practice," I said with a sad laugh; it came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it, seeing the expressions on my face.

"Still, it is quite hard to believe you have gained such energy control from healing practice," she said after some time.

"I had always focused on improving energy control, even when I am Knight, I had great energy control that helped me create superb ability Armor, and under teacher's tutelage, my energy control sharpens even further," I said.

I wanted to stay silent but seeing the earnest expression on her face, I decided to answer her as what I am going to tell is not much of secrete, some things she already knows by studying the intel about me.

"My brother and I had been playing drogi for years; at first, he used to have the upper hand due to him having more than a year advantage of practice, but as years pa.s.sed, I begin to improve faster, and in the last two half years, I had won most of the games we have played." She said, giving a piece of important information about her.

From her word its is each to conclude that her energy control is with is at either at Grade 7 or Grade 8, likely grade 8.

"The way you crushed my brother, I am sure you would have no problem in playing in Grade 10, right?" she had asked me in her sweetest smile.

I could not understand why her brother was looking at me with pity; she is simply the devil. She is slowly making me make let my guard down with her sweet smile and soft words.

"Baby, it had gotten quite late; if I did not return soon, professor Jenkins would not let me hear the end of it," I said, directly deflating her question.

She continued to look at me with a sweet smile, wanting to melt my resolve, which I am trying very hard to maintain.

"Ok, but do call me when you reached back to your place," she said after seconds of silence as she moved her lips to kiss me goodbye.