Monster Integration - Chapter 1425 - Orcoz City I

Chapter 1425 - Orcoz City I

Chapter 1425 - Orcoz City I

It had already been eight days since I had returned from 'I' Ruin. In these eight days, nearly all time went into attending one meeting after another about the battle strategy and comprehensively studying the opponents I will face during the compet.i.tions.

There was one meeting that was different than other meetings I had in the past eight days. The Council Meeting had taken most of the day; in it, I had to sign multiple doc.u.ments and take a series of oaths, and when I return from the meeting, there was a lot more weight on my heart than before.

After checking my storage for everything, which is now in a lot better condition than I had returned from the Ruin, I walked out of my lakehouse.

As I flew out of the lakehouse, I suddenly stopped and looked at the lakehouse that had been my abode in the Academy. Today was the last I had spent in it; when I returned from Orcoz City, I will stay in a completely new residence.

I do not want to change my house, I like it very much, but I have no choice. I am King Stage powerhouse, and it shows suit King stage powerful to live in such resistance, among other things.

I stared at for a minute before I flew toward the Rodgers Hall, where all the partic.i.p.ants that are going to partic.i.p.ate in the World Champions.h.i.+p have been gathered.


I laded on a small beautiful lone white building by the hill and walked inside into the hall, the small building has one room, and that is this hall where we have given the order to gather.

As I entered the hall, I come across nineteen young men and women who are standing in a neat line. The twenty people, including me, are the ones that are chosen from the Academy to partic.i.p.ate in the world champions.h.i.+p.

The twenty of us have chosen after extensive testing; even I have to fight for my place to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. I had fought eighteen of them together and defeated them quite easily.

I don't want to brag or anything, but these people were not much of a challenge. They could not put up even the tenth of the challenge that Elena did even having after such numbers.

Well, I couldn't blame them, they are very powerful, but when one compared to Elina's standard, they are nothing; she alone could kill hundreds of them in a minute without breaking a sweat.

"You have finally come; I thought you would arrive after mother and council members arrive," Elina said as I took my leading place slightly in front of her.

Hearing her, I couldn't help but shudder. Those monsters at Council are really the worst, especially that woman Marla. After that meeting, I am very sure; I had developed unhealthy fear toward that woman.

"I am late; there are still fifteen minutes before teacher, and council members came," I said to her; I was mindful of the time and left my house right on time.

Time pa.s.sed by, and after ten minutes, professors begin to come in. all, these professors are Tyrant stage.

Unlike many organizations, the Academy's send-off is low-key; it is a tradition that we have been following for thousands of years.

Soon, fifteen minutes pa.s.sed, and nine people have appeared; the teacher and eight council members were wearing formal white councilmen robes, and the teacher was wearing a beautiful formal red gown.

I looked at the teacher before looking at the Professor, whom I should really stop calling her that as she had become a member of the Council four months ago, I was quite surprised when I come to know about it in the Council meeting.

We have had little more than a hundred tyrants, including or hidden tyrants, but only eight were able to become Council Members.

The conditions to became a council member is really hard; even some retired Headmasters/Headmistress couldn't become one even after advantage compared to other members.

I knew the Professor is powerful but not this powerful; all these council members may look like they are in their fifties and sixties, but they are above hundred years old, two are even above two hundred years old.

They have fought hundreds of wars and have huge battle experience; they could kill normal Tyrant like a defenseless chicken.

So, it was quite a surprise to see the Professor joining their ranks when she is not even thirty-five years old.

"I couldn't help but feel immensely proud seeing you all standing here in front of me, wearing the mark of Academy." Teacher said as she looked at all of us.

"The hard work you have put in is commendable, that whether you win or lose, get a better rank or not, the whole Academy and I will always be proud of you." She said, and applause broke among us.

Teacher words have been short, and it was not much of blood boiling speech that one might expect, but it was still able to reach the heart of every one of us.

"You will all go the Orcoz City in the lead of Councilwomen Charleston and Professors here, and while you were in Orcoz City, I expect you all to remain in your best behavior; I don't want you to do something that will tarnish the reputation Academy." Teacher said with a smile, but this time there was a faint trace of the threat present in her voice.

She looked at all of us in the eyes before she turned to the Professor, "Councilwomen Charleston, please." Teacher said as she motioned toward the Professor to take center stage.

"Thank You, Headmistress," Professor said as she took center stage.

I know them enough to know by now to notice how these sisters felt while addressing each other so formally. They never address each other in such a way; Professor sometimes even teased, calling her 'Headmistress' when she wants to irk the teacher.