Monster Integration - Chapter 1426 - Orcoz City II

Chapter 1426 - Orcoz City II

Chapter 1426 - Orcoz City II

"Stand still on your place and don't move if you don't want to cut by the s.p.a.ce waves," "I will initiate Ma.s.s Teleportation in three seconds," Professor said as the look of concentration appeared on her face.

Second, later, I found myself covered in soft but steely energy; the spatial energy has covered nearly all the people from the hall.

I was just observing the spatial energy that Professor had released when I found the scenery around myself disappearing, and the next second, I found myself standing on the white platform with others.

Professor has teleported all twenty-five of us, including five tyrants outside of the Orcoz City; in a mere few seconds, the average Tyrant could not perform this feat.

We have teleported outside of Orcoz City like anyone who wants to enter the city. Even Supremes have to teleport out before entering inside through one of its Gates.

In front of me is a huge coppery-colored energy dome, covering a large swath of area, letting out powerful fluctuations that warned everyone to stay the h.e.l.l away from it.

Orcoz City is the most well-protected city in the whole world; it houses so many Tyrants that it will put even Supremes to shames. Well, it is the center of the human world, a place to make a last stand if everyone fell.

"Let's Go," Professor said, bringing us toward the entrance; we are not the only group that is moving toward the entrance; there is a couple of more groups from the Tyrant Grade organizations also walking toward the gate.

They made small talk with Professor and looked at us, especially me. Nearly every group looked at me and eyed me with the gaze that wanted to gobble me up; news seemed to travel fast.

They would have known about my returning from the Ruin since we did not exactly hide it, and the effects of the 'I' Ruin are not exactly secrete; they could predict some of the advancements Ive made in the Ruin.

Soon our group reached the gate, where there were a couple of dangerous-looking bronze statues standing by the gate.


The statues said in unison before scanning light released from their eyes, which scanned the bronze badges that were present on everyone's chest.

These badges are aligned with our DNA and energy signature. If these bronze robots noticed the slightest inconsistency with badges, they would detain without hesitation.

These bronze robots are dangerous than they looked; they held power to detain powerful Tyrant like Professor.

One might consider this very tight security if one did not know the world's history enough. The Grimm Monsters have a habit of vaporizing important human cities, and till now, they have vaporized over thousand cities.

Due to constant efforts and thousands of years of research, we have developed some tools that detect and suppress those bombs before they could vaporize whole cities.

In a testament to that, in the past five hundred years, Grimm Monsters were only able to vaporize only one important human cities.

Still, we are truly never safe from them; the spies of Grimm Monsters are everywhere, and now and then, they strike where it hurt us the most.

The World Championsh.i.p.s had always been a prime target of theirs, here are 80% of future powerhouses will arrive, and if they are somehow able to take them all out, they will inflict grievous injuries to the human race.

It is why the security of the Orcoz City is extremely tight that even Supremes have to go through the same level of verification as any other person that wants to enter the city.

"You May Pa.s.s!"

The Bronze Golem said, and I pa.s.sed through the bronze screen that is separating me from the city.


A gasp came out of my and others mouth as my gaze fell on the city; I had expected it to be majestic but not this majestic, especially the structure in the center of the city, the beacon that had been helping the human race survive against the Grimm Monsters for more than ten thousand years.


I said as I saw the huge bronze Pyramid center of the city; from its tip, dense bronze energy is releasing, forming the Bronze Dome that encased the whole city.

That Pyramid in the center of the city is not a structure but the most powerful Artifact that we humans have. It is due to this Artifact; we were able to survive the extermination by the Grimm Monsters when we got driven out of the Central Continent.

"Its Majestic, isn't it?" Professor asked; everyone couldn't help but nod. It is really majectic, comparing to the structures of powerful worlds that we see in the Ruin.

"It is even more Majestic when you see it from inside," Professor said with a smile. "Can we go inside it, aunty?" Elena asked, forgetting to refer Professor by her official designation.

"No, only high level of members of Pyramid or Tyrant could enter it, but if any of gain a place in Top 10 in a World Champions.h.i.+p, then you will get an official tour of it and believe me, it is worth it," Professor answered right after glaring at Elena for her misbehavior.

We walked into the huge plaza for few minutes before getting into the multiple cars that were already waiting for us.

Only high-level members of Pyramid, Organisation, and Tyrants could fly in the city. Unlike my fellow members of the Academy, I could also fly; there are two reasons for that.

1st is I am the winner of the Continental Champions.h.i.+p; it offers many privileges other than direct entry into the Top 1000. One of the privileges is flying over the city, which I will do.

"It is a beautiful city," Elens said, and I couldn't help but nod to that. The other architecture of the city may be dwarfed by the Pyramid, but when looking at these streets and building individually, one couldn't help but noticed how exquisite they are.