Monster Integration - Chapter 1424 - Eight Days

Chapter 1424 - Eight Days

Chapter 1424 - Eight Days

Chapter 1424

Hawthorns Sea.

"Micheal Zaar, we will be adding him to the list of top challenges list, making a total of nine people you should give all to defeat," Said said middle-aged, pointing toward a projection young man in late teens.

"Micheal Zaar, isn't he dead, being stuck in ruin and getting dead & all." Said the young women. If Micheal had been here, he would have easily recognized the girl, as she is one of the people from Hawthorns Sea that entered 'I' Ruin.

"Well, he had returned," Middle-aged replied, making the room fall in silence. All the people sitting here are cream and crop of the Hawthorn Sea, the best of best. Half of them have read the records, and the other half is currently reading them.

"These records are a little exaggerated, right?" said one young man, immediately drawing out a sharp gaze from the middle-aged man.

"The records left behind by the founder herself, and let me a.s.sure you, young man, there is no exaggeration about it." He said.

The Hawthorn Sea is most liberal in its working as it is the newest supreme, but there are some things they would not tolerate, and one of them is questioning their founder.

"If we consider this Micheal having returned with enormous physical and soul strength as the Her Excellency, then it will be difficult for any of us to defeat him; only Jillian in our whole organization will able to defeat him," A young woman said, bringing out the that everyone is having.

"Not quite," The middle-aged man shaking his head, "He may have grown powerful in that Ghoul Ruin, but you guys did not much pale in front of him." "With the resources and training we have provided, your physical and soul strength is not much behind him,"

"Not to forget the changes that your Inheritances and Bloodlines have gone through if you do not underestimate him and give your all from the beginning, half of you will be able to defeat him." Middle-aged man said.

All of them couldn't help but nod, seeing it. They know what their instructor said were not just sugary words of encouragement; they are the truth.

They belong to the Supreme, a most powerful one at that. They have more than ten resource sites that are better than 'I' Ruin and a curriculum that the only supreme has resources to finance, not to forget unlimited resources their organization has a pour into them for this Champions.h.i.+p.

Normal Champions.h.i.+p was not worth such resources, but this is the ten-thousandth year of the Champions.h.i.+p, and supremes want no stones to be upturned. If other supremes are preparing as intel is suggesting, then the World Champions.h.i.+p of this time will be remembered for years.

"Now that we have let out basic stuff, let's go over the weakness of Micheal Zaar that our experts and AI have identified," the middle-aged and change the projections.

Similar strategy meetings are happening in nearly all organizations, from low to high. Everyone is doing their best to prepare for the World Champions.h.i.+p; even a rise in a single rank could make a difference for the organizations and help them get the better seeds.

"Just work, work, work, work…"

I kept saying as I looked at the extremely complicated formation in front of me, this formation is far more complex than any formations of any of my move. If it had been successfully created, then it would become a Magnum Opus of mine, a thing that will help me gain a powerful body at every level.

Crack Crack Crack…Bang!

For few seconds, I thought the formation would really work, but it looked like it didn't see more than half of the formation couplets collapsed seconds after activation of the formations.

I had been working on this formation for more than a month and did not expect it to work due to the sheer complexity of what I am trying to do here, but I had expected it to work for at least a second, to give me some spark before breaking down.

I got nothing from it except for it breaking down faster than my previous attempt three days ago.

Looks like creating this formation is going to be far trickier than I had expected. Well, I did expect when I had a grand idea of replicating a Cosmic Energy with a slight special power feeling.

I am trying to create the effect of the 'I' Ruin in my Inheritance; some might call the idiot voicing it out, but there is a small possibility that I will be able to do it as I have a secrete weapon, The Rule Bending Power.

Even with Rule Bending, it is an extremely hard, even near-impossible feat to achieve, but I will have to do it because once I successfully created it, I will be able to strengthen my body to the limit, and that will help me explore more possibilities with my Inheritance.

Many things I could do with my Inheritance directly depend upon the strength of my body and soul, and I want them to strengthen at their limit with exploring all the ideas that exist in my mind.

I looked at broken formation for a while before I move my fingers up and swirl them down backward; as I did, that formation begin to move began to move back in times.

With me reaching the King Stage, I got a couple of new tools from the Creation Heart Inheritance, and rewind is one of those amazing tools.

I stopped the rewind when I reached the beginning stage of activation of formation and slowed the motion in three thousand frames per second.

I want to look at each and every formation, to see which had collapsed first and what made them collapse, with all the data collected during the process with help me optimize the formation

I continued working in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce for a few hours before coming out; I can't spend too much time in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, especially today, as we leave for Orcaz City today.