Monster Integration - Chapter 1423 - Calling

Chapter 1423 - Calling

Chapter 1423 - Calling

"It looks like something important is going to happen tomorrow?" Elena teased; I gave her a look before turning to think about it.

A summons to the council meeting is an important thing, most of the Academies business handled by the Headmistress; there are really few things that the council handled, and all those things are very important.

I still remember the only council meeting I had attended where I being questioned by a bunch of old guys; that meeting had to sweat me all over my body, and the strange thing was that meeting about the merit Ive done to the Academy, specifically about the new Inheritance that I had provided the Academy.

I have a faint inkling of what the meeting would be about, which couldn't help but stress me further.

"Micheal, you should go rest; you must not have had a safe sleep in these past six months," the Teacher said as she comes toward me.

She did not mention anything about Council business; I don't think she has been invited. There is nothing unusual about, in most council meetings, the Headmistress is not invited. "Ok," I said and walked out of the arena.

The early morning light bathed on me as I walked out arena; it was a late-night when I had returned from the ruin.

On the way to the Lakehouse, I glance through the mails; many of them have made me emotional that tears couldn't help but well up in my eyes.


I landed on the porch of Lakehouse and went in; my house is the same as I left it six months ago; not the slightest change could be seen in it.

I sat on the couch and called my parents; it is time I should give them the news of my return. Teacher had said she had kept the opening of Ruin Gate super secrete, so they should not get the news about me returning.

Tring Tring Tr "Micheal, you have returned," Mother said, shocking the h.e.l.l out of me. I thought she would be in shock or surprise hearing my voice, but I found none of that emotion in her voice, all I found was surety.

It is like I had gone on a week-long holiday and returned at the exact hour I had told her I would return, and there is no surprise to my return.

"You did not sound surprised, mom," I said, "Why would I?" she asked back; I wanted to say something like, 'The ruin is so dangerous that even in thousands of years, n.o.body was able to return from the ruin,' but seeing her expressions, those words got stuck in my mouth.

"Micheal, thank got you have returned; we have been worried sick about you," "Though your mother said you would be fine, I could not stop worrying about you," My father said as he appeared beside my mother.

"I am fine, father, as mom had said, nothing had happened to me," I said, seeing how worried my father looked.

"Snort! She may not sound like it, but your mother was the one that is most worried about you," father said, for which he got an eyeful from my mother.

"You should come to visit as soon as possible; rose had been missing you a lot," Father said; I couldn't help but sigh when I saw him mentioning my sister, I had missed her a lot in the past six months.

Even if I did not go to visit my family, I would always call them once or twice a week at least; not talking to her for the half-year had left a huge hole in my heart.

She must have been sleeping right now; otherwise, she would have come running hearing my voice.

"You are coming to Orcoz City, right?" mother asked suddenly, "Yes, we will leave for it in a week," I replied.

Orcoz City is a place where the World Champions.h.i.+p being held for the past two and half thousand years, and I will leave for it, or I might say, we will teleport there with the Academies entourage in a week.

"We will meet you there then; it will be quite a reunion with a lot of familiar faces," Mom said, hearing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

Yes, it will be quite a reunion; I will see the faces that I haven't seen in the years, some of these people I used to think were dead.

I talked with my parents for an hour more before hanging up with a promise to call a few hours later when rose wakes up.

After hanging up the call with my parents, I called Mira as I missed her very much this past half-year, but her call directly went recorded message saying she is busy in training and I should call her a few hours later.

Feeling disappointed, I had called a few of my friends, but I got the same answer from them as I got from Mira.

'Looks like all of them are rigorously training for the World Champions.h.i.+p,' I thought as I closed my holowatch.

I looked around my house before walking into the shower; after I finished with my shower, I went kitchen and begin to cook myself something delicious and nutritious.

I am feeling very hungry right now; it is the price of getting such a strong body. With greater physical strength, I get hungry a lot, and if I had to eat like regular people at a regular time, then I had to cook something very nutritious.

On the question of getting hungry, I have to stockpile the food again. All the food I have is gone, except two of Emperor Grade monsters and few jars of spices and herbs, nothing many eatables had left in my storage.

My storage had never been this low in the pantry, and I will be going to fill it right after I woke, but before I do that, I should finish off the delicious meal I had cooked soon, as the way Ashlyn is eating, there would be nothing left for me if I kept dillydallying for few minutes.