Monster Integration - Chapter 1409 - Rose Vines VS Thorn Death

Chapter 1409 - Rose Vines VS Thorn Death

Chapter 1409 - Rose Vines VS Thorn Death

After finis.h.i.+ng dinner, I did not go out immediately but walked to the couch and sat comfortably for it.

'It is time for my energy manipulation practice,' I said as I took out the tome. I had pa.s.sed the second big test, and learning the recipes above the 200th, and they are notoriously challenging.

The skills required to learn them is immense; I have to keep constantly practicing to improve my skills. The skills Ive learned here are very helpful to me during my battle.

It may not look like it, but my Armor requires a high degree of energy manipulation, and in the King Stage, these requirements had shot through the roof, especially when I used the moves from the move set.

I practice in the tome for two hours before getting into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce. I am in no hurry to design a new upgrade, whether it is smaller and bigger; I wanted to fight the opponent outside before I started on that.

I am not working on an upgrade does not mean there is no work; there are tons to do. I have tested and improved many things Ive conceptualized and also work on the few formations, see whether I could make them even better.

I spent two more hour hours there before I went to the kitchen again and ate my next fill before finally going out of the abode.

I spent eight hours outside, fought five Green Kings, and killed fifty-something Silver Ghouls before coming back and repeating what I had done yesterday.

Currently, I am standing on the boulder, feeling the change in Cosmic Energy that had occurred a little more than an hour ago. The density and power of Cosmic Energy had increased, and now it is finally time for me to fight these Ghouls unrestrainedly.

If I can kill the Green Kings in the battle, then I will have a 30% chance of getting out here alive. The Strength of the Green Kings has just doubled, and it is the perfect time to test my strength against them.

Chew Chew!

Ashlyn came back chirping, telling me the direction of the Green King that I had asked her to find.

"Good Girl!" I said to her and gently flew up from the boulder before shooting into the sky like a rocked and few minutes, I could see the Green King that Ashlyn had given me direction for.

It also noticed me, with the noise I am making, a couple of silver Elites have also noticed me, but they were too slow to catch up with me.

"Well, I am quite lucky to have human shown in my territory." The Ghoul said as I stood a hundred meters in front of it.

The Green King is a woman who looked to be around my age and wearing a robe with thorn design and has a two-meter long saber in hand, which looked especially sharp.

"I am lucky you felt that," I replied, to which she smiled, and the next moment, a terrifying amount of aura burst out of her, and I found her next to with her Saber half away with having to cut me into half.

My lips curved into the small smile, and my sword moved to intend to counter its Saber.


Our weapons clashed, it tried to invade the attack, but I had moved my sword accordingly and stopped it from cutting me into two pieces.

As our weapons clashed, it had produced a huge amount of energy, the shockwave has released, but it got absorbed before it spread even meters. A huge amount of energy has also entered inside me, but it immediately got swallowed by my runes and converted into raw energy.

"Slaying Thorns!"

It attacked again, and this time, it was not just a saber that attacked but also hundreds of Green Thons, which looked murderously dangerous.

"Rose Blades!"

As it launched the dangerous thorn attack, I also released the Roses Blades at a moment's notice. The rose blades did not come out of me; they just materialized behind me, like the thorn around it before shooting toward the Green King.

Clang Clang Clang…

Thorns and blades begin to clash against each other, turning each other into dust with each clash. It is not just they are clas.h.i.+ng; my sword and its Saber are also clas.h.i.+ng as well.

This Green King seemed to have no dilly-dallying mood; it begins to take out bigs right from the first move. I like such oppoenent especially when I had set up a target of fighting the maximum number of Green Kings in the month.

I want their cores and also want their experience, and I will only get them fighting the Green Kings.

The clash of the blades ate thorns are over with no weapons gaining the upper hand. Not one of us is surprised; this Ghoul seemed to have an idea about me, and this sudden attack is just testing salvo.

We were bathing in the dust of our previous attack when its aura increased again explosively, becoming four times powerful than before, seeing that I couldn't help but be surprised.

There had been less than ten seconds our fight had started, and it had also increased its power once at the start of the fight, and it had increased it against, this time it is a very dangerous level, that wiped the smile on my face and made my expressions serious.

"Thorn Death!"

If I had been surprised by its power outburst, then the attack it had launched downright shocked me, as the attack it had launched a lot like my roses vines, h.e.l.l it had matched it by 70%.

Thirty-two ghostly Green Vines came out of it; these vines are thick as the thigh of a bodybuilder and have big and sharp green thorn at the end; just looking at pointiness of that made one feel like one is getting pierced by it.

I had not throught there would be a move similar to that of my Roses Vines, and now I am happy there is as I could finally test my 'Rose Vines' against a similar move.