Monster Integration - Chapter 1408 - Green Source II

Chapter 1408 - Green Source II

Chapter 1408 - Green Source II

"Looks like I will have to try harder next time," I said after the last bit of the energy have disappeared.

I have finished about 90% of the circulation, but before I could finish it, all the energy have been merged into my body. It didn't felt good that after putting in all these efforts, I had not succeeded.

The sadness lasted for a second for brightness downed on my mood, but second, later expression on my face contorted that of vomiting as there has been a lot of filth came out of me and it smells very badly.


I summoned my fire and burned down all the impurities to dust before getting up; though I had gotten rid of most impurities by burning them, there is still a heavy vomiting smell coming out of me.

I quickly walked to the bathroom and let the icy cold waterfall on my body. It feels good to feel such soothing water on the skin, through the Green Source had helped me a lot elevating my stress, I am still feeling a little tired.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked out of the shower and looked myself in the mirror; unlike before this time, the injury did not make thin a stick.

My mistake, the injury did make me thin like a stick; Diamond Seal helped me getting back my muscles, not only that, it had helped me with my blood too, I had seen it merging the huge amount to medicinal essence in my blood.

Which had helped me increase my stamina and physical strength and, most importantly, made my body completely balanced with my soul.

If not for the Diamond Seal, it would be taken them a couple of days at least for my body and soul to come into the natural balance.

I am still looked slightly thin, but if I continue with my diet, I would be able to gain my former figure in a month without any problem, just this time, it is going to be very steely.

Every muscle on my body is forged in fire; they contain immense power that a simple punch from me could tear through the steel plate.

The only problem that Diamond Seal did not fix was hair, every hair on my body burned away, but I am not worried about it; within a month, my hair would grow back, and as long as I did not get injured again by the Ghouls, I would not have to worry about returning without hair.

I satisfied my vanity for a couple of seconds before I wore clothes and went back to the kitchen. I heated the food that I had cooked in the morning and ate it.

Seeing the changes I had gone through since the morning, this food I am eating is not even enough to fill the fraction of my energy need, but I still decided to eat it as I am not in the mood to cook.

I want to eat till I feel a fool and sleep; I will cook with new materials from tomorrow. Materials that I had not dared to cook with or ate before as my body would not be able to handle them, but now, it will handle them just fine.

After eating, I went to my bed and fell asleep after drinking a bottle of essence.

I woke up seven hours later and felt refreshed and rested; there is not a single speck of tiredness remain in my body and soul. After freshening up and shower, I walked out of my bedroom.

Yesterday's dinner was satisfying in taste but not in energy; I could feel my stomach growling loudly for the food. With a stronger body and soul, the energy requirement had also risen explosively, and to maintain the strength, I have to continue eating.

If not, my body would start to burn the fat to fulfill its energy need, like it would happen, a normal person if he did not eat as required by the body.

I begin to place one material after another on the kitchen counter and 70% material I had never used before; sorry, these materials I had used before but not of this grade.

They are lower Emperor Level materials that, even with current strength, I have to be careful when eating.

If there had been a mature person in my place, they would have used higher King Grade materials, which would have been also enough to provide my energy needs, but I wanted to eat food made of the Emperor Grade materials.

I wanted to try it for a long, but I did not strength to consume them, but now I have not only the strength to consume them but also to cook them to their greatest.

I looked at the sixteen types of meat in front of me; I observed them for a while before choosing one and putting fifteen back into my storage. Usually, I cook three to four meat dishes but seeing I am going to eat Emperor Grade monsters meat; one small block would be more than enough to eat a couple of times.

After choosing what I am going to eat, I begin cooking. This time, I did not use vines; I am only cooking three dishes; with my speed, I do not need to use vines.

Little more than an hour later, I called back my fire on meat dish and let golem serve us.

It feels good to have Ashlyn back; even though she had been only sleeping for half a day, I had felt lonely without her active presence. She is what keeps me sane all these months; if not for her, I would have surely gone insane.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn chirped happily as she tasted the food; it is really great, especially the meat dish, which just melted in the mouth as I tasted

I finished the three dishes in less than five minutes and opened my mouth to ask for a second when I stopped. I am full. If I take another plate, the blood will begin to come out of all my orifices.