Monster Integration - Chapter 1410 - Rose Vines

Chapter 1410 - Rose Vines

Chapter 1410 - Rose Vines

"Rose Vines!"

I said, and diamond green vines came out of my back, glittering in the forest green light; the vines looked like they are made of the forest's essence.

The Green King looked shocked as if it had not expected such a move coming from me, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

It is very difficult to shock these Green King b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they seldom get shocked, and when they do, it was pretty small, but this time, the Green King's eyes have become big as the saucers.

Its shock did not stop it from attacking me; it controlled its vines even my finely as came at me with like a group of vipers.

These vines may look brittle due to their size, but the elegentness of their movement is apparent. Someone like me who has a similar move could clearly tell that its control over its vines is amazing, and I should use more vines to deal with it.

Unlike the Green Kings before, this one is extremely powerful, and the slightest mistake on my part could get me killed by its vines. I know that I should not take such a risk, but I have to improve; I will have to take it.

Rose Vine is the move that I used the most, and its usage became even bigger when I get out of this Ruin as I main purpose of these vines to harvest the Grimm Monsters, and before I go out, I want to increase my control with them, and this Green King is the best teacher that I will have in department of vines.

Clang Clang Clang

The huge vines moved with the grace of the viper and clashed with my vines halfway.

Seeing the delicateness of my vines and their thickness, which is more than ten times less than vines used by the Green King, I expected to crush them in a single clash. So, when they clashed, and my vines did not even shake, the reaction the Green King got was priceless.

My vines may not have the same grace as them, but in strength and other things, they are unmatched. I even dared to say they are even stronger than the vines of Green King.

These vines are made from the power of the runes, which have got their power-sucking powerful beings and bloodline, not to forget the immense amount of resources that I have poured into them.

Their deficiency is because of me but in this battle; I will not let it hold back; I will use the enemy's vines for whittling away all the weakness that my vines have.

Clang Clang Clang

Seeing the first clash did not able to do anything against my vines; it made its vines even faster to breach the wall of defense my vines have created; these vines have to breach through my vines' defense to come at me.

First, it was slow, but soon the vines have become faster and faster with having energy in each attack. This energy is coming at me, heating me up as it absorbs and converted through my vines.

With each second, the vines' movements became faster and faster, and I begin to feel the greater and greater strain that veins begin to show on my forehead. If it had been before, they would have popped under pressure already.

"I did not think you will have to move that is so similar to mine, with the memories I have of my human life, no organization seemed to have such Art that you are using." Its said.

I am quite surprised that it mentioned the human life it used to have; Ghouls don't like it and get angry when one mentioned it, but this has mentioned it itself.

"Time changed; it had thousands of years since you are dead," I replied, to which it nodded, "Yes, times change, and I am quite curious on things to have changed." "Well, I will know when I eat your brains." She stated calmly as she is having a casual conversation and not giving out death threats.

"I would very much like to see how you will do that," I said and moved my vines and moved my vines to counter its as it tried to leverage the conversation to diliver an attack.

"Thorn Drill!"

It did not answer my question; instead, it launched another attack. The huge drills on the end of its vines begin speedily; their speed is so great that I have no doubt them bearing hole through me easily if I stood in front of these drills defenseless.

Krrrr Krrrr Krrrr

While my n.a.k.e.d body may not able to stand against these vines but my vines perfectly can. The delicate diamond vines, faced against those vines without much problem, the only thing they are able to get from my vines are little diamond dust.

The drill tried to pierce through my vines against and again, but there is no use; these huge grills could not bore a hole through their leaves, much less their trunk.

While I am defending against them just fine, I am also pouring out a huge amount of energy to do that.

What I had suffered two days ago had upped my willpower quite much; now I could refine the mana very fast speed; I am now refining more mana than I could use, but I had kept the flow of mana balanced.

Half an hour pa.s.sed by as we continued fighting; its drill is still on, and it is spinning faster than ever, but it is still not doing any damage to me, that does not mean I had left my guard down.

It is flawlessly controlling thirty vines, and all I am doing is defending against them, and that had put me under immense strain.

These thirty-two vines are attacking me in thirty-two different ways, it is like thirty-two people are attacking me; if it not for me using every bit of data and sensory powers I have, I would not have been able to counter it.