Monster Integration - Chapter 1407 - Green Source I

Chapter 1407 - Green Source I

Chapter 1407 - Green Source I

I watched their bodies turned into the smoke, and cores appearing out them, which I caught immediately.

These two Green Kings were pretty strong; I had fun fighting them.

Still, they are were not enough to make me fight with all my strength; I could have just killed them directly with my vines, they were fast enough to do that, but I wanted to have practice with vines.

Unlike the two move sets, Everwing is a new set, and I could not use it with the same familiarity as the other set.


I stored the two cores inside my storage and flapped my wings as I flew away from my spot. Today and tomorrow, I will get little rest, but the day after that, I will have to use all my strength to fight against the Green Kings.

Today is the 9th day of the month, and tomorrow is the 10th, and when it was over, the power of all Ghouls will double, including that of the Green King, and they will become powerful enough that I will have to use every out of my strength to defeat them.


I was enjoying flying with my wings busy in my thoughts when I saw a ghostly green fireball in the sky.

"So, its true," I said, seeing it, the number of Green Kings never decreased. If you kill it, another one will sp.a.w.n in its place; their number always stayed the same as they appear for the first time.

So, I have to be careful when I dealt with the Green Kings; there are quite high chances that I might get ganged up by the Green Kings; it had happened with the excellencies when they are in ruin.

Even if my strength increases tremendously, I am still in immense danger and should not let down my guard; otherwise, it won't be long before my head under a sword of Green King.

I left behind all the Green Kings that were following me from a distance and found a secret spot to set up an abode.


I walked into the abode and stopped; I really want to sleep right now and eat, but before I could do any of that, I have to consume Green King's core.

The rule of the 30% still applied means if I consume it now, then I will be able to consume another one tomorrow end and another one a few hours after that as the Cosmic Energy would be doubled.

If I sleep right now and consume 'Green Source' after waking up later, I would not be able to consume the core one and a half a day later and will have to consume it after the Cosmic Energy is doubled.


Taking a sigh, I sat down on the ground, took a device and grey core from the Green King, and placed it inside. As I did, the device cut the core into two, revealing dense green liquid that seemed to be bubbling with power.

This Green Liquid is the reason why the essence of the necrotic core is called the 'Green Source,' and the diary said the green source of Green Kings is different from the Green Source of the other Ghouls.


I licked the drop out of the small gla.s.s dish, and just as I did, I felt. I felt a flood of refresheness tearing through, tearing the evert part of my body, filling every cell of mine.


I couldn't help but let out a m.o.a.n as refres.h.i.+ng energy spread through me; the energy felt like a reward to the things I had suffered during the day.

Till now, all the Green Sources I had consumed given me huge pain, so much pain that normal kings would faint within seconds but the 'Green Source' from the Green King, I am receiving no pain, just a pleasure.

I was so lost in pleasure that I totally forget about the other thing I do when I consume the 'Green Source,' create seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

Usually, I start with that as soon as I consume the Green Source, but today is a little different, and I forget what I had to do, but I now I remembered it, I begin without waiting.

With me creating a Diamond Seal, I got a new bigger route of energy circulation had imprinted in my mind. Complete circulation of this route will give me an Amethyst Seal directly, but the problem is, the route is very long.

After looking at the route, I took 10% of refres.h.i.+ng energy and circulated through the route. The energy may be refres.h.i.+ng, but it is still extremely wilder than energy from any source Ive ever consumed; I can barely control this 10% of energy.

For the first few seconds, I circulated the energy without facing many problems from the veins, but as I circulated through more and more veins, the veins begin to create suppression.

The suppression was not that great; first, it did not affect the speed at which refres.h.i.+ng energy is moving, but as time pa.s.sed, I noticed the suppression from the veins began to affect the energy circulation.

The energy flow begins to slow down; its wildness begins to tame, and by the, I had finished with half of the long circulation, it had lost all its wildness and the torrential force.

Earlier, I only had to divert the energy through the veins without putting any effort to increase its speed as it already had, but now, I am moving the energy with my own will, and its speed is disgustingly slow.

The 10% Ive taken is a huge amount, and more than half of it had already been spent, but half of them remained right now is still a huge amount, and I am using every bit I have to circulate it.

If it had been a regular circulation, I would have created a couple of seals by now, but now I am still trying hard to create one which, if I had successfully created, would equal to ten normal seals.