Monster Integration - Chapter 1404 - Everwings

Chapter 1404 - Everwings

Chapter 1404 - Everwings

Clang Clang Clang

Clash after clash rang out, and I couldn't help but wonder how smoothly energy was pa.s.sing through my veins; there is no resistance whatsoever; instead, it is veins that help me pa.s.s the energy faster through them.

It is their internal coated with a material that creates the lower friction with energy. I continue to observe the working of veins; I concluded that it the work of Diamond Energy.

It may not have strengthened then directly, but it had done much more; this internal finis.h.i.+ng helping me a lot transfer the energy at a much faster rate, which in turn helping me deliver fast attacks to the Green King.

We are attacking with a powerful force, but like always, there is not much sound or shockwave that came out of our attacks. The swallowing field is sucking up all without any problem.

The Swallowing Field at King Stage is amazing; it is bigger and better; the power created by the clash had to be very strong to strain my swallowing field, as for breaking it, that is a question of another day.

Currently, the move I am using the most is a sensory field. Ive made it enveloped the who area of battle and used it to measure every move of it, from direct attacks to faint, the sensory field helping me a lot.

Due to its vast battle experience, I have to extremely careful of its every more. There are more than ten instances where it was able to avoid my sword and move its blade at me.


Another clash rang out, and we separated; it looks like its time to take out the big guns. I had kept my sense of all moves, ready to mobile according to their need.

"Your strength has increased more than I had thought; I should have used this move at the start and get done with you." It said with a sigh of regret, as fighting me is beneath it, and the more time it spent fighting me, the more it will have to repent.

"Jade Wheel!"

It said with a pious tone, and next second, a majestic jade wheel begin to materialize behind it. The wheel looked majestic which pikes that attached to it and a beautiful mural of Ghouls and Angels fighting, with ghouls turning out victorious in the end.

It took less than a second for Jade Wheel to completely materialize. The Jade wheel begins to spin as it materialized and started spewing out thick ghostly green mist out of it, which entered the body of the Green King.

As the Green King begins to such the energy, runes begin to appear on its Armor, and its aura begins to rise explosively.

"Hehe, let's see, human, how you survive now!" The Green King said with a cruel laugh as it came at me. The wheel is still spinning and spewing ghostly fog, which is increasing its aura.

The speed it is coming at me had far surpa.s.sed before, and the power it is showing is making me extremely excited. I was going to wait before using my new move but seeing the power it is releasing, it is worthy enough for me to use my newest move.


I said, and the next moment, I feather fiery red feathers with a golden sheen begin to come out of me and a.s.semble into the huge wings, with each wing have had a wingspan of two and a half meters.

The wings are completely red with a golden sheen and extra-wide; I studied more than a hundred wings design suited for the human physique before choosing this one.

I wanted to copy Ashlyn's wings, but they are not efficient for the human physique; I would lose 12% energy while using them, and also, I would not be able to use the winged moves as perfectly as I could.

Everwings are the name of my third moved set; it currently has only two moves. The name of the first move is sam at the moves set name, and as for the second move, I will reveal it later.

This move not only gives me wings but also provides me with a huge amount of energy. It is an Arial battle form that provides me both speed and power.


My wings flapped gently, and the next moment, I appeared in front of it and swung my sword at it.

The speed it was coming at me was extremely fast, but I am faster with my wings. So, fast that it only took me a moment to reach it.


Our weapons clashed and created shockwave, though my swallowing field swallowed it, it still needed a moment to do that.

What swallowed field had taken the residue, the real energy transferred to me during the clash, it was so huge that I couldn't help but feel slightly shocked by it; the energy it had sent toward me would have been more than kill a hundred kings.


My energy seemed to have done some magic on it, too, as a faint sizzling sound came out of its body.


It harrumphed and attacked again, and this time, its sword is covered in ghostly fog, the same fog that the jade wheel behind it pouring into the body in large quant.i.ty and increasing its aura.


Another clash rang out, creating a forcefield of Ghostly mist, which was quickly absorbed by the swallowing field while an enormous amount of energy it had sent me was absorbed by my runes and got converted immediately.

My Inheritance Energy has also done huge damage to it, but it got immediately dealt with by the Jade Wheel, which is spewing out a huge amount of Ghostly green mist into Green King's body.

The Jade wheel is making it stronger and stronger every moment; it is an Art Ive not seen before.

I couldn't help but get impressed by it; I want to see how much power the wheel could provide Green King.