Monster Integration - Chapter 1405 - Everwings II

Chapter 1405 - Everwings II

Chapter 1405 - Everwings II

Clang Clang Clang

It had been forty minutes since I had started fighting it and about half an hour since it had brought out that Jade Wheel, and I have to say, I am utterly impressed by it.

The more I fought, the more I understand it and the Wheel behind it. That Wheel is using the Cosmic Energy and converting it into the ghostly necrotic energy that Green King used.

What the Jade wheel is doing is amazing; taking such a huge amount of energy from the environment every moment and converting it to ghostly energy is no simple thing.

I could not perform this feat; to attract such an amount of worldly energy, I would have to create the powerful formation which would need a huge amount of energy to run, for it is not worth it, at least at my current stage.

For half an hour, the Jade Wheel had been continuously pouring energy inside the Green King nonstop, increasing its strength every second, but for the past one minute, the energy has begun to slow down.

The change is almost unnoticeable; if not for me using sensory field zealously to keep track of every change, I would not have noticed it.

The Jade Wheel had a limit, or I may say the sh.e.l.l it is using for the body had a limit; it could not get continuously stronger without reaching the limit; in this world, everything has a limit, it may be very high for some things or some beings, but it is there.

It is very close to reaching the limit, and it is showing. In the past minute, it's fighting style has become a little aggressive; it is going after every change it is seeing to kill me, but I am not that easy to defeat.


We were fighting when suddenly, I heard its confident laugh and saw it had appeared behind me and its sword had already crossed more than half distance between toward my neck.


I couldn't help but sigh in regret but also couldn't help but get impressed. I am impressed because of the speed and power it had displayed to perform this sneak attack.

Its had shown almost four times more powerful than it had been fighting with me till now. It had been holding back as like I was studying it; it was also studying me, and when it saw the opportunity, it attacked.

Unfortunately, its attack will not be successful, especially when it attacked me from the back. I was hoping to fight it for an hour more, collect more data, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to perform such an attack that gives me no choice, but it kill it.

Well, it should feel proud that it made me use two of the new moves of the Everwing Set.

'Everwing Clive!'

I said in my mind, and at that exact moment, my left-wing moved at an unnatural angle and clived toward the Green King with double the speed it had attacked me.


Seeing my wing coming toward it, I could see it got alarmed and immediately begin to dodge, but unfortunately, its speed is too slow; it had cut into head to tow in a single winged slice.

As it did had turned to smoke, and the sword of it, which was just an inch away from my neck, also disappeared.

This winged attack of mine is the fastest and sharpest attack I have; the speed it attacked the Green King is not its full speed at all; there was quite a bit of power, I had held back.

The fight was small, but I would have liked it if the fight had lasted for a little longer; I wanted to test all my moves against it. Well, I would get a chance soon enough; I felt gazes of a couple of Green Kings from a distance; it won't be long before they come to challenge me.

But before that, I should finish off the vermins that have gathered below; there are twenty-something Silver Elites that were watching the battle, I would like to be finished with them as soon as possible.

With that thought, I caught the grey core of the Green King before moving toward the Silver Ghouls, who had to begin to run away.

I will not get a chance to do that; these Silver Elites are walking treasures, the more I have, the more things I will be able to get in exchanging them, not to forget, I have one more mouth to feed who really likes their cores.

Pachac Pachac Pachac…

Sounds of bodies cutting rang out as I flew through the Silver Ghouls and began to cut them with my Red Golden wings; I wanted to do it with my wings every since I had first imagined them.

It took me less than a minute to cut twenty-four silver ghouls and collect their cores. A few hours ago, this job would have taken me more than a day to do.


I stored the twelve Silver Ghoul cores into my storage and let Nero consume twelve other cores. Like always, the core burst into smoky flames, and Nero begins to consume them; in less than a minute, Nero finished them off.

Seeing that, I took out another core; it is a grey one from Green King. The Green King's core is simple grey; there is nothing special about it; if saw on the ground, they might consider it a small rock.

But if one inspects it with one's worldly sense, they will immediately notice its worth; this small core filled with dense energy.


The core burst into fire, unlike one expect seeing the core's color, the flames it had burst into was not grey but ghostly green, the same shade as the energy of Green King.

Usually, I consume the cores first before Nero but seeing I will fight another green king soon, I had let Nero have it.