Monster Integration - Chapter 1403 - Battle II

Chapter 1403 - Battle II

Chapter 1403 - Battle II

"You have improved," said Green King simply as it stopped its furious attacks; we have only fought for two minutes and already exchanged hundreds of moves with each other.

After saying three words, it did not speak to me; I did not say any words either as we stared at each other. I wanted to attack it so badly, wanting to show off new and improved more, but I controlled myself and stayed put.

I could not take any chances with Green King, especially the first Green King I am fighting.

Even with my increased strength, I am still getting dangerous vibes from it so that I will fight this battle slowly, but I get a chance, I will waste any time to burst out with my full power and kill it.

"Jade Skewing." It said after some time, and that exact moment, pikes begin materialized behind it. These pikes are more than a meter long and looked extremely sharp, and all of them seem like they are made of Jade.

Soon, over a thousand pikes appeared behind it, all of them releasing a powerful aura; I am sure each of these pikes are perfectly capable of piercing through the thick steel plates.

Sup Sup Sup…

The Green King raised its hand, and as it brough down, thousands of pikes tear through the air as they came at me.

Seeing such a powerful attack coming at me, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face; it is finally time to use the big moves.

"Rose Blades."

I said softly, and hundreds of roses begin to come out of me and turned into hand size blades as they moved toward the jade pikes that are coming at me.

I had changed the 'Rose Blade' a little; now it had two forms. One which I am using currently can be used on the large crowd of thousands; the other type is very selective.

In it, I could launch the attack with only ten blades instead of thousands, but these ten blades have huge power in them that they could easily kill the powerful King.

I am watching every pike that is coming toward me and, most importantly, the being that released the pikes. With its power, it will be quite easy for it to sneak attack me if I let my guard down for a second.

Clang Clang Clang

The Jade pikes and rose blades began to clash; with each clash, both weapons would turn to dust.

To others watching the battle, it may look like a simple clash of weapons with both of us not gaining the upper hand on each other, but it is not.

In this attack, the Green King is on the offensive while I am purely on defense. Our attacks may have a similar level of strength, but our control is not on a similar level.

We are controlling every aspect of our attacks; these blades and pikes are moving at our intentions. The Green King is trying to pierce its pikes at me while all I am doing is using my rose blades to counter them.

Its control is phenomenal, that even after day and night practice with vines, pus.h.i.+ng myself every day, all I can do against it is defend.

A few seconds later, all the pikes have disappeared, so are the rose blades. I had summoned the rose blades exact number as the jade pikes, I could have summoned more, but I did not.

It is a challenge, Ive given to myself; I wanted to clash with its attack with a similar level of weapon as it.

"Jade Slicer!" The attack had just finished when it suddenly launched another attack, which was far more powerful than it had launched yesterday.

It begins to swing its sword wildly, and with each swing, a ghostly green arc came out of its blade. These arcs are filled with so much energy that they are vibrating, not to forget this vibration will provide them an edge to pierce through anything.

"Bring it on!" I said, seeing the powerful arcs coming at me; multiple runic formations lit across my body, and also sword shone gently as I activated its enchantments.

Slic Slic Slic…

With power coursing through my body, I moved toward the tens of vibrating ghostly green arcs coming at me and began to tear them apart one by one.

I am moving through them at an extremely fast speed, cutting one arc after another as, like the pikes before, the Green King could control these Arts, and the slightest mistake my part could cost me a big thing.

I could have dealt with these Arcs without getting into them, but I wanted to use my strength, so I jumped in between and began to cut the one ghostly arc after another.


My sword clashed against its as it tried to sneak on me; I had always kept my one eye on it, and the moment it moved, I became careful and defended against its attack.

Clang Clang Clang…

We again begin to attack each other furiously, and this time, our attacks are intensely powerful. It is using a powerful art move that covered its body with a Ghostly green glow; it had increased its strength by five times.

I, too, had to activate a couple of more formations of my Inheritance to deal with its powerful attacks.

Its attacks are getting more and more powerful; if I am not wrong, it won't be long before it begins to use its trump cards. The attacks it used till now were powerful, but they are not trump cards; I could feel it is hiding its powerful moves, which it will use very soon.

While I am fighting, I am also checking up on my Inheritance and very thrilled to find out; it is working better than I had expected.

Even against such powerful moves, I do not have to use any of my powerful moves yet; I am only using 'Old Set,' which I automatically activate whenever I started fighting the Ghouls.