Monster Integration - Chapter 1385 - Wind Golem I

Chapter 1385 - Wind Golem I

Chapter 1385 - Wind Golem I

Clang Clang Clang…

It had been three hours since we were fighting, but I have not able to make any headway with this Ghoul till now.

Ive been using my killing rule at its full power and able to collect huge data about its fighting style, but it is not much useful against it. Unlike the Ghoul, I had fought yesterday, who had developed a large number of fighting styles due to its experience, this one has only one fighting style.

The fighting style of this Ghoul vast and complex; I will have to fight for hours more if I want to have all the data on its fighting style, and even then, I don't know whether I will be able to use that data properly to finish it.

This Ghoul is very powerful and still hiding its trump cards; I have to be patient and study it very hard in a limited time if I want to kill it; as with all the Ghouls in this Ruin, this Ghoul to get stronger every second.

The more time I took to kill it, the stronger it will become but seeing its strength and experience, I could not be hasty. I still remember how I am barely able to stop that Ghoul yesterday from escaping the Rose Refinement.

If it had escaped, then I would have to escape much faster too. I did not forget; I had escaped yesterday.

"Human, how much energy has left in you? 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%?" It asked teasingly as it continued to attack my vines, it had asked this question many times, and I always remained silent.

"Don't worry, Ive enough energy to turn you into the smoke," I replied with the same teasing tone. A flash of anger appeared on its beautiful ghostly silver eyes for a moment before it disappeared.

Step Step Step…

"Well, I will love to see that." It said and increased the intensity of its attacks and, from that very moment, begin to take a step back.

I had throught it is using the full power of her current attack, but I was very wrong; the move still had some power which she had not used before, and this might not be its full power.

I have a quite hard time defending against its extremely fast attacks. If its attack power increased further, I would do something that will expand my energy, and I did not want to do that.

Yesterday's attack had taught me many things; it had added precious data to my collection and helped me quicken refining the energy.

I had been refining mana while I was fighting yesterday, which is not new; I had been doing that for years. The different thing is, yesterday, seeing I was expanding my mana faster rate than I am generating, I used a huge amount of effort in increasing my refinement speed.

I had to do it, seeing the need of mana I had for my attacks. It had helped me quite much as it had increased my refinement speed by little, though it did not seem much that little quicker speed helped me generate more mana, which in turn helped me defeat that Ghoul.

Right now, I had been using all my willpower to generate more and more mana from my refinement tower. Fighting the Ghoul took a lot of energy, and I have a target to generate as much energy as I expend during the battle.

For normal battels or even against normal Ghouls, it is not much problem for me, but against Silver Ghouls, where I had to expand the energy like water, it is a very hard thing to do, and I have only nine days or eight if I did not count today.

Once ten days over the strength of these Silver Ghouls doubled, then I would be in s.h.i.+t loud of trouble. That time, I will need a humongous amount of energy, and I will have to keep generating that every second during the fight.

There is another thing I want to do, reach the 4th Floor of Refinement Tower. I had tried it two days ago, and its difficulty is still immense.

On every floor, the purity of energy will increase three times, but it will go up to five times every three Floors. If I can reach the fourth floor of the Tower, then I will be able to solve my energy problem for at least a month.

But I can't put too much hope on that; I have seen the difficulty of reaching the 4th floor, and there not much hope for me reach there in eight days; still, I will keep trying as I am very much believer in miracles and it is due to them, I am alive today.

Two more hours pa.s.sed, and there is no headway in the battle. The Ghoul is still fighting as it is playing, not fighting like a death battle.

Due to their immortality, these Ghouls don't fear death. If they get killed, they will get resurrected. So, whenever the Humans come, they consider them as a plaything and even fight against the compulsion to kill humans to play with them.

If it had done that, I would not have been able to kill the Ghoul yesterday. If it had used its full power in the first hour, I would have had no choice but to run with my tail tucked between its legs.

Still, some peculiar Ghouls will use their full power the moment they meet the humans, and I have been lucky enough not to come across such Ghoul yet.

Suddenly, it stopped its attack, and a playful smile appeared on its face. "Human, don't you think the battle had become dull in the past few hours?" It asked with a playful smile on its face.

I did not reply, just stared at it while readying my move to be used at a moment notice, it is going to do something dangerous, and I have to be prepared for it.