Monster Integration - Chapter 1384 - Again II

Chapter 1384 - Again II

Chapter 1384 - Again II

It had been only ten minutes when I felt a sudden change in the worldly energy around us. Seeing it, my expression couldn't help but turn serious as the real dangerous battle has begun.

"Lascerating Wind Blades!"

The Ghoul said, and black wind blades started to appear around the Scimitar and begun to vibrate; it lasted for a moment before more than fifty wind blades came at me, intending to hack me into pieces.

Not only that, but it is also attacking me with its Scimitar, which looked even more ferocious now that it had covered black wind.

Sup Sup Sup…

Seeing the powerful attack coming, I did not hold back and brought out twenty-four vines. A look of surprise flashed into its seeing the vines, but it did not affect its attack as it had smoothly controlled its wind blades circ.u.mvent around the vines.

But how can I let those wind blades circ.u.mvent around my vines? The real purpose of these is to obstruct the vines, and it will do just that, no matter how it tried to circ.u.mvent it.

Tang Tang Tang…

My vines moved and struck against the black wind blades creating a chime-like voice.

The Wind Blades are extremely fast, and they are very tricky when Ghoul could control them, but my vines moved like a snake, striking any wind blade that came inside their sphere of influence.

A moment after the wind blades, the Ghoul itself came, and I moved to intercept it. The Ghoul's Scimitar is covered in the black wind, and the way that wind is vibrating, I know the attack is going to be fast.

It would have been safe for me to use the vines to defend against this attack as they are faster and stronger, but I want to defend using my sword.

"Hehe!" The Ghoul let out a snarky smile as it appeared in front of me and swung its Scimitar toward me, and I have to say, I am very surprised and alarmed by the swing of its attack.

The fast Scimitar of it turned very slow; it is so slow that I could see every part of it. It may look slow, but it is not; it is extremely fast. The art move has increased the speed tremendously and made the motion very fluid that made it seemed like this attack is very slow.

People will be able to identify such an attack with a single glance, but they will not react to it due to its amazing speed.


I moved my sword horizontally like a s.h.i.+eld and defended against its Scimitar. As I defended, I felt cutting force coming at me; it is so sharp that the edge of 'Green Souce' looked like a child play against it.

Its a good thing my flesh and bones are not coming to contact with this energy directly; if they had, then this energy would have torn them apart.

Step Step

Still, if it was not enough, I had to take a step back, which gave it a perfect chance to launch another quick attack.

"Dance of Dark Wind!"

It said, and the next moment hundreds of vibrating black wind blades materialized around it, and it sent them toward me.

Seeing such a powerful attack, I couldn't help but gulp down my saliva and activated every runic formation of 'Old Set' except that of the 'First Boost.'

Tang Tang Tang…

The vines begin to clash against the wind blade, and at the same time, it came at me, completely covered in the black wind. This time, it is not just her Scimitar covered in the Black Wind but also her body.

'Rose Cover!'

She appeared beside me before I even realized it, and her Scimitar was already halfway distance from my neck; seeing that, I did not waste any time activating the Rose Cover.


The rose petals appeared around me, and a moment after that, its saber clashed against the spear of petals, lighting up runes across the petals.

Clang Clang Clang…

Seeing its attack failed, it did not stop; instead, it begins to attack the rose petals spear crazily I covered in, but no matter how powerful its attacks are, they were not able to breach through the single petals.

It is still attacking, but I do not plan on becoming a turtle forever. With that thought, I begin to weave my vines, and soon twenty-four vines have turned into three vines and moved toward the Ghoul for an attack.

Clang Clang Clang…

It went on the defensive as I begin to attack it with my vines; I let go of the rose cover and focused completely on attacking the Ghouls.

Our weapons clashed at intense speed; every minute, there would be hundreds of clashes, but there would be barely any sound would come out of them as everything would be swallowed by the swallowing field.

Learning my lesson from yesterday, I had made some adjustments in the Swallowing Field, so it would not become punctured where attacks became too strong.

Yesterday, it had punctured when attacks had reached this power, but now they are working just fine.

"Breath Of Black Wind!"

It said, and black wind that was surrounding it has become gentle and begin to surround its body even more closely. It now looked like it is wearing the clothes made of the wind, and I have to say, it makes it look d.a.m.n scary in this evernight environment.

Clang Clang Clang…

I would have loved to see how this move of her worked if not for her power increasing suddenly, and now I have come to the complete defense.

Her attacks became faster and stronger; her Scimitar moved akin to a lightning storm, bearing down hard and fast attacks on me, reducing my vines to mere a defensive tool.

Even the Ghoul of yesterday had not brought in such condition in half an hour fighting like it did, and I am sure it still has trump cards which it hadn't used yet.