Monster Integration - Chapter 1386 - Wind Golem II

Chapter 1386 - Wind Golem II

Chapter 1386 - Wind Golem II

"Wind Golem!"

It said grandly, and a powerful aura burst out of her before black winds beginning to materialize around her feminine body before I realized she got fully covered in a black wind that I could only see a silhouette of her inside.

More and wind begin to materialize around her, and a few seconds later, she got covered in a huge sphere of wind.

That sphere had gathered energies for quite a few seconds before it stopped, and the wind begins to change its form like clay as it started to take a humanoid form.

I don't know what is happening, but I do not like it at all. I want to stop whatever that is happening, but I felt like it would not be a wise move, so I waited.

I did not have to wait for long as ten seconds later; I twenty-meter tall black feminine shaped Golem made of wind materialized in front of me. If I did not see it being made of wind, I would not believe it. Like wind energy, it is made to have been fully solidified.

"Its cool, right?" It asked; instead of replying, I gripped my sword readied myself for the coming onslaught.

"It is my most powerful move by strength; I always wanted to use to make a paste of human." "The Ghouls, I tried this move on have turned into smoke; they never get squished like that of the humans." It said to herself, I don't think the last words were targeted at me.

There pure curiosity in its voice has scared the h.e.l.l out of me, and I understood that I am in greater danger than I had realized.

"Human, taste the power of my Wind Golam!" A voice came out of Golems mouth, and the next moment, I saw huge a huge punch coming at me, bearing far more power than I had expected.

"First Boost!"

Seeing the power behind the Golem's punch, I know I could not escape, and I don't want to defend against it as it will take more energy to defend with the rose cover than using the 'First Boost,' and I would rather fight back than use the defensive method.

"Take this, you wretched Ghoul!" I shouted and shot toward the huge punch; with my current physical body and energy, I will be able to use the first boost for about twenty-five minutes, but it is not the only move I will use to kill it.

Using all my regular defeating moves, I have around ten minutes' worth of energy to defeat it. I have to do defeat it or run away like a dog; I hope that I will defeat it. I hate to run away.


My sword clashed against the huge black, which felt completely solid by my sword. A deafening sound rang out by our clash as the power of the clash punctured my swallowing field.

There was too much energy that it could swallow, not to forget I had just cut off more than half of the energy needed to operate the swallowing field. I am going to need all the energy I have to fight against this jumbo b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

As the vibration of clash reached my ears, a huge amount of energy poured into me. The energy is so much that my body also got injured by it as the ruin sucked it all and converted it.

I was also thrown back like rocked by the sheer momentum of the punch, and if I had not been so good at diverting the huge amount of force, I would have crashed on the ground and had made a creator.


I had just barely able to stabilize myself when I heard it speaking and saw the punch coming at me again at even more speed, bearing even more power.

Having not much time to prepare, I gathered all the energy I could and shot toward th Golem, screaming.


Loud metallic sounds begin to ring out as we clashed, each move being stronger than before, and at each time, I shot back at a greater speed than before.

This Wind Golem is extremely strong; not only that but the defense is also very good. I have to say this Art she is using is very powerful; we don't have this type of Art in our collection as far as I know.

And from information, Ive read, Hawthorn Sea and Wisdom Tower did not seem to have such Art as well, but nothing could be said, there are many things that Supremes kept hidden, and we only come to know about it when they reveal it.


I crashed into the ground; finally, I had many times came close to close to the ground but never crashed on it, but this time, I finally crashed.


I had gotten up when I nearly collapsed again as Golem landed very close to me and created a small earthquake by its landing. One would consider it as light seeing it is made of the wind element, but it is not light.

"HUMAN, ANY LAST WISH?" It asked and punched toward me, wanting to crush me in a single punch.

This time, instead of shouting and shooting toward it in reply, I smiled back at it wickedly with a toothy grin without showing any fear for its coming punch.

"That is what I was going to ask you," I said with a smile, and the next moment, a great change come across its face.

Vines drilled into legs and begin to move up like lightning speed while growing like a mad, and at the same time, twelve roses released from the ground and turned into huge petals, which created a hundred meters long rose.

I had intentionally crashed on the ground to launch their attacks of mine. My attacks are soundless and aura less; unless one sees it with one's eyes, they will not see it coming.