Monster Integration - Chapter 1374 - One Month I

Chapter 1374 - One Month I

Chapter 1374 - One Month I

One month pa.s.sed by since I entered this Ruin, and this month had been the loneliest month of my whole life.

If Ashlyn had not woken up two weeks ago, I would have gone insane in loneliness. It is because of her company, I remain sane.

In the past month, Ive made huge progress, the biggest progress Ive ever made yet in my practice till now. My body and soul have been continued strengthening and now became strong enough that even I could believe how strong they are.

It is just the starting of what progress I will make; the real progress will start when Silve Ghouls begin to appear. Their appearance will herald the great difficulty of this Ruin and also the profits that came with it.

Everything the diary said had come true; every ten days, the Cosmic Energy in the Ruin would double, and with it, it will make Ghouls many times stronger.

A few hours ago, that change had come again, doubling the power of the Ghouls. Yesterday after days of hardwork, I was able to fight against fourteen Ghouls together with my vines, and today, the number has dwindled to four.

Ghouls catch up very quickly; if I had been not trying to increase my strength, one way or another every moment, I would not have been matched against the single Ghoul despite gaining the early boost.

I had come back from outside, killing the newly strengthen Ghouls and brough back my price. The necrotic core of the Ghouls, containing precious Green Source.

I looked at the faint silver liquid dro in a small gla.s.s dish, the everyday color of the drop would change, and now, the drop looked complete silvery, though the silver color is faint, the drop is silvery nonetheless, looking at no one will say it looked like a water drop anymore.

I looked at the drop for a second before my shuddering tongue took a swipe at it; as it did, I felt like slightly cool sensations before that silvery drop transformed into a raging flood of energy.

My mind performed calculation and quickly took control over about 22% of Flood like energy and begin to divert it toward the routes of Supreme Combat Exercise.

Few seconds into doing that, veins on my head begin to pop up, and I started to bleed from the eyes and ears.

To control this raging energy, I had to use every bit of the willpower I have, and that put immense strain on my body and soul. No, matter how much strengthening I go through every day, I would always bleed out during every session.

On the plus side, my efforts have begun to pay its dividends, as just within twenty days. Ive become very adept at controlling a huge amount of energies which is helping me fighting but also in cooking.

Due to expert energy control, I am learning new recipes every day. Not to forget the seals I am creating, which are the greatest benefits of all; if everything went well, I would have another Ruby Seal today.

It had been quite a while since I had created another seal and I am very much planned to do that. h.e.l.l, I planned to create a Diamond Seal while I an in this Ruin, which some might say is quite a lofty goal.

Creating a Diamond Seal is extremely difficult; the real challenge comes from a hundred seals, but I am able to do that, then I would receive benefits that far surpa.s.sed any other seal.

The Diamond Seal does not just increase the strength; it does much more; those other benefits are far more important in long that increase in strength it offerers.

In my body, there are two groups of energies; one is big while the other is small. The big is completely wild; though it spread through my whole body, it dies not to have consistency and could use its full potential to strengthen me.

The second energy, which is also wild, but moves in a direction that helps me get maximum benefits from it.

The wild energy is extremely fast; I have to be always ready to move it according to my way; the smallest mistake as going through different veins could spoil my efforts and make me start all over again.

With the speed of a stallion, the wild energy created one circulation after another. I had already created the three seals, and now, I have to create another two before I have my ruby seal.

Only a little more than a minute had remained, and in this time, I had to create two more seals. If I had been working with my own energy, I would not have such the confidence to create the two seals in such a short time, but with wild 'Green Source' energy, I have a chance.

The wild energy pa.s.sed through one circulation after another, and in just half a minute, I have another small seal, and now I just need another sea; getting it, conditions for Ruby seal would be created.

The energy began to circulate for another seal, but this time its speed is of energy quite low as the quant.i.ty of it had reduced to trickle from the Flood it was.

The energy had been absorbed into me, strengthening every part of me efficiently during each circulation.

Though only a trickle had remained, I am confident this trickle will be more than enough to create the last seal I need.

It circulated the flooding through the circulations, and with each circulation, it will grow smaller and smaller till it reached the twenty-fourth circulation where only a tenth of it has remained, but despite its lower quant.i.ty, it still had its inherent wildness through which it had crashed into the wall of the twenty-fourth circulation.


A faint bang rang through my body as wild energy crashed through the wall, and as it did, the creation of the 600th seal begins; seeing it, a smile couldn't appear on my bloodied, tired face.