Monster Integration - Chapter 1375 - One Month II

Chapter 1375 - One Month II

Chapter 1375 - One Month II

It only took a small seal three seconds to suck all the energies it needs to form before it released a small amount of energy into my body, which I barely felt.

A minute later, it finished releasing the energy and went to join the other nine small energies before it begins spinning and started sucking energies from my Refinement Towers storage.

They are sucking a huge amount of energy for an Amythyst Seal. Amethyst Seal increases my power by 1%, for which 10% to 20% of my energy more than enough, but this time it is far from that.

Ever since I had come to this Ruin, Ive been getting stronger at a crazy speed, and now Amethys seal will give me an increment of 1%, for which it will need far more than 10% to 20% of my energy.

The last Amethyst Seal I had created three days ago needed 70% of my energy, and the seal before that needed about 55%, so if the trend to be followed, this time it will 90% of my energy.

As they suck my energy, I refine more my tower to refill it. In this ruin, I don't want to have my energy to remain below that of the 50%.

During the escape from the Ghouls, if I had over 50% energy, I would have escaped without getting injured and had been at home right now.

The sucking lasted only two minutes, and it had sucked about 95% of my energy before it stopped. The small seals merged, and a second later, an amethyst seal revealed itself.


As it revealed itself, it buzzed gently and sent cooling energy through my body; the energy is gentle night wind that one wish enjoy. The feeling this energy gave is amazing, but unfortunately, it had ended too quickly, but I am not as sad as what will come next will be even more amazing.

After the Amethyst seal stopped, it went back to the other nine Amethys seal, and they started spinning together, and create suction started. The suction was so great that within a second, they emptied 10% of my energy storage.


It is a good thing I was prepared, and just as the suction begins, I sucked emptied the gla.s.s vial that I had been holding in my hand.

The potion I had just drunk is very special; it is created to supply the energy for the Seals. Usually, I like to provide the energy myself by refining, but I know my limits; the suction speed is too great for me to manage it while refining energy through the tower.

Gulp Gulp Gulp…

The potion turned to energy, and within a second, completely sucked by the seals, seeing I drank another potion, then another, and then another, I continued drinking them till suction demanded.

These potions are extremely precious; they are one of the most precious I have, and now I am drinking them as they are water.

Normally for a Prince, one potion is more than enough to satiate the need for the Ruby seal, but I am not a normal Prince. This ruin had made me even more abnormal than I already was before.

I already gained the Physical strength to fight hand to hand against the weakest King Stage Grimm Monster, so one can imagine how powerful my body has become.

Finally, suction stopped when it suction sucked the energy from the twenty-third vial. It made me quite surprised as I had not thought I would need more than ten bottles.

Soon my surprised bated and smile appear on my face, and I thanked my teacher again in my mind. I had only a hundred bottles in my storage, which would not have lasted me till I reached Diamond Seal; I am sure of it.

But I do not have to worry; in storage that teacher left me, there are a few hundred bottles of these potions, which would be more than enough for me till I create the Diamond for seal.


Soon the extremely beautiful red ruby seal came out of the out and buzzed gently, sending a flood of gentle energy through it.


I couldn't help but let out a loud m.o.a.n as the energy spread inside me. The feeling this gives me uncomparable and is even greater than what I had got from my runes when they discharge a huge amount of energy during my breakthrough.

The last time when I had experienced this energy, it was not this intense, but now it is; the feeling it gave is comparable to that of the great o.r.g.a.s.m.

The energy of the Ruby seal spread through every cell of my body and every fraction of my soul and begin to strengthen it from the core.

The strengthening is happening is at an extremely fast rate; it even faster than when I was injured by Ghoul and melted essence merging with its extraordinary rate.

The Ruby Seal continued releasing energy for about seven minutes before it stopped and went line up with the other five ruby seals.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the strength in me and that bubbling like a volcano. I got a 30% increase in strength in just seven minutes, which is absolutely f.u.c.k.i.n.g huge seeing my current strength.

Now that I got strength, I had to test it against the Ghouls, but before that, I should shower. The 'Green Source' has left many impurities on me.

This consumption of the 'Green Source' brought impurities in my bodies to normal. Though there are still impurities in me, they are at a manageable level, and it will able to cleanse them completely till I consume the 'Green Source' from the Silver Ghouls.

The Herbal Essences I consume daily leave some impurities, though the body expel them naturally and 'Green Source' also help, it is not enough to cleanse my body of them unless, of course, I stopped consuming them for few days, which can not happen as long as I am in this ruin.