Monster Integration - Chapter 1373 - Fight

Chapter 1373 - Fight

Chapter 1373 - Fight


I said with a laugh as a huge amount of power than I had got from the Ghoul was sucked by my runes and converted immediately for my use.


Seeing its attack did not work, the Ghoul got mad as its eyes became deeper red and its attack with more power than before.

The moment it moved its Claws, I moved my sword too. Those claws extremely dangerous, and I do not want them anywhere close to my body. Though Ive upped my Armor's defense and quite sure that it takes to stop the claws from reaching my skin, I do not want to test it.

Ive seen what happened when Ghoul claws touch my skin, and I don't want to experience them again despite the unlimited benefits they offer.

Even if my heart wanted, my mind would not let it; the poison of Ghoul is too dangerous, and Diary had reinforced my view about the dangerousness of the Ghoul poison.

Clang Clang Clang…

The Ghoul began to attack me like crazy; its attacks are becoming quite powerful that I had to use quite a lot of my strength to counter them.

Still, the more powerful it is, the more beneficial it will be for me; as I am fighting it, I am also merging with essence faster; it is not only one that is getting stronger every second; I am too.

To face against the Silver Ghouls and Green Kings, I will need huge strength, and fighting Ghouls regularly is the best way to do it.

As I fight, I couldn't help but notice a few eccentricities about it; the first is fighting style; there is a lot more intelligent style of fighting than before, and also the other thing I notice is the adaptability.

It is adapting against my moves at a faster speed than before, though the difference is minute, and I would not have able to notice it without the observational power granted me by the killing rule.

The Diary is right; the cosmic energy did not just increase the Ghouls' power; it advanced them comprehensively from all the angle, and that made them even more dangerous by the day.

I have to keep complete track of their day to day changes; it will help me a lot while fighting them.


I continued fighting against it when twenty minutes later, the Ghoul attracted by our fight and joined without invitation and pressure on me increased manifold that I begin to use 'Old Set.'

Except for using 'First Boost,' I am using all the power of 'Old Set, The addition of the second Ghoul added quite a pressure on me, but I do not mind; the pressure is good; it will help me improve fast.

Clang Clang Clang…

Two Ghouls attacked me from both sides, and as the time, another thing written in the Diary had held true.

As their power increase, these Ghouls begin to animosity toward each other, just like that of the monsters. The monsters are territorial, and they will not let anyone enter their territory.

The Ghouls will also behave a such.

For two about two months, ghouls will be able to move with freedom, but as they gained further intelligence, they will stop interfering with other Ghouls territory and only come when called.

This instinct will further enhance when they gained human-level intelligence and became silver Ghouls. As for the Green Kings, these Ghouls were said to be so territorial that if other Green Kings invaded their territory, they would fight to kill each other.


Another ten minutes pa.s.sed when I saw Ghoul coming toward me. At the power I am currently fighting, I could handle only three Ghouls. To handle this third one, I will have to use vines.


It screamed as it attacked me, but instead of me replying, three vines came out of me. Two vines moved toward its claws, and while others moved toward its neck.

Clang Clang!


Two of my vines clashed against the two of Claws while the third one went and decapitated it. It had tried to stop the third vine, but it was too slow to do anything against it.


With its dead, I gulped down another bottle of Herbal Essense, seeing there is barely any Essense left in me before calling back my vines and continuing my fight with the two Ghouls.

I have to say this Ruin is very strange. These Ghouls never get tired; if I want to fight with them for a month, they will fight without showing a hint of tiredness, while humans can become tired within hours if the fight is too intense.

Though there are many disadvantages in these Ruins for us, all of them worth it when thinks of the advantages this Ruin grants. Ive never been in Ruin, where I had progressed so fast.

Three hours pa.s.sed as I continued fighting; while fighting, many Ghouls were attracted, but each of them got their next severed and core seized.

These Ghouls may have gotten powerful, but so do I, especially my vines, which are now faster and stronger than my own limbs and could do things than my limbs could not.

From tomorrow, I will start training with them. To survive against future danger, I will need my vines strongest; they are one of my strongest trump cards, and I wanted to use them at their strongest potential and control the maximum of them to a finer degree.

I can currently only control sixteen vines at a finer degree; greater than that, my control loosened. My target is to control at least thirty vines to a finer degree by the time Silver Ghouls appear.

Two more hour pa.s.sed, and it is finally time to kill these Ghouls; after making my mind, I did not waste any time.

Clang Clang Clang Clang

Pachac Pachac

Six vines came from my back; four of them effectively dealt with Ghoul's attack while the other two vines swiftly decapitated and turned into smoke.