Monster Integration - Chapter 1372 - Change

Chapter 1372 - Change

Chapter 1372 - Change

Little more than eight hours have pa.s.sed since I read the Diary, and if what is said is true, then change will happen in the next two hours.

I hope the change mentioned in the Diary did not happen; if it does, then I will really f.u.c.k.i.e.d.

Since I had not gone out, which I had planned to, I had been training in the living room. Except for taking a break to eat, I had done nothing but train with my sword.

Currently, my body is very sweaty, and my hands are shaking as I moved around slowly. I had activated the 'Weight' enchantment and made the sword heavy that now even I am barely holding it, but I still move it for the strain that my body will feel from it.


I am practicing as drops of sweat fall on the flood from my body when suddenly great change occurred around me; despite knowing about it and feeling it, I couldn't help but get shocked by it.

"I'll be dammed!" I cursed as I called back my sword.

This Ruin moved by certain rules, like the cycle that lasts six moth and daily 20% increse power and quant.i.ty, which increases the power of Ghouls by the same amount.

What had just happened now is that the power and quant.i.ty of Cosmic Energy increased by 100%, it is doubled, it also means the power of the Ghouls have also doubled.

The Diary said every ten days, the power and density of Cosmic Energy would double with it would be the strength of Ghouls. Unlike the daily increase of cosmic energy that happened by the seconds, this cosmic energy that increases every ten days is sudden; it only takes a second.

I took a break and felt this Cosmic Energy inside me and saw how the Essense Energy melting inside me at quadruple speed. The Cosmic energy may have doubled in its power and density, which does mean its effect on essence would also be doubled.

Sometimes one plus one is always not two; there are other mechanics involved too, like the nature of Essense Energy and the grade of it and other things.

It is just standing and least of the danger of this Ruin; the greatest danger will start two and half months later when Ghouls gain intelligence, and Silver Ghouls and Green Kings begin appearing when the real danger begins.

Reading the Diary, I can concur that strong people who survive in rune survive until three months before the real challenge begins, and if the horror described in the Diary is true, then I will have to increase my strength tremendously.

At my current strength, I will not be able to take the single of Silver Ghouls, much less stand in front of Green Kings, who extremely few in numbers, but the power they possessed is beyond comprehension.

There is quite a time for Green Kings to appear; they appear in the last month of the cycle means I have four to five-month to reach the King Stage. The Diary had written that I have to become a very powerful King if I want even to survive the attack of Green Kings, and as for defeating it, the requirement is too high.

I am sure those powerful people who survived till last must have died at the hands of Green Kings; the power they possess is shuddering, even great Ramona Hawthorn nearly died by its hand when she faced the Green King for the first time.

Even her legendary Abyssal power had failed in front of the Green King.

The Diary has given me directions, and now the only thing I have to do is train harder, ten times that I am doing right now as, after three months, I will be in the boundary of life and death every second.


Seeing the essence inside nearly depleted, I gulped down another bottle and my Inheritance as I walked out of my abode. It is time to face newly powered up Ghouls; it will be a challenging fight.

As I walked out of the abode, I had immediately sensed the change in Ruin. It is not just a change in Cosmic Energy but the very core of Ruin; it felt a lot more oppressive than before.

Taking a deep breath in the oppressive atmosphere, I flew into the air searching for the Ghoul to fight, and this time, it took me more than half an hour to find a Ghoul, and when I couldn't help get a little surprised.

The Diary did say change occurred in Ghouls as their power increased but did not mention such change.

The Ghoul in front of me looked a little different than Ghouls Ive seen till now, it tiny patches of ghostly grey skin along its body, patchy muscles with ghostly skin looked quite ghastly, seeing it I couldn't help but shudder.


I had gotten two-three hundred meters of it when it sensed me and craned its neck at an unnatural angle and roared at me, the roar of it little different; it goes little deeper.

As it roared, it came at me, and seeing the speed of it; I couldn't help but put a serious face as this fight won't be easy as fights of a couple of days.

It did not take long for it appeared in front of me and whipped its claws toward my chest. Like the rest of it, its claws also had changed; they became denser and much sharper than before.

Seeing its claws coming at me, I did not waste time and move my sword toward it. Facing it, I did not think about using the Gauntlets. Using the weapons, I am barely novice in against an opponent such as this would be suicide.


Our weapons tore through the air and clashed finally, as they clashed. I felt immense force entering my body; with the swallowing field on, I absorb nearly all the power of my opponent, and I have to say, it is huge.