Monster Integration - Chapter 1371 - Letter

Chapter 1371 - Letter

Chapter 1371 - Letter

After fighting the ghouls, I return to my abode. I showered before eating the food I had cooked earlier.

After I finished eating, I sat on a chair and looked inside my storage. All the essence and potions the Teacher has given me have been finished; except for the box, nothing has remained.

I again took out the wooden box and observed it greatly, even if it wouldn't open. I took it out daily as I feel it contain something useful, but no matter how much I tried, I could not open the box.


"Hun!" came out of my mouth when the box opened; I simply tried to open it, and it opened. Ive tried to open the box hundreds of times before it had never opened, but just now, it had opened with a simple push.

Inside the box contain a silver bracelet, which is placed on the satiny pillow. The bracelet is made of blue metal with a simple green vines design.

I have seen enough spatial storage to know that this bracelet is spatial device storage, a beautiful looking one at that.


I took the bracelet in my hands and seeped my consciousness inside it, and just as I did, I couldn't help but gasp loudly as inside are very things I need.

The bracelet has a small s.p.a.ce, not more than a hundred meters square but the whole s.p.a.ce filled with brim with bottles containing the colorful liquid. When I read the tags on the bottles, I couldn't help but turn brighter.

All these bottles contained the essences and potions; they are not normal King Grade refined by the workshop of famous alchemist of Academy, so one can imagine the efficacy these essences and potions would have.

These bottles contained essences of low-level King Grade plants to high-level Kings Grade plants, some of them which are even better than the Miasmic Astral Rose.

I looked at the whole s.p.a.ce till my eyes fell on the black marble block, on which is a diary and while letter with the personal seal of Teacher, seeing that I brough the diary and envelope out of the store immediately.

I looked while the envelope carefully but nothing is written on it except for the Teacher's seal.


I tore open the envelope and took out the letter from it; it is a single page written in the Teacher's elegant handwriting. I know it very well, as a teacher herself trained me in it, seeing worst than mediocre handwriting.

She said every person worth his salt shoul have good handwriting, and the standards go high when it comes to her student. I had to practice quite hard before I was able to bring my handwriting to her standard.

Dear Micheal,

I hope you never read this letter; you are reading this means you have been trapped in the Ruin.

I will not bore you with details that what it means to get trapped inside the 'I' Ruin; I am sure you already know about it. I had written this letter to you say not to lose hope as people have survived this Ruin.

Her Excellency Headmistress Roosevelt and Her Excellency Hawthorn had survived this Ruin together. If they can do it, I am confident that my student will do it too.

With the letter, I have left the records that Her Excellency Headmistress Roosevelt written about her days in the 'I' Ruin. I hope you survive, my dear student; it is your Teacher's greatest to see you again.

You Teacher,

Marina Charleston

A tear couldn't help but escape my eyes as I read the letter, the letter was short, but it had conveyed all that Teacher wanted to convey and also give me as now I know for sure that people have survived this Ruin.

As she said, if they can do, so I can, and I will do it, I will survive this Ruin, no matter how dangerous this Ruin is.

It took me a while to calm my emotions; when I did, I looked at my diary that the Teacher had left beside the letter.

It is a simple brown diary, not the original, of course, as it is very new, and its workmans.h.i.+p is modern, not like the age of Her Excellency Roosevelt.

I opened the diary and began to read, and from the first page, I got shocked, and that was the first of many I would receive as I read the diary.

As I continued to read the diary, I got shocked and shocked understood this Ruin is not simple as it seemed, and I was naïve about the dangers it contains. This Ruin is dangerous beyond comprehension, and pa.s.sing cycle in it would be extremely hard, one might say near impossible.

It took me about an hour to read the diary, and when I am finished, I placed the diary on the table in front of me before closing my eyes for a minute.

"Looks like it would not be boring as I thought I would be," I said with a laugh, which is obvious.

The diary had opened my eyes about this Ruin and also saved me from tomorrow. It is a good thing I had read the diary today, as I don't whether I would alive tomorrow seeing my sleeping time.

If I diary right, then I will experience the change in seven to ten hours, and I will have to remain at that time with a bottle of the essence in my hands, as I do not think I would survive without it.

The Teacher is extremely prepared with the resource she had given; I would not have to worry about the resources anymore even if I have to break through to the king.

If not, I don't think the resources I have would have been enough for me to survive this Ruin, much less to make a breakthrough into the King Stage.

I was planning to return outside to fight Ghoul after I practice for two hours in the Tone but reading the diary, I changed my mind, and now I want to observe that drastic change in my abode's safety.