Monster Integration - Chapter 1370 - Crushing Heads

Chapter 1370 - Crushing Heads

Chapter 1370 - Crus.h.i.+ng Heads

After checking every part of my body, I want to shower to clean the vomiting smell from my body. It is not a breakthrough that produced this smell but 'Green Source' I had consumed before. Though I had burned away the impurities, the smell remained.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom and stared myself at the mirror; it had become a habit since I had become extremely thin.


A sigh of disappointment could help but escape out of me as I looked myself in the mirror. I had some hope that I will gain some muscle during the breakthrough, but nothing of that sort had happened.

In the past three days, I have eating three to four times a day, and there is only a slight change in the muscles. If I gained the muscles at this speed, it would take me months to return to my previous form; I might even take more than half a year.

I could get muscle faster if I stopped using the 'Green Source,' but that would not happen. The 'Green Source' is extremely important in raising my strength; I would rather be thin months than forgo one of the most precious resources that will help me survive the Ruin.

After checking every bit of my muscle and counting my weight, I wore clothes and walked out of my room, and the first thing I did was eating. There is already food on the dining table; I took it and began to eat.

I wouldn't say I like eating four times a day, but I have no choice; it is the only way to gain the muscles.


After I finished eating, I gulped down a bottle of essence of walked out of the above; it is time to fight the Ghouls.

Even though the Ghouls are weak, I have to fight them; only by fighting them will I be able to digest the essences and gain strength quickly.


My luck was quite good as I had found a Ghoul ten minutes later and slowly few toward it. It had seemed to have sensed me and turned toward me before launching itself at me screaming.

Seeing it coming, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I gently took out the big red gauntlets and wore them around my hands.

These red gauntlets are four times bigger than my hands but fit very snuggly. The size of these Gauntlets are adjustable, and I could make them a hundred time bigger if I wanted.

I had got them from King Stage Bearman; I had fought a month ago and been using them against the Ghouls since yesterday. The gauntlets are intimate weapons and far harder to master than the sword as they take one extremely close to the enemy.


The Ghoul arrived before me as I finished up putting on the Gauntlets and attacked me with its claws while screaming madly.


A faint metallic sound rang out as our weapons clash; despite being a powerful attack, there was barely any sound and not shockwave as it was all absorbed by the swallowing field.

Before, I used to use my swallowing rule power to create a rough swallowing field, but now, in this small upgrade, I created a small formation to deploy the swallowing field; it is far more efficient than using it roughly.


Clang Clang Clang…

The Ghoul got angry by my easy counter and shouted before started attacking me madly. Its attacks became furious; to match the tempo, I also increased the speed of my attacks and pumped more energy into the gauntlets for more power.

As I did, beautiful ruby lines begin s.h.i.+ning on the gauntlets; they looked very beautiful. I have a couple of gauntlets weapons in my storage, but I chose this one as quite beautiful.

The Ghoul became madder and madder with time as I easily diffused its attack and started to bring out even more, but no matter how much it brough, I would always counter every one of its attacks without a problem.


The battle continued for nearly fifteen minutes when it got a little interesting as another two Ghouls joined in the battle. With their joining, Ive finally became serious as dealing with three Ghouls together is very hard, especially when I am only using my hands.

If I used my vines, I could easily play with them, but I have to be very careful with only gauntlets as there are chances of me missing their claw and it is burrowing in my body.

I still shudder whenever I think about the episode of a few days ago; it was extremely dangerous, and I do not want to go through it again.

Clang Clang Clang…

Three Ghouls begin to attack me madly, and I am countering each of their moves with the two Gauntlets that I am wearing in my hands.

It is very straining to deal with three Ghouls, but that is what I am after. The more strain I will feel, the more Cosmic Energy my body will absorb, and the more Essence Energy it will melt and more strengthening I will reactive.

Not to forget, fighting these Ghouls is giving me a great fighting experience. These Ghouls may look mindless, but their fighting ability is not.

There is indeed madness, but if one observes their fighting style carefully, they will see the shadow of fighting style that only intelligent life has.

It is deduced that when humans turned to ghouls, they retained some of their fighting ability, which mixes with the Inherent madness they receive.

After half an hour, few more ghouls came, but I finished them off with my vines before continued to fight with Gauntlets against the three Ghouls.

Five hours pa.s.sed by as such, and I decided to end the fight; at that moment, the Gauntlets' lines became brighter than before, and they moved like red streak toward the Ghouls.

Bam Bam Bam!

Within a second, three consecutive bams rang out as the heads of Ghouls exploded like watermelons before turning into the smoke.