Monster Integration - Chapter 1369 - Mid Level Of Prince Stage

Chapter 1369 - Mid Level Of Prince Stage

Chapter 1369 - Mid Level Of Prince Stage

It is my ninth day in Ruin, three days since Ruin Gate closed, and I became trapped in this Ruin, and these nine days, I couldn't help but marvel at the speed the strength of Ghouls increases.

Their strength increases without stopping, they are still no match against me, but I couldn't help but feel fear.

I understand that I may be strong now, but it won't take long for them to catch up to me with the way their strength increases. If I don't want to be crushed by them, I will have to improve every day like them.

Since yesterday, I had lifted the seal on the abode, and now, the abode has a similar level of cosmic energy as outside, but unlike outside, these Ghouls would not be able to sense me if they pa.s.sed by the few meters ahead of me.

This abode is amazing; it is powerful than the normal abode, and its power depending upon my power. The protection and facilities it provides depend upon my power, which is another reason to keep improving. In the future, this abode will become a big necessity for me.

Currently, I am sitting in the living room, which had become a practice room for me, there is a practice room, but I prefer to practice in the living, the practice room feels too empty to me that I could not concentrate properly.

There are a huge amount of resources spread around me; I am planning to level up to the Mid Level of the Prince Stage.

I had my Inheritance ready for level up before I came to this Ruin, but I wanted to wait till I get out of the Ruin, so I could strengthen myself further to get maximum benefits of level up.

A few minutes ago, I had consumed 'Green Source,' it had strengthened my body and soul to the limit that now it could be strengthened anymore, seeing that I decided to level up.

With all the preparations being done, I went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and initiated the level up.


My body and soul vibrated as and the ruines lighted up as my level up begin, and the next second, the runes inside me started sucking the resources like mad; their speed is so great that I found myself in the center of the whirlpool that sucking at the crazy rate.

Seeing, how crazily these energies, a smile that filled with both happiness and sadness couldn't help but appear on my face.

I am happy because more resources mean more power, but I am sad because of the same reason. If this level up taking this amount of resources, then another level will take more, and not to forget the resources I will need for my daily survival.

With the consumption of such an amount of resources, I don't think I will have enough resources when I want to level King; that time, those common Emperor Grade resources I have will also be insufficient.

Soon, the resources I have placed around me had emptied, and I took out another batch of it before taking out another and then another.

With no help from the world energy, which I don't plan on using, there is heavy pressure on my resources.

If it had been outside, I would have used the worldly energy at its max, but here I could not do that. Using worldly energy here is like lighting a huge torch in the sky; it will immediately attract the hordes of Ghouls; even with my current power, I am powerless against the Horde.

Academy had specially warned against making a breakthrough in Ruin as the body naturally attract worldly energy during the breakthrough, and one could not control it without elaborate preparations.

I do not make any preparation, compare to others, I am a little different as my Inheritance is self-designed, and since my breakthrough is hands of my runes, it is no problem for me control worldly energy.

Since the beginning, I had created formations for worldly energy. Though all of these formations were designed to attract maximum worldly energy, I could use them for the opposite purpose.

Like now, during breakthrough, there is not a speck of worldly energy around me; it is quite an accomplishment if one asked.

I watched as runes destroyed and created inside me; this process always enchants me. There is the concept of creation and destruction in the process, but also that of conversion as no energy gets wasted here.

The energy of destroyed runes helps create another ruin; many runic and runic formations get destroyed during each breakthrough, and in their place, new runes and formations appear.

Time pa.s.sed as I began taking out batches after batches of resources till finally hunger of my runes sated and the whirlpool of herbal energy disappeared around me.



As the runes stopped sucking the energy, they released a flood of energy into my body; feeling this energy, a loud m.o.a.n couldn't help but escape from me; it is a m.o.a.n of pleasure, not pain.

The energy is like a flood but is extremely gentle, and the feeling it gave is akin to that of an o.r.g.a.s.m; and this energy is spreading into every part of my body and soul, strengthening them further.


It had lasted for about five minutes before it was over, and I got the strength that bubbling in every cell of me.

I have reached the Mid Level Prince Stage, and my strength has increased to an astonis.h.i.+ng degree; and most importantly, it is filled with br.i.m.m.i.n.g potential that reached deeper than I can look into.

Seeing such potential, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as now I could strengthen my and body soul to a huge degree with this, and like this breakthrough, I will only level up when all this potential is filled, so after next breakthrough, my body and soul will gain even greater potential than I had gained in this breakthrough.