Monster Integration - Chapter 1368 - Diverting

Chapter 1368 - Diverting

Chapter 1368 - Diverting

I looked at the colorless drop with the silver fain silvery sheen in front of me for a second before I swiped my tongue over it.

The drop came to the tongue before it transformed into a flood of energy and began to ravage my body and soul. If it had been yesterday, I would have begun screaming loudly by now, but now all I am doing is gritting my teeth to deal with the pain.

The pain is immense but is far less compared to the soul breaking pain I had experienced yesterday. If my will to survive, that pain would have broken my mind and turned me into a vegetable.

I looked at the energy inside me flowing like a mad stallion without any direction, though it is affecting every part of my body, just not as efficiently. If it followed the path of the Supreme Combat Exercise, the benefits I will get from it would be much.

Now that I got some semblance of control over this pain, I will now try to move it according to ways of Supreme Combat Exercises, not only to get greater benefits from the 'Green Source' but also to create seals; it had been quite a while since I had created them.

Without wasting any time, I begin to divert the energy, but how can a fragile mind divert energy which had the force of the vicious flood? I got repelled by it, no matter how many times I had tried it.

Seeing I am trying to do what is over my current capacity, I begin to try a different approach. Instead of manipulating the whole flood force of energy, I should be a small part, and with my current energy control, I am very, I will be able to do it.

I first tried with half of the flood energy, and my mind got repelled just like before but with lesser force.

So, I begin to reduce it; I tried 40% and got repelled again, but when I tried with 30%, I was able to break it away from the main energy, but it was too much for me to circulate around the direction of Supreme Combat Exercise.

The same thing happened when I tried 25% of energy, but when I tried 20% energy, I was able to control it, albeit barely, and begin to move it, according to the veins of Supreme Combat Exercise.

It is extremely hard to control such wild energy, and to control; I used every bit will power I have. Doing that, veins of my head is bursting, and I am bleeding from my eyes and nose.

The bleeding is surprising seeing the current strength of my body, so one can imagine how much strain I am feeling.

While it put a lot of strain on me, it also gives me a lot of benefits. Other than the seals I will create with it, controlling such wild energy will also increase my energy control and power tremendously, which is as much as important as seals of the Supreme Combat Exercise.


I stopped finally, or might I say the energy had to spend itself into me. Like always, the 'Green Source' got absorbed into me within four minutes.

In that time, I was able to create two seals of Supreme Combat Exercise. If I had a little more time, or I could control a little more energy, I would have created more seals.

Seals aside, I got the usual benefits from the 'Green Source'; my body had strengthened and also lost impurities came out from my body, their amount was four times was normal, that my whole body got thinly coated in it.

These impurities smelled extremely bad, but I am very happy they are out as I could already feel the burden on me lessening. There are still quite more impurities in my body; it will take more than a month before all of them are cleansed away.

Even the powerful forging resource like Miasmic Astral Roses contains the impurities.

Normally the impurities are not much problem when one uses them in low quant.i.ty as the body naturally expels them, but if one uses them in quant.i.ty, I have used, there got huge impurities gathered into the body.

After checking my body thoroughly, I walked into the shower and washed away all the filth and smell of the impurities. When I came out of the shower, I smelled like a flower.

Looking myself into the mirror, I found myself getting even thinner than I am already is.

I have to eat more; with my current thinness and the 'Green Source' I would consume every one and a half a day, it would be impossible for me to gain the muscles, h.e.l.l I would become even thinner, that will make me look even freakier than I am.

So, I have to start consuming more food, at least four times a day; only then will I able to gain some muscles.

After wearing clothes, I came out of my room, and I stopped in the living room. I thought for a while before I wore artifacts, summoned my armor, and got out of the abode.

My earlier plan was to spend a few hours in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and practice cooking into the Tome before getting out, but I decided to come out first and test Ghouls' power.

Here strength of Ghouls increases every second; I want to keep continuous track of their growth.

Even though there has been huge conformation in my strength, I should not become complacent. Yesterday, the ever-increasing cosmic energy created enough effect on me that I would not get complacent.

Now, I should find a Ghouls and fight to see how much their strength has increased within the night.

Half an hour later, I had found one, though I had kittled it within a minute and had power kill it single move. Its strength has still surprised me.

If Elina and I had faced Ghoul with such strength, then it would have been nigh impossible for us to escape alive.