Monster Integration - Chapter 1367 - Wooden Box

Chapter 1367 - Wooden Box

Chapter 1367 - Wooden Box

The next day, I woke up after sleeping for more than twelve hours; I needed this sleep, seeing what I had gone through yesterday.

After waking up, I laid on the bed for half an hour before I went to the bathroom to freshen up. After freshening up, I walked out of my bedroom and entered the kitchen.

Despite eating so much food, I am feeling very hungry right now. It looked like I had underestimated the needs of my new strengthened body. I thought for a while before starting to cook; the meal is simple, but the materials I am using are high grade.

It took me fifty minutes to cook the dishes, and I went to the dining table and began to eat alone. Ashlyn still had not woke up, and I missed her very much, especially in this Ruin where I am alone.

I do not think about my current circ.u.mstances, at least not when I am eating. I want to enjoy this wonderful lunch before I think about it.

Twenty minutes later, I finished with my dinner and began to wash all the utensils and dishes. Usually, I use the dishwasher, but wash them myself when I feel stressed, like now.

I soon finished was.h.i.+ng the dishes, went to the couch on the hall, and sat on it before closing my eyes; I kept my eyes close for nearly ten minutes before I opened them.

"Let's get over with," I said to myself and began to think about my circ.u.mstances.

I am trapped in this Ruin, and I will be trapped for the whole cycle, which means I will be here for five to six months till the cosmic energy of this Ruin is reduced to a minimum.

Only when the Cosmic Energy of this Ruin reduced to a minimum, the connection with Ruin Gate could be formed again.

I will have to survive in these Ruin for a complete cycle, till now n.o.body was able to do that except for two people; which I think is a rumor, but I am terming it as truth for confidence and sanity.

It is extremely hard to survive in this Ruin, seeing its benefits many powerful peak Kings have come to this Ruin to stay for the whole cycle, but all of them have died; there was no sign of them.

Teacher said as its peak, the cosmic energy here became so powerful and dense that even Emperors could be turned into Ghouls in a couple of seconds if they remained here without the protection.

I have to survive here; no matter how difficult it gets, I have to survive, and for that, I would need resources, a lot, and lots of resources.

I looked inside my storage, and I saw hundreds of self filled with resources, there are all kinds of resources present here, and some of them are even at Emperor Grade, which I got from killing some Grimm Monsters and trough exchange of my contributions.

The number of resources is huge, but I am not sure if they will be enough to survive here. I will not only need them to counter the cosmic energy but also need them when I level up.

I will not stay at my level forever; I have to level up soon as my body had reached its level. The Cosmic Energy of this Ruin has the ability to unearth all the potential of the body, but my body is reaching the limit that even Cosmic Energy won't able to help.

Considering my body is a balloon, I could inflate it with air, but once it reaches the limit, I could not push more air in it; if I do that, it will pop up into shreds; for that to not happen, I will have to advance its structural integrity which I could do that do to my body by leveling up.

And since I such powerful Inheritance Runes and body will consistently grow stronger, I will need a humongous amount of resources.

I have huge resources in my storage, far more than even a powerful king, but they still did not seem enough when I take this Ruin into mind.

I looked at shelves and shelves of resources, gauging each of their value. More than half of these resources are already in their essence for a while. I will have to convert the rest myself.

My gaze soon fell on the object; it is a small palm-size wooden box with dense runic formation carved on it.

I took out the wooden box and tried to open it but like before, no matter which method I employ, it will not open.

This wooden box was given to my teacher a day before I came to Ruin; it was given not only to me but also to Elina as well.

The teacher said these boxes would open when we need them. I need it now; whatever it contains, I am sure, will be very useful to my current circ.u.mstance; a teacher never gives useless things.

I tried a couple of more minutes opening it, but seeing my attempts being futile, I put the box back into my storage.

Surviving a whole cycle would not be easy; I can term nearly impossible that even people ten times stronger than me could not survive, but I have no other choice but to give my all in surviving in Ruin.

If there one thing I am good at, then it would be precarious situations, whether it is by my wits or the help of others, Ive survived many precarious situations, and I planned to make this one no different.

Now that my thoughts have been sorted, let's get to the next line of business. With that thought, I took out a necrotic core.

This necrotic is core is from the Ghoul I had killed yesterday, and since it had been more than two days since I had consumed the last core, I could consume the 'Green Source' that is present inside to strengthen myself further