Monster Integration - Chapter 1366 - Cutting Like Grass

Chapter 1366 - Cutting Like Grass

Chapter 1366 - Cutting Like Gra.s.s


The Ghouls seemed to sense my intentions, and as all of them roared together, creating a huge sound.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed as I moved toward the Ghouls at even greater speed. I had not expected the Ghouls to create such a large roar; I have grown powerful but not to the degree I could kill all the Ghouls in the; I had to finish them as soon as possible before escaping the h.e.l.l out of here.

Soon, I reached near the Ghouls, and twelve vines came out of me with each of them radiating far more power than before.

I could summon more than twelve vines, and it would make killing them easy, but I had barely recovered one-third of my energy; I do not want to spend too much on Ghouls; one never knew when one would need a large amount of energy.


Pachack Pachac Pachack…

The Ghouls screamed again as they saw me appearing, but this time, I begin killing before they could finish their Roar.

I begin killing them like before, but now I do not feel much stress, and these Ghouls are too slow for me. Even having such huge numbers, they were able to trap me as they had before.

While fighting, I had noticed one more thing that made me escatic, my Killing Rule had advanced, just like that of the healing Rule, the Killing Rule also had reached the Peak of High Grade.

The advancement of the Killing Rule had brough my senses to a different height; it is also helping me in getting control over my strength quickly.

Pachac Pachac Pachac…

I continued decapitating five to nine Ghouls every second and kept collecting their necrotic core; by the time five minutes clocked in, I had finished up killing all the Ghouls and now just looked at an empty sky.


I took a sigh before I sped away toward the barren hills; I could feel more Ghouls closing in; I don't want to deal with them when they came close.

I now want to find a good hiding spot and sleep; there too many things running in mind. I want to calm my mind with sleep before I sort them one by one, not to forget some effects that I have to deal with.

Such rapid consumption of resources has come with a cost. Though most of the harmful elements were dealt with by the Cosmic Energy when it melted the herbal essence, some of them had remained.

They are not big enough to worry me; still, I will deal with them as soon as possible.

Soon, I found a well-hidden spot and activated my abode inside it before I went in. as I entered the abode, I deactivated my Armor, and black powder fell on the floor; the black power has remained from the clothes I was wearing.

Except for some artifacts that here and there on my body, I am buck n.a.k.e.d. I removed those artifacts I am wearing before walking into the shower.

The energy released from the Miasmic Astrals Roses essence from my body was powerful enough to burn my clothes to the ash. These clothes were not normal; they were made from King Grade material and would not burn easily.

I let the icy water cascade over me as I washed my very thin body that remained without a single hair. My eyebrows are gone, so is the hair on my head.


Twenty minutes later, I walked out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror. Seeing myself, I couldn't help but look unrecognizable.

The first noticeable thing about me is very thin; I have become extremely thin, thin, that my bones are sticking out of my skin, and my hair is also gone.

I looked very weird in my current stage, like I am some alliance, not human. If one looked at me, they would not see me as a hungry person who had not eaten for days; my skin is too vibrant for that.

They will immediately consider me as alien, especially when they looked at my hairless state.

I observed myself for a couple of more minutes before I took out the clothes and wore them, and adjusted them, so they would not feel loose.

As I finished with clothes, I went to the kitchen and took out food from my storage, made from the grade above ingredients that I had eaten in the morning.

I heated the food and began to eat while drinking lots and lots of water, which my body is sucking like a sponge. By the time I had finished with dinner, I had eaten the food of three Kings worth and drank five liters of water.

And despite eating such a huge amount of food, there is not much change in my body. It was quite easy to lose weight, but it will be very hard to gain it, especially in this ruin, seeing the resources it has.

I wish I had something that would help gain my lost weigh-in a day or two; unfortunately, I do not have any, and even if I had it, I would not use it; such things came with side effects.

Speaking of side effects, I have a little; I had checked my body thoroughly when I was showering. Most of the side effects would disappear in a day or two, but one would take quite a while.

Consuming one and a half Miasmic Astral Rose had given quite a lot of impurities to my body. Though most of the impurities dealt with by the Cosmic Energy when it melted the Essense, some of them have remained.

The amount is huge for current me, and it would take my body half a year to naturally expel all the impurities. It's a good thing this realm had a resource that is good at cleansing.

Using 'Green Source' for a month should be more than enough to expel all the impurities caused by Miasmic Astral Rose.