Monster Integration - Chapter 1365 - Healed

Chapter 1365 - Healed

Chapter 1365 - Healed

I think my end is near, the Cosmic Energy increasing at a rate beyond what I had imagined it to be that now it is taking half a minute to consume a single petal, and less than two minutes all four would be melted by it.

The most worrying thing is, despite my body getting stronger every second, I don't think my body would be able to handle the pressure of five petals; the energy would be too much for my body.

I had to consume four petals again before I could strengthen my body enough to consume five petals.

In less than two minutes, the four petals of Miasmic Astral Rose had been melted, and ate another four petals melted within less than a minute.


I ate five petals, and my body lighted up like coal, and I got that deathly feeling again; the power of these petals was too much; if they had contained little more power in them, I would have definitely exploded.

The Essense Energy of five petals begin melting under the a.s.sault of the Cosmic Energy, and this Essense Energy is melting faster than the melting of four petals.

It is no wonder anybody can survive once they got injured by the Ghoul. Every second ComisEnergy increases and the rate increases, the body, and resources one consumes could not keep up.

I have a stronger Body and Soul than others due to my Apex Const.i.tution and the torturous practice I do every day, but despite that, I was barely surviving, and I don't whether I would even survive for five minutes, seeing the rate for cosmic energy increasing in my body.

The cosmic energy took forty seconds to melt the energy five petals of Miasmic Rose Essense, and I immediately consumed another five petals of it, I wanted to consume six, but my body is not strong enough to bear its pressure.

I will have to consume another five petals before my body would become strong enough to consume the six petals.

It's a good thing when selecting the resources in exchange for my contribution; I had collected a couple of Miasmic Astral Roses.

These roses are one of the best forging resources for the body and soul with minimum side effects or no side effects if one used them currently.

If I survived, I wouldn't have to worry much about the side effects as most of the part that created side effects are currently getting destroyed under the a.s.sault of Cosmic Energy as it melts the essence.

Soon, the energy five petals melted, and cosmic energy only took twenty seconds to do that, less than half of the amount it took for the last five petals to be melted.

I had consumed another five petals, and cosmic energy begins to melt it at the visible speed. The sea, like the amount of energy, is melting at a visible speed, that it only took eight seconds for it to be completely melted.

My body lighted up like a torch as I consumed six petals, but the energy created by them begin to melt at an even faster speed that it will only take four seconds to melt it fully.

'I am about to die!' I said in mind as I saw how quickly an immense amount of energy is melting, and I had seven petals in my hand to consume the next second, which I know my body can't handle.

There is a 99.99% possibility that I will explode just as I consumed them, but I will still do it.

I do not want to turn into Ghoul; I would rather explode than turn into the Ghoul, and these seven petals will help do that.

Seeing myself so accepting toward death, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I moved the seven petals toward my mouth to consume them.


I was about to take the seven petals into my when I suddenly spotted when I felt the amount of cosmic energy declining.

My body had begun its attack on injuries, seeing that smile couldn't light up on my despairful face, and I immediately move my healing rule power to help when I noticed my healing power had made advancement somehow, it had reached a peak of High Grade.

With the power of my const.i.tution and rule, I begin focused on the injuries; they begin to heal, and within minutes of the injuries have been healed by half, cutting the suction of cosmic energy by 60%.

With injury already half-healed, it did not take me more than a minute to heal the rest of my energy.

"I am healed, completly healed!" I said in a dry voice that barely came out of my mouth; though my voice came out low and dry, anyone could feel my bubbling happiness.

I had thought I would die, especially in the last few seconds, where the rate of cosmic energy had increased exponentially.

I have survived, and now I am stronger than ever; my body is strong enough that human King would envy it with red eyes.

I have consumed one and a half Astral Essense Roses petals, which put equal to that of Grimm Monsters and not prince stage Grimm Monsters but King Stage Grimm Monsters.

Though it would be comparable to the weakest King Stage Grimm Monsters, it is still a body that very few Humans Kings able to acquire, and I got it while still being a Prince.

Most importantly, with the strong body and soul, I could now harness more power from my amazing runes, and that became excited thinking how much power I will be able to harness from them.

I stopped on my track and looked at about four hundred Ghouls that are coming at me; their numbers have increased again, but now I am not afraid; my strength has gone through a thorough transformation.

After experiencing the trial of fire, my strength has increased beyond my comprehension, and these Ghouls would be a great target for me to test how much my strength has increased.