Monster Integration - Chapter 1353 - Ghoul I

Chapter 1353 - Ghoul I

Chapter 1353 - Ghoul I


I continued running for half an hour when I begin to hear faint sounds of fighting, hearing that I moved toward it.

I am quite curious about the Ghouls; I have seen pictures of them but never seen one in reality and want to see them in person.

It did not take me long to reach the fight scene and what I saw made me dumbfound and slightly angry. Two humans are fighting and are not fighting even seriously; just one look at them and one would know it is a mock battle.

I don't know why I got angry, seeing it is one of the best ways to quickly digest the resources without facing dangerous Ghouls, the academy had suggested it officially. The battle is an exercise of soul and body; it does perfectly good work to speed up the digestion of resources.

I took a look at their fight before moving away, seeing them already begin using the speed digestion method; I want to start soon as possible, too; I don't want to leave behind by members of Supreme in resource sites of my own organization.


An hour later, I had finally sensed something and moved toward it, and soon I saw a thing that I had been very curious see.

I finally saw a ghoul, and I have to say it is a walking horror. With the skin that looked yellowish with decay, blood-red eyes, and long and sharp teeth that humans should not have, it also has long naily claws that could tear through anything.


It seemed to sense me, and the next moment, I saw a blurring form coming toward me as it let out of weird roar.

Its speed is extremely fast, way faster than I had imagined, seeing that I became serious. I do not want to get turned into a ghoul by underestimating it; it will just take one good bite out of me to do that.

It appeared next to me and attacked me with its claws, the claw of it has given me a very dangerous feeling. I know that I could not let this claw strike my n.a.k.e.d body.

As the claw came toward me, my sword is also moved toward it. My sword's speed is a little slow compared to its claw, but the feeling it is giving is very heavy, Ive had activated the weight enchantment of my totem Artifact.


My sword clashed against its claws, and I felt a shock I had not expected to feel. The claw was a speed attack, I not expected to have such heavyweight behind it, but it did.

With the clash came a huge amount of energy attack, and I have to say the necrotic energy far more dangerouns than I had throught. I had madly attacked my I Inheritance Energy and tried to infect it, and when my energy tried to burn it away, it immediately discarded it and came at me directly.

I did not stop the a.s.sault of the necrotic energy, even knowing what I am doing is extremely dangerous, and I could pay the huge price for that, but I did not care; I wanted to see if my runes behave the same with necrotic energies as they did with the rest if energies.

Soon, the dense necrotic energies reached my armor, and the next moment they got sucked by my runes before getting converted into the raw energy for me to use.

Seeing it, a smile couldn't help but light upon my face; my runes are treating the necrotic energy like any other energy, absorb them, convert them. Now, I have confirmed that I could fight this Ghoul without any problem.


While its necrotic energy got treated the same way as any other energy by my runes, my Inheritance energy was not so merciless; it had burned it that b.a.s.t.a.r.d quite a bit.

In the consultation with the teacher, I had modified my Inheritance energy; it had quite burned, and seeing how its charred the skin on its claw, the effect of the energy seemed to better than I had imagined.


It scremed again, but all it came out the faint voice; I have created a swallowing field around us to suck off vibration and sound that our fight will make; I don't want to attract unnecessary disturbance before I finished up the fight.

Despite being mindless, it seemed to have sensed something weird is happening and got angry this time; it did not scremed, but its blood-red eyes burned like torches as it attacked me again.

Its attack is far more powerful than before, but I am ready; as it attacked, my sword also moved toward it, and this time, my sword is no less fast than its claw and just as heavy as before.



A faint clang rang out as its claw clashed against my sword; the sound was faint but clashed; anything was faint. My Inheritance energy had burned its claw further while its necrotic energy is already covered, and I will use it for my next attack.

Clang Clang Clang…

The madness in its eyes increases as it could not kill me within its previous attack and begin to attack me like mad. It had brought out so much power in its attacks that I couldn't help but got surprised again.

I had read about these undead monsters being very powerful, but I had not expected them to be this powerful, and the thing is, this one is one of the weakest Ghoul that is present in the ruin right now

The strength of the Ghoul depends on the density of the strange cosmic energy present in the ruin. As the density is increased, these ghouls became more and more powerful.

In this ruin, one had to improve constantly; otherwise, it won't take long for them to get killed by the Ghoul and before becoming one, and this should also act as a warning to those idiots who had thoughts of staying in the ruin more than supposed time.