Monster Integration - Chapter 1352 - 'I' Ruin II

Chapter 1352 - 'I' Ruin II

Chapter 1352 - 'I' Ruin II


I cursed as I begin to feel the pin p.r.i.c.kling sensation all over my body whenever this strange energy touched me.

The pain is quite intense, to honest, far more than I had expected but lesser than what I experience during my daily practice.

First, I felt nothing but the p.r.i.c.kling pain as this strange Cosmic Energy begin to drill into every part of my body and soul, but after ten minutes pa.s.sed, I begin to feel some sort of huger from deep within me; it felt like it is coming from the deepest corner of my body and soul.


Seeing I am getting the feeling Ive wanted, I took out a vial of blue liquid that teacher had given me and drank it.

As I drank it, I overcame it with an intense cold feeling; this blue liquid is Lunar Frost Jasmine's essence. It is quite powerful than normal times; I would not have drunk in such a dangerous environment.

It is extremely cold that it could immobilize me for seconds and very hard to digest; that in normal time, It would have taken me more than six hours to digest. I would have been completely immobilized at that time, but nothing of that sort is happening right now.

I am feeling extremely cold, but this cold is barely impeding my movements, and the essence of lunar frost jasmine, which one has to try hard is digest, is getting digested very easily.

The strange cosmic energy is clas.h.i.+ng against the energy Lunar Frost Jasmine's essence, which is breaking and melting it, and this melted part is getting easily digested by me.

The process is slow, but seeing the speed it is getting digested will take about two hours before all the Lunar Frost Jasmine essence gets merged in me.

This Lunar Frost Jasmine essence will increase my strength 1.5 times compared to one regular practice session, which is great as I am getting benefits without doing anything. The most amazing thing is my body and soul will not reach its limit.

This energy will continue unearthing more and more potential from me, thus never reaching the limit as long as I have contact with this strange energy.

But this energy is not all roses and suns.h.i.+ne; this energy is extremely dangerous. I had to have resources in my body to counter this strange cosmic energy; if I let it acc.u.mulate in my body, the necrotic process will start, and in a span of few hours, I will turn into the mindless ghoul.

It is a complete cycle when energy comes in contact with my body; it begins to muscle up its defenses against it, thus creating potential.

As I consume resources, the body used those resources as the first defense line; as those resources break during the defense, the body merged with them to strengthen itself further.

In the six days, I have to continue guzzling up the resources, and my body will get automatically stronger. I just now wished I could stay in this ruin, for more than six days; if I could stay here a month, my progress would be unbelievable.

I soon shook my head of those thoughts; staying longer here is very dangerous. Not only will the density of this energy rise further, but with it, the ghouls will also become stronger, and that is a real danger here.

Not to forget, due to the strangeness of this energy, the Ruin gate could only be connected to this ruin when the density of the strange energy as its lowest; when the density of this energy, the connection to the realm gate would also break automatically.

The teacher had told me that the realm gate could only stay connected for six days most, which means even if they want to keep us in this ruin for a longer period, they could not.

Seeing the benefits of this ruin, some idiots had tried to stay here for a longer period, but all those who tried got turned into ghouls. The teacher had explicitly warned Elina and me it, and her details were quite gruesome.

I continued tracking the progress of the Lunar Frost Jasmine for a few minutes before I chose the direction and ran toward it.

There is a way I could make this digesting process faster, and I to intensely exercise my body and soul, and the battle is the best way to do that and not to forget and not to forget there is a precious resource that exists in the realm.

I will have to find a ghoul for both of these things, and I will just that.

Others will think this is idiotic; even my teacher will think the same. The Ghouls may be mindless, but they are exceptionally hard to kill, and the worst thing about them that they tend to attract their kind which makes, fighting them a very bad choice.

There one more reason which is the most important reason that one should not fight the ghoul, and that is infection. Their bite and claw are very dangerous; once one clawed or bitten by them.

The wound made by them will attract a huge amount of this strange cosmic energy into the body; to deal with this much of the Cosmic Energy, one will need to invest a huge amount of resources, and the clash of that will produce a huge amount melted energy to merge with the body.

Some people would think it a good thing as who wouldn't want to merge a huge amount of energy in a short time and became powerful, and some idiots even tried it.

But doing that would be a very bad thing unless you have a very strong body and soul to absorb that huge amount of melted energy as most people have tried it and have exploded because there is more energy than they could digest.

So, in this ruin, one had to have a clear mind, not be swept away by temptation; if one does not, then there is death awaited them as the other