Monster Integration - Chapter 1354 - Ghoul II

Chapter 1354 - Ghoul II

Chapter 1354 - Ghoul II


Another clash rang out, and this time, the Ghoul finally shook. In the past three minutes, I have exchanged hundreds of blows with it, continued matching its power in every attack to see the limit of its strength.

Its strength has far surpa.s.sed my estimation, but this time, when it shook, I finally heaved a sigh of relief; it is a sign that it is finally reaching its limit.

I did not want to see the super-strong Ghoul as this will be the ghouls weakest form; as the strange cosmic energy became denser and denser, these Ghouls' strength will reach higher and higher.


Another clash rang, and this time, the Ghoul had shaken even more and nearly took a step back, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I increased the power of my attack further as I swung my sword toward it again.

Step Step Step…

My attacks begin to get stronger and stronger, and as they did, I started to push it back further and further.

First, it was just one step, but as time as my attacks grew stronger and stronger, I begin to push it back further than now; I am attacking it before it got the time to stabilize itself.

It had gone completely defensive; it wanted to attack as it ranged at me but did not get a chance to do that; my sword did not give it any chance to fight back.

'It is time to finished it.' I said, and a silvery yellow sheen covered my sword. I had activated the sharpness enchantment of my sword simultaneously; I had covered it densely with my silver fire and Sunfire rune.


The Ghoul seemed to have sensed the danger as it saw my sword and roared and that times vines erupted from the ground and bound it before it could move further; within a second, it had got completely bound that it could not move even an inch despite having such immense strength.

The sword of mine was just a decoy to attract its attention; the real attack came from vines. Once someone got caught by my vines, they could forget about escaping from it.

There are three ways to kill the Ghoul, the hardest one burning it, no Ghaoul mad or not will not let itself get burned. Though I do not have a problem burning it with it being bound by vines, I prefer not to do that as it attracts much attention with its burning brightly.

The second way is destroying its core; I will not do that as it will destroy the precious resource, which is half of the reason I found this Ghoul.


The third reason is decapitating, and that what I did. My sword moved at blurring speed and decapitated it in a single motion.

As I decapitated it, its body turned to smoke immediately and disappeared, leaving behind a small black ball the size of an infant's fist, which I caught, not letting it fall on the ground.

My eyes couldn't help but s.h.i.+ne brightly as I looked at the core of the Ghoul; it is made of extremely dense necrotic energy, and it contained a very powerful forging resource.

I wanted to take out resources immediately, but I did not. I looked around before disappearing from my spot, and ten minutes later, I stopped beside what looked like a huge boulder.

I used my sword and sword and carved a man-size hole in it before placing my bode inside, soon as small above appeared in front of me. I opened the door or the small abode but crawling it inside, and a second later, I entered the big cozy hall that did not have a speck of strange cosmic energy.

Normal abodes cannot ward against the strange cosmic energy, but s.p.a.ce abodes do. They also have a limit; once the density of strange cosmic energy has reached high enough, it can infiltrate s.p.a.ce abodes.

If people see my s.p.a.ce abode now, they will think of me as an idiot. People in this ruin would use normal abodes on purpose to make use of strange Cosmic Energy to its max, but I used a s.p.a.ce abode that completely blocked it.

I did that for a reason, as the next thing that I do will not leave me in the best condition to fight.

I sat on the hall carpet without going to the practice room and took out a small black core before taking a small palm-size device and placing the necrotic core inside it.

The black core is made of dense necrotic energy, but inside it contains a very precious resource.

I activated a small device, and runes on it lit up; just as it, a thin layer produced inside and cut the necrotic core into two, revealing a drop of water with a silvery sheen on it.

The liquid drop is not water; it just looked like it. It is called 'Green Source,' one of the best forging resources out there for my current level or the Kings.

I took out a small gla.s.s dish from the device in the size of an eye lens, and inside it is a watery liquid.

I took that dish near my mouth and took a swipe out of it. If my teacher saw me doing that, horror would have appeared on her face.

The teacher warned me about this thing, too; only Kings could consume this resource and not normal Kings. The King Stage powerhouse needs to have a strong body, or I might say strong veins; many people have found their veins damaged, and minds are broken.


As I licked it, searing heat spread through my body. The heat was powerful enough that it made me scream my lungs out in pain, and steam begins to flow out of my body.

This resource is extremely dangerous and painful, not for the faint-hearted person; even I who do torturous practice daily couldn't help but scream, feeling the pain it is giving me.

It may be extreme, but the benefits it gave make it completely worth consuming.